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i have discovered how to improve my short sight

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Old 11-25-2009, 12:23 AM   #1
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leopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB User
i have discovered how to improve my short sight

I want to share with you ,something great happened to my eyes a few years
before .when i was 25 years old .
for many years i wear glasses or lenses . like many other people , i was short-
sighted .My glasses were a bit thick .

It was the summer July august . This summer after work i was often outside ,
making sport 3 times a week jogging or cycling .And each evening social
activities ,meeting friends at night ,watching playing cards together ,watching
movies , talking long time together ,riding motorbike at night in the city .

For many years i was wearing this glasses , and i was quite fed up to wear
glasses ,or to wear lenses .
I was thinking why should i wear that every day ,and other donít wear .Thatís
unfair .And you are less handsome with this things sitting on your nose
Then like a rebel ,i decided not to wear them , when possible .

i was wearing them only when i had to , only during the work and for driving .
But every night and every week end ,and during my 2 weeks of holiday , nothing ,
just my natural eyes ,and the fresh air .No glass or plastic between them .
It was quite blurred at first ,during the first two weeks .But clear enough to do all i
had to do .
But surprise after this two weeks , i felt a bit comfortable .

I did so during this two months July August .hundreds of hours without any glasses .
And i had the feeling my eyes were getting better .were making exercises .
beginning of September it became very difficult for me to wear this glasses or lenses ,
it was like looking into a magnifying glass . They seem too strong .

So i went to the eye specialist . He was surprised after doing the checking , He did it
two times .He wanted to be sure , because it looks like it doesnít happen often .
Then he cleared his throat and said
ehh then we have to go back to this glasses category .more thin .
Because your eyes have seriously improved .

After this summer , i was thinking , it seems simple , when you are wearing your
glasses ,
your glasses like a magnifying glass , assist ,help your eye ,non-stop ,every second .
Your eyes donít make enough focal exercises any more ,they donít work enough .

The focal muscle weakened ,because the optic glass assists it too much .
It makes the muscle getting a bit more weak ,every day , itís what i was thinking .

An active social life ,making sport , wearing glasses less as possible.
Thatís what i did .
then apparently ,not wearing glasses 4 hours a day or more , and not
wearing glasses during the week end and your short eye sight will step by
step seriously improve ,
Itís what i was thinking . Is it so Doctor ?
wearing them only for driving .

Does that happen to someone else ? Has anyone else already experienced this ?
when i was child I remember one the eyes specialist telling : evening better donít
wear your glasses .

I m curious .Does it happen to someone else

Doctor do you know about that ? ,what can makes eyes improve ?

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Old 12-03-2009, 07:46 PM   #2
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tonykoay2002 HB User
Re: i have discovered how to improve my short sight

This only tactic?

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Old 12-04-2009, 10:05 PM   #3
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leopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB User
Re: i have discovered how to improve my short sight

Itís not a tactic .

First ,i have really experienced this twice in fact .My short sight has seriously improved .
And after i have analyze the situation .Why does it happen ?

I have find out ,what was different during this period of time ,why does it improve during this
period of time ,and not another before ?
And during this period of time ,my eyes seriously improved ,i had more Vivid life as before ,i
was making sport sport ,and i was wearing my glasses less often .Itís not my imagination .

Second : i m angry with two ophthalmologists i have met .Only two among five i have seen .
Three were ok ,good at calculate your eyesight level .
And this two bad ,the first think they said me itís :
We donít know the reason of short sight ,
You will be short sighted all your life
Their is no way you can improve it ,

They kill any hope .And i m sure this two have no idea why short sight happen , the reasons ,
And this two they didnít try to find a logical way to improve it .I work on it .

I have already improve it twice ,
A women i know has improved it once . After she only needed thin light glasses ,
A women told me ,here in this thread that one day her short sight was totally cured .
Her doctor told her ,He has seen that several times .

Ok my post is well written using word .
I write this post because I want to listen discover other persons improvement cases .
I m sure they are many ,
And i m sure we can improve our short sight naturally .

Tony the italian ,itís forbidden to argue here ,i will not fight back here ,even if you begin .
Staying in this international health site is far more important .

Seriously has anyone experienced a short sight improvement or a cure ?
I m so interested to learn about it .

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JodieJ HB UserJodieJ HB UserJodieJ HB UserJodieJ HB User
Re: i have discovered how to improve my short sight

The reasons you are short-sighted are related to the length of your eye and the shape of your cornea. Wearing or not wearing glasses will not change either one. LASIK and PRK can improve your uncorrected vision by changing the shape of your cornea. It is not harmful to your eyes not to wear your glasses, but you will have to put up with degraded vision.

Old 12-07-2009, 10:15 PM   #5
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leopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB User
Re: i have discovered how to improve my short sight

First :
The epidemics of myopia in countries such as Singapore and Japan are due solely to changes in
lifestyle .
Children now spend much of their time focusing on close objects, such as books and computers.

