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SNILVR 01-29-2003 11:49 PM

Jodyc: approx. cost of adoption!
Jodyc: Our Attorney has told us that an adoption can cost anywhere from $8000 to $20,000. Wow!!!!!!!!
It all depends on what costs the birthmother might need help with, if she needs help with housing, clothes, heating, food, medical expenses, etc. Our Attorney has told us that once we get a call to let her know and she will find out some of these things and then we will have the choice if we want to take on that much extra expense. So far we have spent approx. $3500, this includes the cost of the homestudy and for 1500 letters with pictures that we sent out to clinics, colleges, churches, anyplace that will come in contact with a birthmother wanting to adopt.for us to do an independent adoption. I know that it is a lot of money and it is sad that they feel like they have to charge so much. There is somewhat of a sliding fee scale for the homestudy cost. We only spent around $700 before we found out that we were not able to have our own children, so I guess by us not spending so much money on that it won't be so bad. I guess anyway! I keep telling myself that. We had some hail damage done to our home back the end of may of 2002 and we got a check for $9000 from our insurance company. Well, we have put that money into a saving account that we did not use to repair what little was acually damaged and have been getting some interest on it. With my husband's company paying $4000 and with the up to $10,000 tax credit it won't be as bad as it might be if these options were not available. Will be hard to have to pay for it up front but knowing that we will get it back, will be better. It's bad like I said that (THEY) feel like they need to charge so much that this will leave people out or put them in debt! What is wrong with this picture! Not to put any body down but it just doesn't seem right for young girls that have 1 to 4 kids to get money to help them out but for those of us that can't have kids we don't get much help to be able to adopt the ones that they are not able to support and raise. Sorry if that sounds bad, but I have someone in our family that is doing this exact thing. I guess that I am still a little hurt and depressed about not being able to have our own children. O.k. I am done complaining. I have made it thru another month of having a useless period and feeling down and next month will only get better!
I hope that this has helped out some. Please pray that God will be bringing our Baby to us soon! This is the hardest thing, having to wait and not knowing when we will get our baby! At least when you are pregnant you have physical changes and there is a timeline to look forward to. I know that God is testing us to see how our patiences are, but this is not a very easy thing to have to test this on. KRISTIN

JodyC 01-30-2003 10:45 AM

Re: Jodyc: approx. cost of adoption!
Thank you so much for your lengthy response. My DH and I are still a couple years away from adoption (we are only doing timed intercourse now, and then IUI in March, and then IVF if that doesn't work - but not until probably 18 months from now once we've saved enough money to try. I am shocked that an adoption costs so much money. It always seemed to me like there were always women out there that were too young, or didn't feel they had enough money to support the baby. I didn't figure the birth mother would actually get money, but I suppose it makes sense. You want to make sure that the mother is eating properly and stays healthy. Anyway, best wishes to you. I feel your pain in your response. I will pray for the best for you and your DH.

Lady^ 01-30-2003 11:40 AM

Re: Jodyc: approx. cost of adoption!
Not only is it expensive but it can also take a long time if you want a newborn.

Sunflower4u 01-30-2003 10:53 PM

Re: Jodyc: approx. cost of adoption!
Anybody who is adopting needs to rent the movie "The Baby Dance". Terrific movie with Laura Dern and Stockard Channing. Very impressive and brings up alot of issues.

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