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unforgetable 09-12-2012 10:58 PM

Red Itchy Eyelid
Hi HealthBoards users,
About 6 weeks ago I discovered a rash on my right eyelid and it just kinda hurt and was red...then I realized my eye was totally bloodshot so I put eye drops in it but that just dilated my eye, which was scary! I went to the eye doctor and he said it was allergies and to use a different eye drop so I did.

This went away after about two weeks, but here I am with it again. It hurts and is puffy, but not really scaly or noticible during the day as i put makeup over it. I have been using bauch and lomb eye wash to cleanse my eye since I noticed the redness coming back.

What would you recommend for soothing remedies?

thank you,
my eyes are burning :(

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