In Singapore 80 per cent of 18-year-old male army recruits are myopic, up from 25 per cent just
30 years ago.
Employers such as the police are having problems finding people who meet their requirements.

If itís due to spending too much time focusing on close objects, books and computers ,
then often myopia itís not because of genetic reasons .But Humans mistakes .

Second :
To compensate the eyeball grow longer. That way less effort is needed to focus up close, but the
elongated eye can no longer focus on distant objects.

Then a lot of people are short sighted because their eyeball is too long and because their
cornea optic is too steep ,Thatís what you said
And you forgot to say
Their eyeball grow too long ,or their cornea optic grow too steep because they watch too much
the computer without making a break every two hours ,or because they watch books too much
with not enough light or not enough breaks ,or both .

In my case I was shot sighted ,for another reason ,a story i donít want to tell .But Humans
mistakes also .

But the eyeball get too long because you do a mistake ,or somebody make you doing a mistake .

The solution of the problem is why your eye ball is too long ?
And what can i do to make it shorter .to put an end to the myopia .
A Lasik , i have a thread about the Lasik in the Lasik thread here healthboard ,forget it ,it doesnít
change anything to your problem ,itís just carve your cornea ,you still have a myopia behind
the cornea .

But the society knows that a men too thin skinny ,his muscle mass can change in the future .
If he start to eat healthy and make work out ,and like go discover the society ,
Then we have plenty of cases of men skinny at 25 years old ,that have a strong body at 40 years
old .
The society accept that the muscle mass can grow while being adult .

The society knows that somebody with fragile health condition breathing and heart not so good
at 25 years old ,
Making sport running ,eating healthy fresh vegetable fruits he can change and become in good
health condition until 80 years old .
The society ,the medical knows this improvements cases are numerous .

But for the myopia ,every body thing once you have a myopia ,adult ,itís over ,you canít go back
to a perfect eyesight or eye improvement .
And thatís wrong .
An eye ball like any other part of the body or muscle of the body can change .Can get longer or
shorter ,according to what you do .

You stop over reading with a too low light
Your eyeball will get a little shorter .
You stop watching ,playing video games 10 hours a day .
Your eyeball will get a little shorter .

And Wearing too much the glasses ,makes you eyes tired .
During 6 months at evening ,you donít wear your glasses or lenses ,and your eyeball will
shorten a bit .A particle every day
Nobody want to accept that .
Every body tell you the myopia itís a genetic and definitive disease .No itís not .
I experienced it twice I was already adult.

And their is more to come .

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myogirl HB User
Re: i have discovered how to improve my short sight

I wish I knew then what I know now. My vision went bad as a child from reading reading reading reading too much in bad light and not looking away to let eyes rest. Over the years I wore my contacts at all hours, my prescription went up and up and now I am at -4.50. I wish that I could go around not wearing my glasses/contacts and I wish I had only wore the glasses when needed when I was younger. My vision probably would have stabilized much earlier on. I am considering PRK but am afraid of the risk of complications or haze. I don't want to compromise otherwise healthy corneas. Live and learn I guess, glad it worked out for you though! I doubt your prescription was anywhere near as bad as mine but you make some very valid points!

Old 01-05-2010, 07:27 PM   #7
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leopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB Userleopard777 HB User
Re: i have discovered how to improve my short sight

I was on travel and couldnít use internet so much .I answer late a bit .
I like your answer very much ,i would like to tell you more ,But itís quite difficult .
You can improve your eye sight .
step by step .
we all have learnt that at 30 years old our vision get stabilized .But i donít agree with that .

someone i know ,me also ,and people in forums told me they had eye sight improvements .They
are all adults, 35 years old ,40 years old ,45 years old .Itís Just possible to improve it .

But you know itís all about metabolism .Even at 30 or 40 or 50 years old .
Working a lot ,Having good time with friends ,the food made of real fresh products not the
processing food ,having leisure passions that you make at a good level ,making sport ,being
attractive ,wearing good clothes ,traveling and so on ,you already know of course that ,that
increases our very useful friend metabolism .That improve the mood the organs the body
shape ,You memorize more things ,and also the eyes sight benefit this metabolism
improvement .
But according to my experience ,at the same time make the eyes working a few hours every day
without glasses or lenses .At home or outside where there is no traffic or dangers .

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neoblu HB User
Re: i have discovered how to improve my short sight

I'm working on this myself for about a month. I even canceled PRK because I have high hopes and motivation. I bought a book "Improve Your vision without glasses" which has multiple eye exercises. I feel slight improvement from the exercises and will continue.
The main idea is reversing your habits (which is definitely tough with our current society of computers and gadets). Eyes have muscles which can be trained but it takes time.

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