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Knitwit 09-25-2012 02:13 AM

Double Vision - Distance
I've been reading the posts about double vision and am trying to learn from them. I've never had eye problems, other than just near sighted. However, about six weeks ago, I noticed two full moons shining. Then, I began to notice street signs and traffic lights were sometimes double. I went in for a complete eye exam and evaluation and got a new prescription, which would include prisms. Since I have no difficulty in general life, I was told that filling this prescription was optional. Thus far, I've done nothing other than some eye exercises I found online. I believe I am improving some....when I first look at the moon, or lights, they are OK, but if I continue to look at them, a second, smaller one will appear to the left and down a bit.

I do have an interesting thing, however. I have rather dark prescription sunglasses. Ones that lend a warm and friendly look to things (sort of rose colored glasses?) When I am having trouble with things doubling, either in the daytime, or at night, I can put on my sunglasses and everything becomes nice and clear. My eye doctor said he doesn't know why this would happen. I also notice that most of the doubling occurs later in the day, or after I've been to a movie.

Does anyone have any comments, or insights, into this?

JasraL 10-02-2012 08:27 AM

Re: Double Vision - Distance
[QUOTE=Knitwit;5061600]I went in for a complete eye exam and evaluation and got a new prescription, which would include prisms. Since I have no difficulty in general life, I was told that filling this prescription was optional.[/QUOTE]

Obviously you do have some difficulty with your vision in general life, or you wouldn't be posting here. I would suggest getting the new glasses your eye doctor prescribed, especially if they have incorporated prisms. Eye exercises will sometimes help for muscle imbalances, but the fact that your eye doctor chose to incorporate prisms into your glasses, rather than giving you a temporary Fresnel prism to try first, is an indication that the cause of your eye problem is probably not something that will be fixed by exercises alone. If you still have double vision when wearing your new glasses, then go back to your eye doctor.

As for the sunglasses, if they are polarized, they will make the light come into your eyes a bit 'straighter', thus focusing it slightly better and making things appear clearer.

Knitwit 10-03-2012 12:18 AM

Re: Double Vision - Distance
Thanks for your reply, Jasral. Actually, this problem is minor enough not to cause difficulty in daily life. This is why my eye doctor said "optional" about me filling the prescription. I have no doubling except in distance, and then not really bad. The first time I noticed it was the end of July, when I saw two full moons! I don't drive at night, but when I am a passenger, I sometimes see a bit of a double image. Thanks for your comment on the sunglasses. Mine are prescription and polarized. I was just wondering why they would eliminate the doubling. I would like to understand what is causing this, but at least it's not any worse, and I do feel it is getting better!

Knitwit 10-03-2012 01:41 PM

Re: Double Vision - Distance
Baaaz--Thank you so much for your nice reply! Yes, my prescription is for near sightedness, and I do have some astigmatism. And, yes the double vision is only when looking with both eyes. I've done nothing about filling the new prescription, because I do feel I am getting better.....first glance at the moon is OK now, but if I continue to look, it will double. I'm hesitant to invest $$ into prisms which may end up being not needed. Especially since this is more an annoyance than a problem. I've found that now, when I go to a movie, it's good until about half way through then becomes less clear. I put my sunglasses on and it solves the problem.....for me, at least. My husband keeps asking if I can see, or it is too dark!

Knitwit 10-03-2012 01:46 PM

Re: Double Vision - Distance
Baaaz, I'm new to the board and haven't learned all the ins and outs! I wanted to add that my doctor did say it is a muscle imbalance. I will take your advice and continue the exercises and see if I can find more.

Again, thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciated it!

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