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wyowoman78 02-11-2013 03:53 PM

13 yr old daughter is very violent and abusive
I am at such a loss! My 13 yr old daughter has been different since the day she was born. She has been angry since the day she was born! It has gotten worse as she has gotten older. Last year she began to abuse my other children as well as my MIL,her father and myself. She tried to litterly rip her older sisters face off then tried to suffocate her,she has slammed her little brothers arems/hands in doors,she kicked and broke my MILs wrist,attempted to chock her dad and has repeatedly hit/kicked me most recently dislocating my thumb.ASLong with all this she has threatened to kill us all numerous times and has been very discriptive how she would do it. We have had her in several mental health facilities over the last year with no real progress. She makes them believe she is ready to come home and then when she gets home it hell all over again. She has been diagnoised with multiple disorders in this time most recently with MDD and is on Geodon for phycosis and Cymbalta. We have exhusted all other med. options for this disorder according to her Dr. I feel like we may have no other option but to send her away again however we would rather not. I am just wondering if others have had issues like this and if so what did/would they do? Sorry about the spelling. I am going on next to no sleep!

karlee10 02-16-2013 08:54 PM

Re: 13 yr old daughter is very violent and abusive
Hi. How are you tonight?? Doesn't sound like you could be doing too good these days. Sorry to hear this. When something like this is going on with your own child, alot of emotions come into place. It's probably pretty hard to make "logical decisions." This may sound pretty drastic, but its the first thing that popped into my head. If I were you, I would seriously write Dr. Phil a letter telling him everything you just told us in here, and even adding more details. I've seen many shows of his similar to your situation, and Dr. Phil was right there talking about how this is a "family problem" and not just the issues of one person. The way he says and does it all makes a whole lot more sense than I'm explaining right now. Some people don't care for him, and he's not perfect, but he DOES work in the solution, and where to go from here. He doesn't waste much time in "shocking OMG" moments just for more viewers, and possibly sacrificing the child by humiliation and embarassment (the last thing she needs right now). If I were you, I'd get on that asap. I really hope it works out for her sake, for yours, for her dad's, gramma's, and brothers and sisters. She's so young. She deserves alot of chances, she's an innocent child, and please don't wait until she does something so horrible that it's permanent, and she'll have to spend the rest of her life regretting it. I think there's been parents like you who've just gotten overwhelmed by similar situations, and they've kind of "sat on it" not really knowing what exactly to do at the time. Then allofasudden, someone gets killed and the child has to pay for it the rest of his/her life. And that's truly sad for everyone! That doesn't have to be the ending for your family. You have time to get help, but, do it NOW. I pray for all of you. She is very blessed to have such love and support in her life.

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