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texasgran 07-31-2014 06:23 PM

Oniyx Silicone Eye Shields
I have map dot corneal erosion. My eye doctor has told me to wear an eye shield at night to prevent me from scratching my eye on the pillow case. I have had very painful experiences and have tried a regular sleep mask, but my doctor says this is only causing more problems. I am a side sleeper and am wondering if anyone has tried the Oniyx silicone eye shields and if they dig into the eye while sleeping on your side? Another product I heard that might work is Glo to Sleep mask with eye pockets. Also thinking about trying the Tranquileyes but have read they come off at night.

I purchased Dream Essentials escape sleep mask with eye pockets and i'm returning it as the eye pockets were not deep enough and my eye pressed against the mask causing eye pain today.

I would appreciate hearing from you if you are a side sleeper and any of these products have worked for you.

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