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bentleywolves 06-20-2011 01:50 PM

just found out my bf has bipolar and need advice
Hi im new on here ive been with my bf for just over a month but known him for years. He has been honest from the start that he has bipolar( he was diagnosed 3 years ago). I never realised really what it was to be honest he has always been so loving and affectionate but this last week he can hardly be bothered to speak to me when i brought it up with me he explaind that he has to take a break of his meds and when he goes back on them he is all over the place and just wants to be alone (i dont even no what meds he takes) the problem i have is he says he loves me and wants to be with me but when he is like this i feel so alone i just want him to let me in. I dont want to split up with him cause i do love him i just want to know if any one has any advice how i can support him or any sites i could take a look at to understand it better.

Thank u

Breezin 06-22-2011 02:53 PM

Re: just found out my bf has bipolar and need advice
If you want to stay with him, make sure he stays on his medication. Things can really start turning bad quickly when bipolar is left untreated. Please make sure you think this through very carefully before making a stronger commitment to him. I have a wife who wasn't diagnosed as being bipolar until almost a year ago today. She did have some sort of an episode as a teenager which was well before I knew her, but I was with her for almost 10 years before things turned bad. I would never have married her if she had exhibited these same behaviors when we were dating. However, I'm hoping that with continued treatment she will continue to get better, but it has been a very slow and worrisome process. Relationships are rarely easy even when mental illness isn't involved, so please be sure to think things through.

walkingtall 06-22-2011 04:54 PM

Re: just found out my bf has bipolar and need advice
I was dating my boyfriend for a bit over a year and the highs and lows became too confusing. It starting making me think I was bipolar. I honestly don't know if he knows what love is because his mind is all over the place. The main thing is to make sure he stays on his meds. If you can't make sure then be ready for a bumpy ride. (hugs)

bentleywolves 06-24-2011 08:27 AM

Re: just found out my bf has bipolar and need advice
thanks for the advice. I know for sure he takes his meds and goes to talk to someone once a month. Im a bit confused so decided to have some space from him and sort out whats in my head. I do love him but sometimes thats not enough, got to make sure tough desicions but as selfish as it sounds need to do whats best for me cause if i aint 100% in it im not goin to help him in the long run. The only confusing thing is he is never been hospitlized or thought of sucide he just gets really down and shuts off from me when hes on his break of his meds.

Thank u again u have really helped xxx

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