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hunna1973 02-10-2013 03:35 PM

Terminal Lung and Brain cancer
I'm a little stuck in how too start this as I do t want too come across as stupid or insensitive. My mum who is 67year old lady, who until last september was an independent woman. She is widow of many years though has lead an active life. In October of 2012 mum was diagnosed as having primary Lung Cancer which has mastesised into her lymph nodes causing secondary Brain cancer. Hence she has been a prognosis of 6 months, with pallative care.As a family we are close though communication is an issue. From the time mum was diagnosed till December, life pretty much carried on as usual, though looking back, a whirlwind effect comes too mind.Of course there was denial, tears, anger though nothing has prepared me for how quickly this evil has spread and taken over not just my mums life but ours too. You see in December of 2012, mum was so ill in hospital they didnt think she would pull through and even gave her the Last Rites. Though been a true brummy girl, she proved them wrong and 10days later was discharged, having suffered a uti, and a hypo, even though there was no inital signs of Diabetes. As I said mum was an independent woman, though after the bout in hospital shewas unable too care vor herself at home and is now living with me and my family.Yes we have all had too make sacrifices, but I wouldnt have it any other way. We have not got a large home but we have done our best too make mum feel at home by turning the dining room into a bedroom. So now I've babbled on, here is my question which I hope will lead me and my family into the acceptance of this dreadful time. The prognosis is 6 months and with all I've given u in the way of info, is there anyone that is able too relate too this as, some days I'm in such denial it makes me resentful. Is the prognosis that quick? What can we expect? The cancer team are amazing, but been blunt inthere answers they cannot be, though a fellow person of the same predicament, will be. Thank You xxxxxxxx

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