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Denise7676 12-04-2011 01:34 PM

Small Cell Lung Cancer
Hi Everyone

I hope someone can help me out with some questions. In December 2010, my Aunt (53yrs old) was diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer. Last month we learned that it spread to her brain. They started her on radiation. The Dr's say that their is no trace of cancer in her lungs anymore, however she does have it in her brain. Last week she was admitted in the hospital for severe vomiting and nausea. While there she had a grand-mal seizure and in now on anti-seizure meds. She called my other aunt today arguing with her accusing her of not coming to the hospital to visit her. My aunt was there last night for well over an hour or two. Why does she not remember this? What can we expect? Is this normal with cancer that has spread to the brain. I am really confused and forgive my ignorance but from what I have read prognosis for SCLC from diagnosis is very very poor.... She's still here a year later? Could this be the start of the "end"? DR's said she was in stage 4 last December.... I just need to know what to expect. =(

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