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mandy8371 02-01-2013 02:18 PM

Confused on vision numbers and sight
Hi..Iam almost 68 years old and have have crossed eyes since infancy. Crib underneath raw lightbulb at all times....noone knew the outcome.......whatever.
I have always worn glasses but sight has lawys been bad. Going to new dr....wo/g re 20/400 w/g re 20/200....wo/g le 20/100 w/g le 20/30 both wo/g 20/200 both w/g 20/30 now Im not a dr but I thought 20/30 was decent and my eyes are so blurry reading and glasses only seem to be a magnifying tyepe of help to me.....perscription is...od...balance os +3.25 sphere.....-1.25 cyl....axis 070 and add...+2.50
He stated I was legally blind but I have been told this many times over the years....and usually do ont have to have new glasses because they say it wont help....but this new one said it would and I spent a pretty penney for his office visit and the glasses....will take me months to pay off!....what I want to ask help on is......since Iam over 65 now can I say that Iam legally blind on my federal tax return to try to get a little help there? I do not want to if It isn't right.....He gave me a vision report form but it doesnt really say Iam legally blind but says glasses improves vision and protects left eye...........and hyperopia/astiginatism/presbyopia/strabismus right eye/strabismie amblyopia right eye.Thanks so much for your help...I cannot afford to make another appt with him or even a different dr.

Titchou 02-01-2013 05:18 PM

Re: Confused on vision numbers and sight
I think you should call his office and ask. THis is the sort of thing they should be able to handle over the phone and not make you come in for an appointment. Just tell them he told you that but didn't write it on the form and you want to be covered for your income tax return. Shouldn't be an issue.

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