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  • Please Help, my sis might be schizo!!! (Need Advice)

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    Old 02-19-2005, 06:23 AM   #1
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    Unhappy Please Help, my sis might be schizo!!! (Need Advice)

    Please Help, my sis might be Schizo!

    Hi i’m Betty, I have a sister that might be schizophenic, but i’m not sure yet. It all started a few years ago. She started to act very differently from before, she would have many mood swings, like for example she gets mad when someone says things she don’t wanna hear (e.g being scolded) or she crys alot too, either way she’s not been the same. She can’t concentrate or stay focus on her work, she’s been lacking on everything. She doesn’t go
    anywhere and stays home all the time and she’s not social, she feels very uncomfortable being around people, its like if I tell her to join us for a gathering or a party she refuses to go. She always tells me that she knows people are not going to accept her for who she is, and I tell her, “how would you know? who cares what people think about you, just be yourself”, but she still has doubts and hates herself for it and when we do get her to go with us to a party she has nothing to say to anybody, she would just say hello and that she’s doing good but doesn’t have a convo. She’s been feeling depressed lately and doesn’t want to do anything. Sometimes she’ll be okay, would do things and go out but at times she’s like this different person and i’m wondering why? She also been hearing and seeing things, doesn’t happen often though and she has bad thoughts in her mind and that she tries to block out of her head and she feels like she’s going crazy. She can’t control
    her emotions and she would be very sensitive about almost anything, she’s a great person but sometimes I worry she would do something crazy. Like last year, she was hiding mail from us, one day I went to her room and she was cleaning and I happen to butt in and I grabbed a bag she had in her closet and I started to look what’s inside and guess what? I found all kinds of mail in it and when I asked her “what’s this? why is this in here?” she would say “I don’t know” and would have a shocked face and turn red. This is all strange
    to me, why is she hiding mail? Also, she took one of my mom’s checks and cashed it and bought a few things. She’s been acting strange, her behavior is not so good and she’s been depressed off and on and hates herself and have said she wants to kill herself and not to exist, but is scared of death though so she doesn’t go that far but when she feels depressed she says those things. Oh, she also hasn’t been sleeping too good lately, there were times she over sleeps but lately she can’t sleep and wakes up in the middle of the night. Its hard to even have a conversation with her, she’s very quiet and sometimes she would have a blank thought and can’t think of anything. She doesn’t express herself that much either. Sometimes when my or dad talk to her about something that she didn’t do and they would get mad at her for not doing it she would either get mad at them or have a fear and just walk back like they going to attact her but they are not going to do anytime wrong they just telling her something and she would be acting up on things. Mom and dad think she just lazy and part of her charactor but to me sounds like it could be mental. I’m very worry and would like to know what can we do to help her? We do love her alot and are trying to do what’s best for her.

    Another thing, she used to get tease alot at school and kids used to pinch her and hit her, she always been shy but a very good person with a good heart and she’s a very pretty girl, she 28 now and never had a boyfriend.

    Symptoms my sis gets:
    - very confused, can’t concetrate or focus things
    - can’t control her emotions (e.g. crys alot or gets mad or frustrated)
    - feels lonely and depressed
    - very social withdrawn
    - hearing and seeing things (not often but she gets kinda freaked out)
    - poor personal hygiene
    - sleeps alot or can’t sleep at times
    - strange behavior
    - negative replies to family members
    - change in eating habits (e.g. has gain more than 30 pounds in the last 2 to 3 years)
    - no motovation
    - very unhappy camper

    Could this be Schizophenia? or a combination of other disorders? I know you guys are not doctors or anything but any kind of advice would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    Old 02-19-2005, 11:16 AM   #2
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    Warren_G HB User
    Re: Please Help, my sis might be schizo!!! (Need Advice)

    could be a variety of things, it might be bipolar with psychosis

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    Re: Please Help, my sis might be schizo!!! (Need Advice)

    I have a brother with schizophrenia. He was diagnosed about 1 yr ago. Before he was diagnosed, we also thought he was lazy. He just didnt care. He wasnt social. Then he did somethings that were just plain strange. Like tearing out the dash of his car and rewiring it because it was running funny.. and shaving off his eyebrows because he didnt like them. The family just thought he was kind of strange but Then he had his first episode where he drove off into a ditch because he heard voices and was trying to get away from them. This is when he was diagnosed. I dont know a whole lot about schiz. but if your sister does anything really out of the ordinary, talk to her about what she really feels inside. If they get on the right medication it can make a world of difference. My brother now has a good job, and is more social and confident. I cannot say your sister has it, but I am sure there is hope for her whether it is depression, bi-polar, schiz, or whatever.

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    Re: Please Help, my sis might be schizo!!! (Need Advice)

    serious depression and/or stress can sometimes trigger hallucinations (as well as not getting enough sleep), and that's the only thing that really seems like a definitive schizophrenia symptom to me. honestly, if i were to make a guess (i'm obviously not a professional) i would say that her main problem is severe depression. there may be some other issues, but depression can effect people severely sometimes. i would definately suggest she sees a therapist if she's willing.

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    Re: Please Help, my sis might be schizo!!! (Need Advice)

    She may have major depression with psychotic features...that's what I'm diagnosed with and I hallucinate and hear voices. She doesn't seem to have many symptoms of schizophrenia. I'd definitely get her some help.

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    Re: Please Help, my sis might be schizo!!! (Need Advice)

    Thanks WarrenG, Willow1234, lachesis & bbybyrd!

    I had a deep talk with my sis last night and it seems like she finally admitted she has a problem and that she wants some help. We (me & fam) had searched on the net about schizophrenia for quite sometime cuz we never really knew about what it was and meant. My mom works at a health clinic where they have people dealing with mental illnesses, most of them being schizophrenic, and my mom noticed similar symptoms that my sis was having so she brought it up and that's why we seached on that subject. We not saying she has it but if she does, we going to do the best we can to help her out. The other day my dad called the health clinic where my mom works at and he ask the lady that works at the office if she knew a place where we could get some kind of help for my sis and the lady gave him a number so we might call and see if we could get her some treatment.

    I have a question for the folks here, can a person that has a mental illness and gets no kind of treatment for their symptoms, can they get worse thru the years? I'm asking cuz we have a cousin that has a mental illness but never has gotten treatment and we are worry that he might get worst . Also, I wanted to know, at what age do people get a mental illness? Another thing, can you cure a mental illness or is it something that you have to live for the rest of your life? I don't wanna sound stupid asking these questions but I need to know cuz I wanna help my loved ones as much as I can.

    Thanks in advance,


    p.s. This is a very informative board !!

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    Re: Please Help, my sis might be schizo!!! (Need Advice)

    My son was diagnosed as schizophrenia and he has some of these symtoms, but I would get her checked.

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