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Lad123 05-18-2020 03:43 AM

Need help for complex situation

My girlfriend is a nurse. A few years ago while she was working in a care home as a newly qualified nurse she was doing medication rounds. One evening she thinks she have mixed up and elderly 86 year old woman’s medication by mistake. From memory she is pretty certain the lady was due to receive some kind of blood pressure/ blood thinning tablets. Then next morning the lady was admitted to hospital and died 1 week later.

My girlfriend has since for years blamed herself and is convinced this one missed medication may have triggered her death. It has really affected her mental health and can no longer cope to the point that I am really worried about her. She has long since suffered depression, spoke to numerous Councillors but has had ill effect.

I requested the death certificate for the old lady and it came back with the cause of death as Mesenteric ischemia. I have done numerous research online and it all points to the fact that one skipped medication would not have this impact.

Can I get advice or an opinion on this? Please and thank you very much.

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