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Zerander 02-08-2004 12:26 AM

My father and his Colitus
I'm 16 and 3 years ago my dad was diagonised with colitus. Before he went to the hostipal he had to go to the bathroom 5-6 times a day and had lots of blood in his stools, that went on for about 3 months until he went to the VA. Since he got out of the hostipal 3 years ago he hasn't had any flareups, only goes to the bathroom 2 times a day, and no blood.

A week ago he started getting blood and worse diarea, and been having to go to the bathroom about 4 times a day instead of 2. He says he has very loose to diarea stools and on top is a moderate amount of bright red blood. It's made him very depressed and he doesn't want to take the steroids again or go to the doctor.

Are there any foods he should eat, can this clear up and go back to normal if he doesn't take steroids/go to the doctor? Could he be getting colon cancer? The doctor told him colitus is pre-cancerous.

Thanks for any advice.
Worried Son

Nassau one 02-08-2004 08:19 AM

Re: My father and his Colitus
I do not think he should make any changes to his diet as he really must go to the doctor. I can understand his fears but it is most important he is checked out. Maybe it is the colitis flaring up again but he must be checked. He is lucky to have a supportive son like you.

crazycanuck 02-08-2004 08:35 AM

Re: My father and his Colitus
I really don't have any answers to that, but I wanted to share that my mother has suffered from colitis for about 18 years. It was extremely rough for a while and she's had a few operations. The last 6 years have been good though. I think the key is finding the right doctor and the right course of treatment. I hope your father doesn't give up - It may never be easy, but there ARE brighter days ahead. Continue to encourage and support him.

rockmon 02-08-2004 11:45 AM

Re: My father and his Colitus
Zerander you have to rag on him until he's ready to boot you in the butt. You have got to make him go to the doctor fear or no fear, make him understand that the alternative is head daisy pusher at the local marble orchard. I waited way to long and it got me a full blown cancer operation, chemo and a very uncertain future. Be strong young man and make him understand the consiquences of his in-action. Tell him how much you love him and what life would be like without him and how much you need him to be around. I will be praying that he makes the right choice. rockmon

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