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Strongbow 08-01-2009 12:20 PM

2-years of blurry vision on my left eye
Hello here, I'm completely new to this board so please be gentle :angel:

For at least 2-year I've been struggling with a big problem. Let me take it from the beginning.

Some years ago I started to develop styes (hordeolum) on my eyelids. Later on my eyelids started to swell, leading to chalazion. My first doctor wanted to surgically remove them. I waited for a while and they pretty much dissolved by doing nothing.

Today this problem is still apparent cos my eyelids in my left eye, are still a bit swelled. My upper eyelid has very visible blood vessels. [B]What can I do about this issue?[/B]

The main problem however is not the swelling, it's something else. Being to 6 or 7 eye-doctors so far, I'm soon ready to give up or at least try something completely different. I've only got cortisone, anti-herpes creams and drops, nothing has worked, except the cortisone which tends to minimize the redness of the eye. I was also offered to eat synthetic antibiotics for 6 months, but I rejected that time.

My latest doctor said he saw some kind of unidentified growth (with blood supply) on the cornea, claiming this is the reason for my blurry vision.

Symptoms such as light sensitivity, dryness, redness and itch, has become worse the past months and I wake up every morning with a lot of dried tear fluid around the left eye. Watching TV feels uncomfortable, just as working in front of the computer. [B]What can I do about this issue?[/B]

[U]Addition information[/U]
Used to work a lot with computers (5-10 hours a day).
Did probably not blink as much as I should.
Dry air in the room, thanks to poor air condition and computer fan.
Cornea focused at the same distance (eye-monitor).

So what is your best guess? Could the growth be lasered away?

I'm really desperate here, lost confidence in the doctors. Thanks in advance!

writeleft 08-01-2009 01:39 PM

Re: 2-years of blurry vision on my left eye
Hi Strongbow, and welcome to the boards. I am sorry you are going through all this with your eyes. I am not an expert when it comes to the eyes, although I have had strokes on my retina's, which damaged my vision.

Although I cannot offer you the answers you are looking for, I know that there are many other posters on the board that do have the experience, and while it may take a few days, you should get some answers. Just hang in there, and hopefully your answer is on its way. Take care. :wave:

Strongbow 08-01-2009 02:28 PM

Re: 2-years of blurry vision on my left eye
Thank you writeleft. I appreciate you welcoming me.

I'm sorry to hear about your strokes, are you better now?

I'm looking forward to meet the expertise in this forum and hopefully I will learn more about what's growing on my cornea.

writeleft 08-01-2009 02:41 PM

Re: 2-years of blurry vision on my left eye
My pleasure...

I think you will find a great group here. I actually have a crazy mix of medical issues going on, and I try to lend support to others who are going through similar situations, and we all support each other. I like to make a point of welcoming new people, and helping anyone I can. It is my therapy, as I am a survivor of 4 strokes. When I first came here, I couldn't even type. It has helped me tremendously, and I hope we can help you too.

earthworm88 08-02-2009 12:16 AM

Re: 2-years of blurry vision on my left eye
Hi Strongbow, so sorry to hear about your frustration and lost of confidence in doctors. I have a few questions for you in order to understand better your ordeal.

Hordeolum/Chalazion: Generally chalazion resolves by itself with time. However, recalcitrant chalazions may require steroid injection or excision for complete eradication.
1) You mentioned that the chalazion went away by itself, but then later said it is still apparent for it is still swollen with blood vessels now. I am a bit confused. Does that mean that you have been having recurrent chalazion or that the original lump had just gotten smaller but still there (so it didn't really go away in the first place)?
2) I am also confused on the said for "2 years with big problem", and then some years ago with the hordeolum. So how long ago was the hordeolum? How long ago did it change into a chalazion? And it's been 2 years since you have this corneal problem which is causing you blurry vision, right? Is this vision getting worse or still the same?

1) You said you had Cortisone, was it cream? OTC or prescribed? Name?
2) What do you mean by Anti-Herpes cream? It is always best to give the exact name of the medication used to avoid any confusion.
3) How long ago did you see your "latest doctor"? Which specialty doctor?
4) The doctor claimed "unidentified growth with blood vessels". What was the diagnosis? What was the treatment? It is not acceptable to tell a patient I see an "unidentified growth with blood vessels on your cornea" and leave it at that. Doesn't know what it is won't make the thing go away by itself. If this doctor didn't know it, he should have referred you to a specialist such as a corneal/anterior segment ophthalmologist for a second opinion. If they don't know what it is, then they can't treat it properly.
5) This growth, is it on the entire cornea, centrally, peripherally?
6) Do you wear contacts?
7) When you say your vision is blurry, what is your visual acuity meaning what is the smallest line you can read on the chart?

Sorry for the long post. If you feel up to answering these questions, then we can try our best to point you in the right direction. Take good care!

Strongbow 08-02-2009 04:02 AM

Re: 2-years of blurry vision on my left eye
[U]earthworm88 - Hi there![/U]

I will do my best in order to clarify the details of my situation.

