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jennipenni 11-27-2012 04:42 AM

New Prescription for Glasses

I have just been to opticians for eye test. Compared to all other eye tests I have had over past 10 years there seems to be an error. It appears to me that they have mixed up the right and left eye prescription. On noticing this I telephoned opticians and told them what I thought. They looked on computer at prescription but told me that they would not make a mistake like that and my prescription had obviously changed! The glasses have already been made up and when I go to collect them at end of week I will be able to test them out.

My previous prescriptions were: (2 years ago) and back to 2000

RE: Sph 5.75 Cyl 0.75 Axis 45
LE: Sph 5.50 Cyl 125 Axis 115

New prescription is:

RE: Sph 6.25 Cyl 0.75 Axis 110
LE: Sph 6.75 Cyl 100 Axis 47

My main concern is the Axis readings. Can this be correct?

Can anyone help with this.

Titchou 11-27-2012 08:39 AM

Re: New Prescription for Glasses
Theoretically, I think it means your astigmatism has changed - or moved rather. Astigmatism can come and go so it would make sense that it could move as well.

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