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88Girl 08-06-2012 12:04 PM

Constant blind/flashy spots in vision
I'm 24 years old and about 2 months ago I got numbness in my left arm and little finger. This spread to other parts of my body and face and then I started getting dizziness and feeling of heavy legs and then snowy vision and blind spots in my vision which sometimes seem to flash. I can see one of these spots with both eyes open as it is in a similar place in each eye, it is just below my centre of vision e.g. if I read one line of text the one below disappears.

My numbness seems to have almost disappeared now as has the heavy feeling but the dizziness and blind spots have remained and if anything got worse. The dizziness isn't like vertigo and may also be a result of my eyesight. I have had an MRI scan, an MRV and a lumbar puncture which all came back normal but a bleed was found in both of my eyes. No one seems to know what could be causing this. I don't know if this itself could cause the blind spots or if this is just another symptom.

I am slim and was pretty active until all this started, I like hill walking and cycling. I do get anxious sometimes and get physical symptoms such as racing heartbeat etc but have never taken anything for it, just do exercise instead and I haven't felt particularly anxious recently, apart from my eyesight problems.

I am also short sighted with astigmatism but I have a new prescription and my current problem is not something that can be cured with a better prescription. I can also 'see' my heartbeat a lot of the time if that makes sense. Not necessarily when my heart is racing but just randomly - as in my vision seems to move with my pulse.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am particularly worried about my sight. Thanks.

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