[B]Hordeolum/Chalazion: [/B]
1. I still discover signs of mini-hordeolums since on the edge of the eyelid now and then (looks like very small pimples), but they are so far, not developing further. I understand your confusion. I would not say that I've been having recurrent chalazion, but especially the upper eyelid is swollen.

It feels as if the chalazion lump that once lived there, was smeared out over the entire upper eyelid, giving the upper eyelid a non-chalazion look, but an overall swollen look. So I'm not sure if the swelling is the old chalazion or something else, perhaps related to the UGO (Unidentified growing object). Could I e-mail you a photo of my eyelid?

2. I'm really not that certain of the time line since I do not have my journal. But it first started out as a hordeolum/chalazion at least two years ago, maybe even three years ago. Poor eye cleaning routine, dry air, a lot of time without twinkling in front of the computer etc..along side my genetic inclination for hordeolum development, probably was too much and the break out was a fact. I probably took a month or two before it had grow big, however.

I didn't do surgery and the chalazion was losing size but as I stated above, smeared out rather then disappearing, so yes, now when I see photos online, I probably still have chalazion in the upper eyelid, but a mild one. When both eyes are retracted the left eyelid doesn't retract as much as the right one does, perhaps 0.15 inches less or so.

The corneal problem has been around for about two years, one doctor said to me that the swelling and the blurry vision was two seperate issues not caused by each other. But who can tell? The vision has been this blurry for at least two years. It is basically always as blurry. Sometimes it can differ a tiny bit, but mostly the same blurriness. Yes, this UGO was the reason for the blur, my last doctor said.

1. All I got was by prescription. Here is the list:

Fucithalmic 1% (active substance: fusidic acid)
Geavir 3% (active substance: Aciclovir. Against virus infection, herpes)
Terracortril polymyxin (active substances: hydrocortisone, Oxitetracycline and polymyxin B)
Oculentum simplex (no clue)
Isopto-Maxidex (active substance: Dexamethasone. Against inflammation)
Zovirax 3% (active substance: Aciclovir. Against virus infection, herpes)

I took these 1-5 times a day, of course not all of them at the same time.

2. read above.

3. Around 2 months. I've been bouncing in and out from the hospital with no success. My doctors were common eye doctors, no specialty.

4. That was the diagnose. My last doctor, finally, promised me to get to a corneal specialists. I'm now will take at least 3 more months, without any guarantee for progress so..that's why I'm here :)

5. I think it is centrally, but I'm not sure as of now.

6. No. Just sunglasses since I'm light-sensitive. I also must mention, I have slightly less sensitivity on the inner eyelids inside..when I put syntethic tears in there, the sensation is not as apparent as when I do it on my right eye.

7. If I remember correctly, I was able to identify third row on the eye chart with my left eye, at the last visit. With my right eye I came down to row 8 or 9.

Any thoughts?

Strongbow 08-02-2009 04:06 AM

Re: 2-years of blurry vision on my left eye
Could this be what I suffer from?

earthworm88 08-02-2009 06:48 AM

Re: 2-years of blurry vision on my left eye
Hi Strongbow,

Thanks so much for the detailed information. I did forget to ask one important question: Where are you located? Based on the names of the meds, and the fact that you have to wait another 3 months to see the corneal specialist make me suspect you are not in the US :)

I did take a look at the link you included which talks about Pterygium. Pterygium is definitely very common and should not be in the category of UGO lol Even a fresh ophthalmology resident would not say it is an UGO ;)

I will try to PM you with my email address so that you can send me a photo.

When you mentioned "edge of the eyelid now....looks like small pimples", I wonder if you are really talking about the lid margin (the pinkish part of the lid where the eyelashes grow). It it is the lid margin, and you see these tiny pimple like things, sometimes they are congested Meibomian glands so looks like beads of "oil" stuck on the lid margin. They look like little pimple heads?

It is unlikely your eyelid swelling is associated with your corneal problem eventhough chalazions at times can effect vision due to its weight on the lid and thus the cornea. But since there is another separate occurance on your cornea known as the UGO, I would think that has more of a direct association to your decreased vision.

Based on your meds, you were being treated with antibiotics, antivirals, steroids, and dry eye ointment in the last 2 years. Have you noticed a deterioration of your vision or has it been more like a roller coaster? The fact that you are photosensitive and hypoesthesia (reduced corneal sensitivity), I do suspect a certain condition. However, seeing the actual culprit is worth a thousand words :) You mentioned able to see the 3rd row on the chart, if it is the big E snellen chart, that means you can see about 20/100 on your problematic eye which indicates that your UGO is very likely central.

I will try to PM you my email to see if you can receive it so you can send me the other questionable chalazion photo. I don't suppose your doctor took photos of your cornea?

Bye for now! Don't give up.

writeleft 08-02-2009 03:03 PM

Re: 2-years of blurry vision on my left eye

I see that you on your way...See you on the boards! :round:

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