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Chitown2012 01-17-2013 08:46 PM

Look for advice for 91 year old
My mother was diagnosed with a lung nodule. Recently went to a pulmonary Doctor and he is suspicious of cancer. My mom has a CT guided needle biopsy scheduled for Monday 01/21/2013. If worse case scenerio anyone have advice on a cancer center or doctor experienced in treating edlerly. Mom is has high bloodpressure but otherwise is much younger biologically. she walks unassisted, takes Advair daily, one puff... so comodbilities are I would guess considered low. The lung doc does not think its a hamartoma due to growth rate. Here is the radiologist report:

CT Chest w/o Contrast
Clinical Information

Exam Date/Time
12/3/2012 12:59:13

Addendum: This is to correct a transcriptional error in the
IMPRESSION 2. "A hematoma" should be replaced by "a hemartoma".
*** Final ***

COMPARISON: 7/1/2011 .

TECHNIQUES: Multiple axial images CT chest without contrast with
coronal reconstruction were obtained.

RESULTS: The maximal dimension of ascending thoracic aorta measures
4.2 cm, unchanged from prior termination. Marked atherosclerotic
calcifications are seen at aortic arch. The heart size is normal. No
pericardia! effusion is seen. Marked coronary artery considerations
are demonstrated.

The lungs are normally aerated without focal consolidations.
The 1 x 1.1 cm fat density nodule in the right middle laterally has increased
in size to 1.3 x 1.7 cm with mild surrounding linear opacity. No
pneumothorax, pleural effusion or lymphadenopathy in the mediastinum
are detected.

The visualized upper abdomen appears unremarkable. There is
generalized osteoporosis and osteoarthritic changes of the thoracic
spine. Thoracolumbar scoliosis is seen.

1. Stable mild aneurysmal dilatation of ascending thoracic aorta.
2. Increased size of a fat density nodule in the right middle lobe as
described. This is most likely a hematoma. However, since it has been
growing since prior examination, a PET-CT will be helpful to evaluate its activity if indicated.

thank you for your help. chitown2012

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