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warmbreeze 05-06-2007 10:33 AM

Worried daughter
My dad is in the late stages of emphysema. He's on oxygen and multiple medications. He is 74 years old. He has always been a raw fruit and vegetable eater as he was raised with a huge garden and huge family and that's what they ate. However that is all he's done to take care of himself, he use to drink a lot of alcohol and only quit smoking 10 months ago.

Lately he's been constipated for no apparent reason, he's eating right, plenty of fiber etc. My stepmother told me that he hadn't had a bowel movement in days and got suddenly nauseated and started vomiting at the dinner table before he ate anything. He has had polyps (sp?) removed in the past, maybe 10 years ago and they were benign.

I've been doing some reading on colon cancer and read that nausea and vomiting was a symptom. My question is, was this something common with those of you that are suffering from colon cancer? Should I be worried? My dad's life is not going to be long, as they've told him he probably has less than a year due to his emphysema so I don't know if they would even do anything at this point or if I should even alarm my dad with this information.


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