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zatsdeb 11-28-2009 06:41 PM

cataract surgery, worse now than before
My husband Wes had cataract surgery on his right eye in july, it never got clear, he paid the extra money so he didn't need glasses anymore. first they said he had an abrasion, and had a film on his cornea, but not the kind they could lazer. this went on for 4 months, he went to his doctor and tried going off the high blood pressure meds. didn't help. they say he has dry eyes, before the surgery the eye doctor said he was a perfect canditate for the surgery. eye pressure was great, when he goes in for checkup they hold that thing with the little holes in it and he can see great, without it blurry. he has been using eye drops from the eye doctor since before the surgery. he had a second opinion and that doctor said that there was a film that they could lazer, so he went back to his doctor, who had gotten the second opinion info from that doctor. they did the lazer on the day before thanksgiving, now 3 days later, he sees worse than before the lazer. and now his other eye is blurry, looking at then they look cloudy to me! He said he can't read the words on the tv, but can make out people. We are at our wits end. he takes thyroid medicine, high blood pressure medicine, and cholesteral meds. I am hoping to find some answers or at least help. oh, doctor says he is not diabetic

JodieJ 11-29-2009 08:13 AM

Re: cataract surgery, worse now than before
You did not say which lens was implanted. I'm guessing that it was the ReStor, although any of the "premium" IOLs can cause the problems that your husband has complained about. There are MANY posts on online eye forums reporting major problems with these lenses. Try googling the name of the lens and the word "problems", e.g. "ReStor problems". (The technology just isn't there yet, although these lenses are profitable for the surgeon.) The best solution might have been to explant the lens and replace it with a monofocal. Unfortunately, the laser procedure that your husband had last week makes that difficult (although not impossible.) I'd suggest that your husband see another surgeon who is very experienced with "premium" IOLs, perhaps at a major medical center.

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