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shirleynj 04-18-2012 10:34 AM

One eye farsighted/other nearsighted after cataract surgery?
I had cataract surgery in March and elected to have the type of lens that doesn't cost extra (monovision?) . The dr. said that one eye was set for far distance, the other for intermediate distance, and I would need glasses for close up vision. When I saw the doctor today, he said one eye was nearsighted and the other farsighted and that result sometimes happened with nearsightedness and if the eye was large (which I guess mine is?). So he gave me a new prescription for glasses and said it might take awhile to get used to them, so give it a few days and if it's a problem, call him.

Needless to say, I am concerned about this result. Has anyone had experience with this situation and how did it turn out?


Lud 09-21-2012 07:37 AM

Re: One eye farsighted/other nearsighted after cataract surgery?
Please let me know what you've learned about this because I am experiencing the identical problem. I had cataract surgery several days ago on my right eye and am now quite nearsighted in that eye and remain far sighted in the left. My doctor said he was shooting for mid-vision but now the right eye is capable of reading the finest of print but can't see clearly across the room. That eye was measured as a "large" eye but I wonder if that was the problem or if my doctor was the problem. Is there an established acceptable margin of error when determining what lens to implant?

Again, someone please offer some ideas because this is so disappointing for me and my wife since we went into this surgery with such high hopes. Although my optometrist quickly provided a pair of glasses that corrects my vision where I use a contact in one eye and the other corrects the new nearsightedness, the eyes seem to be working against each other rather than as a team - seeing clearly using one eye but blurry using the two.

My left eye is scheduled for cataract surgery in less than a month but now I'm getting very anxious about it. Should I consider another surgery on my right eye first to replace the lens (if that's feasible)? Is it possible to correct this with Lasik surgery and at what risk? Or, should I request that the left eye be purposefully made nearsighted? Can I at this point trust my doctor's opinion or should I start anew with a different one?

I probably should not have posted this while I am still so emotional about this predicament but time is of the essence. Any input would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

tubint 09-21-2012 08:05 AM

Re: One eye farsighted/other nearsighted after cataract surgery?
I had cataract SX in one eye (cat. developed after Vitrectomy/ERM surgery last year) and the Cat. Surgeon was targeting intermediate to far distance...diopter wise that comes to approx. a -.50...with 0 being "distance"/Plano.

Anyways, my good eye is a +1, which is basically considered "distance".

I ended up with a -.75 in my Cataract surgery eye, which is .25 off the target. I asked my surgeon ahead of time what his typical margin of error was, and he said .25 either way, (either in the + or - direction).

I would suggest you ask what exactly your diopter meas. are in both eyes now and what they were before surgery...also, exactly what diopter he was targeting. Then you can see how far off he was. None of this will change the results, but it is good information to understand what went on.

I am no expert, but I would not suggest both eyes set at "near", or even both at intermediate vision. I would guess that it would be better to either leave the second eye alone for now and get several more opinions, or get it set for distance. I went to 6 Cataract surgeons before I found one I liked/trusted and found I was told many different "targets" from -2 (reading) to distance.

It took my eyes several months to learn to work together because of the one farsighted and one nearsighted. Started getting better when I started taking my mind off of my eyesight and just went on with life...that will happen with time.
Don't panic, but do much more research and ask specific questions before you have the second eye done. Hope this helps.

haoqi001 11-01-2012 10:00 PM

Re: One eye farsighted/other nearsighted after cataract surgery?
I may have a silly question: in case two eyes have very different sights after the surgery, can one use glasses to correct it, at least as a temporary way?

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