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atothek 08-03-2020 09:49 PM

Am trying to help my girlfriend. Please help:
My apologies inadvance for the long post; thank you very much for reading.

I deseprately need some help/insight into what my (now Fiance) is dealing with/going through.

There so much to say so I am not sure where to start so I will keep as brief as possible:

She has infrequent bouts of anxiety throughout our 4 year relationship (once every 1-2 months) that would include her first getting anxious (complains of hear pounding, she speaks very fast, irritable) followed by slurred speech and an inability to properly convey her thoughts, loss of balance and then ultimately would stumble into bed and pass out. I never put too much credence into it as she it only happened periodically and never lasted for more than 1 day (and she made me believe she had it under control).

Over the course of the past month or so however, she has been having these same experiences albeit they are now lasting upt to 3 days. During those 3 days her heart is constantly pounding in her chest, she goes in and out between being present and being somewhat disassociated and sleeping 12-15 hours per day. She will also cry inconsolably on and off throughout the day. Its incredibly painful to watch.

Today is the first time she has gone into the 4th day still having not come out of this "disassociated state".

She appears to be obsessively focused on these feelings of shame and embarrassment in front of me and generally low self worth. She cannot seem to shake these thoughts.

I love this woman more than words could describe. She is my life, my soul mate. I have always prided myself on providing for her in every way possible (or at least trying very hard to) and watching her suffer like this has become almost too much to bear. I feel lost and helpless . She does have a therapist (which I called today crying, in desperation) and he apparently will refer her to a Psychiatrist.

I am terrified that she will remain in this state indefinitiely.
Keep in mind this is not a depressed woman. She loves life. These "attacks" are acute and generally a 180 degree turn from where she was immedtiately experiencing prior. The "change" can come on in minutes...and can last hours or even days, as mentioned above. However, she has always snapped out of these disassociative states and went right back to normal like nothing ever happened!

Is this some sort of anxiety disorder? Can anyone shed some light on what she may be experiencing?

What can I do to help here?

There is nothing I will not do to support her.

Any help/ or insight here is deeply appreciated.

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