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Jerry8771 02-23-2012 12:12 AM

Mum has cancer - What next? :(
My mum is 58 years old and was diagnosed with breast cancer today. Her last mammogram was 2.5 years ago, which showed a solid suspicious mass that required biopsy. The biopsy was done, and found no cancer.

Anyway 2.5 years on, the poor thing has developed breast cancer. It is 4mm, which I believe means that it has been detected early. She is having surgery to have it removed next week, and they will also be testing to see if it has spread to her lymph nodes etc. I wanted to ask you more experienced members for assistance, and ask a few questions to put my mind at ease.
1. Given that it is only 4mm, is it likely to have spread to her lymph nodes and other parts of her body?
2. How long should I expect her to live after she treats this breast cancer? I believe that she has stage 0-1 breast cancer? Ive read the survival rate for this type of cancer is 98-100% after 5 years but generally speaking, how long do people live after successfully treating breast cancer? Does it usually return?
3. Will she need to take medication now for the rest of her life?

Thank you for your time & assistance... God bless!

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