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tricializ 04-26-2012 09:36 AM

Iris Melanoma?
So, a spot I've had in my eye for a LONG time finally got looked at by an ophthalmologist. I actually had a brain MRI for an unrelated issue (numb hand) and the radiologist noted a 5mm area of enhancement on the lens. So, that brought me to the opth. You know it's not good when you are in the chair with the doctor in the room almost the entire time for an hour and a half. And when others come in and say, "Can I take a peak?" You know it's not a normal occurrence that you didn't think much of. I can't remember when I got this or if it's grown. I do know, now that it has affected my vision in that eye and recently I have lost some peripheral vision on that side that they now think is from that. So, one would tend to think it's grown. I have been referred to an Ocular pathologist and go in a month for that (it's out of town). If anyone knows how to post a picture, let me know and I will show you my eye. LOL

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