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breesmom 05-26-2009 08:41 PM

Need Help ASAP! Teenage daughter has PTSD, depression, etc.
So as not to bore you with miles & miles of details, my adopted 16 yr old daughter got into trouble & is currently "sentenced" to a 9 month program. Due to sexual abuse while in foster care, the health people at the program have decided she needs to be on Tenex and Zoloft. I am very uncomfortable with this - they do not monitor/observe her as they should. (She supposedly sees a mental health counsellor weekly and the physician only monthly.)

Today I spoke to her and she is feeling very persecuted and negative - after a little over a month on the meds. She was optimisitic at first because they told her "[I]to give it time and it would work.[/I]" The Tenex is supposedly to help her sleep without the nightmares, but it isn't working. She says she wakes up even when people whisper! I expected her attitude to improve somewhat from the Zoloft (I took it for around 5 years after my husband was murdered - but I was in my 30s - and had already tried numerous meds first - the Zoloft worked well for me.)

If she were home, I would be able to observe her like a hawk! My question is: should I tell the people at the program to cease the medication until she comes home (in 3 1/2 months) and I can take her to a local doctor - or should I have them switch her to something else (like Prozac?) There are so many horror stories about teens and Zoloft - and the FDA doesn't approve it for treatment of depression in teens. I plan to call the program in the morning and am not sure yet what I want them to do - I just know [U]I need to do something![/U]

I have horrible fears of this and am 250 miles away from her! I'm inclined to have them stop, but I'm not a doctor, but I [U]am[/U] experienced and have the main thing they don't: [U]LOVE and deep concern for my kid[/U] - no matter what she's done in her past - they tend to treat all of the girls in the program the same and way too objectively. Help!

JessieGirl 05-27-2009 12:49 PM

Re: Need Help ASAP! Teenage daughter has PTSD, depression, etc.
I am so sorry for what you are going through. I do not know if you have the authority to change her meds while she is in, but I would think if you are gravely concerned about her well being you could demand an independant evaluation. Do you and your daughter have regular physicians / psychiatrists you have seen? I would suggest getting a referral for someone local to where she is now, have her professionally evaluated and treatment recommended, and hopefully they can coordinate with your doctors where you live and care can be continued once she is back home with you. As far as the logistics of making this happen I would contact the local bar association and find out what steps / hoops are necessary and the time frame. Good luck.

Snakebit 06-08-2009 09:12 AM

Re: Need Help ASAP! Teenage daughter has PTSD, depression, etc.
You may want to review this site and understand the laws in Florida and what your daughter's rights are.

Children entering the Juvenile Justice System
On January 1, l990, legislation was implemented that established procedures to provide substance abuse and mental health screening and, if needed, comprehensive assessment for children entering the juvenile justice system. The procedures require that each child having a juvenile justice intake must be screened for substance abuse and mental health problems. Behaviors or conditions noted during this preliminary screening would then result in referral to a designated substance abuse or mental health provider for further assessment. More information regarding this program is available at this site.

DO NOT ASSUME that a Dr that is being brought in remembers or cares to remember the details of your daughter's issues.

See if your daughter can be appointed a guardian ad litem, since she is currently receiving pyschotropic drugs. Good luck and do not "assume" that educated people that should know better, actually do.

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