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tumbleweed 01-24-2013 03:15 PM

Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
Has anyone any experience of having this option, or better still comparative experience with mono.

Especially is the "multi" obtained by having bands in the lens - like multi-focal spectacles?


senior41 01-26-2013 09:11 AM

Re: Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
tumbleweed, Have you had your surgery yet? I had a monofocal lens for distance implanted in my left eye on 24 january 2013 which was 2 days ago and my right eye is scheduled for 07 February. What I can tell you is that the color white is much whiter and I can no longer read the digits on my wristwatch and cell phone with my left eye. I plan to purchase a pair of reading glasses at Walgreens Drugs later today which will hopefully allow me to read after the second surgery is completed. After my right eye is done, I will ask my doctor to prescribe eyeglasses with progressive lenses as I have been wearing progressive lenses for many years and am fine with that. Do discuss the various options with your doctor. senior41 26 January 2013

tumbleweed 01-27-2013 02:33 AM

Re: Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
Thanks senior41, No I am not yet scheduled for surgery and am not sure when my vision will be bad enough to risk it. I am told that my left eye is "ready" now (after being told 6 months ago that it would be 2 to 5 years away), but I do not detect any difference in my left and right eye vision, corrected or uncorrected. The reason for my question was that I have tried variable focus spectacles in the past without any satisfaction, because I had to look through the bottom of the lens for reading, the middle for "in room" and the top for distance. If all a multifocus lens will do is offer the same "facility" without the ability of removing them when it gets too annoying, then it does not seem worth paying 3 times the price. My ophthamologist says that multifocus will mean not needing spectacles (an attractive proposition as the memory fades!), but I have been unable to determine what sort of vision (see above) the multi-focus lens will provide - I do not fancy having one of each!

Were you offered a multi-focus implant? if so would you mind sharing your thoughts on deciding against?

senior41 01-27-2013 08:49 AM

Re: Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
tumbleweed, My eye doctor gave me literature listing the various lens options. Multifocal implants can present certain complications as far as calibration is concerned and they are not covered by USA government health insurance. I have been wearing progressive (variable focus) eyeglasses for 15+ years after graduating from bifocals. With variable focus, everything appears wavy at first but after a short time one adapts. What motivates you to have surgery? In my case, I was experiencing difficulty driving at night. I drove my car last nite and can detect improvement. senior41 27 January 2013

tumbleweed 01-28-2013 01:24 AM

Re: Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
I'm not that motivated - it is just that the ophthamologist sesm to be pushing me that way, as I said before apart from my night vision which has been going off for several years, I do not notice any difference between my eyes at present. When the "incipient" cataract was first detected 6 months ago, I was told it would be 2 to 5 years before any treatment would be required, I am beginning to wonder if the ophthamologist has some vested interest in pushing me towards surgery, anyway.

About 30 years ago when I first noticed "mercedes" streaks from traffic lights at night, I was told this was an early indication of oncoming cataracts, but nothing has changed on that front.

senior41 01-28-2013 09:18 AM

Re: Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
Cataracts gradually worsen over time and nothing can reverse the process. Doctors can offer opinions, but the final decision on surgery is yours. Good Luck

mlsano 02-06-2013 04:25 PM

Re: Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
This is very interesting as it sounds as if your cataracts began 30yrs ago.....very slow moving I don't blame you for not rushing into it if you can still see as well as you did last year....

eye111ball999 05-31-2013 07:15 AM

My experience of a multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
I had a sinlge multi focal lens implanted about 2 months ago. I hate the vision I have ended up with and have an appointment to replace it with a mono focal lens next month. I am a grown up but got sucked in to the hype surrounding this type of lens. I thought it sounded great, was the most expensive option and seemed perfect. I thought I had done my homework but missed key facts, which seems to get glossed over by companies trying to sell these. I will try to describe what you may expect if you end up with my experiences:

I can read books, my Ipad and the computer close up.

Outside in very bright sunshine, my distance vision is good.

Indoors, watching TV, at work, outside in dull light, down the pub, driving, vision is extremely poor. I get halos and glare around everything. There is a lack of definition / contrast. It is a little bit like wearing glasses but one of the lenses has dropped out! The inbalance is very hard to get over and ignore.

The idea that the lens is 'multi focal' is just not what you and I might think as 'multi focal'. You can see close up. You can see in the distance in bright light. You get blurred vision for intermediate ranges. E.g. You are sitting on the sofa. You can read your Ipad but when you look around the room, everything is blurry, like looking through cling film. You get up and look out the window. If it is a bright day, you can see in the distance quite sharply. If not, it is blurry.

I have found that multi focal lens are anything but, made it difficult for me to do my job and function as a human and if I am honest, quite down and ever so slightly depressed.

Looking back:

a) I should have insisted that I speak to two or three prior patients with this kind of lens with whoever was going to fit it.

b) I should have checked that the company had a procedure for dealing with problems and what was going to happen if there was a problem. I felt that as soon as my op was over, I was out the door and they didn't want to know about the problems of halos etc.

c) I should have done more research. If I had, I would have picked up that these lens are *not* multi focal in the common use of the word. They also let in about 20% less light than a standard single focus lens and therefore, you should expect a serious decline in contrast and definition vision in all but bright light situations.

d) I should have realised that you are expected to wait for about a year for the full results to kick in, apparently. Something called 'neuroadaption'. I gather that this just means getting used to the lens, but it still can't get over the fact that these lens let in much less light and that will cause problems.

e) I should have not worried or been bothered about the idea of needing reading glasses for close up vision.

Looking back, I can see a lot of marketing goes into these 'latest' lens and I was sucked in. It is surprisingly difficult to find anyone discussing their experiences of this lens on the Internet. It cost me 3000 to get a multi focal lens implant in a private place in the Midlands and will probably cost the same again to get it exchanged.

I think you know my advice - don't touch these ****ing lenses with a barge pole.

tumbleweed 01-07-2014 12:03 PM

Re: Multi-focal lens implant for cataracts
Eyeball - I'm sorry you had so much trouble, but thank you for sharing it. You've saved me - how is it going with you now?

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