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maggie1235 04-20-2015 09:19 AM

Honestly no where else to turn

I'm the daughter of a Fibromyalgia diagnosed mother. And honestly I don't know what else to do, so I thought I would come here and hope I could get some advice. Growing up I always knew my mom had this problem, and I have always done whatever I can to help her. As I got older our relationship has suffered so much. The pain I know is unbearable for her some days, but the way she takes this out on me has gotten out of hand. I see her at work, around friends, at family gatherings, etc and she is this happy bubbly person. The minute we are home alone she turns into this angry person that directs all of this on me. I understand in public she tries her best to keep things together, and I am glad that she feels she doesn't have to hide the pain around me, but this anger has gotten out of control. It's like the minute she sees me she wants to put me in as much emotional pain as she is physical. Even the slight asking how she is doing today can set her off to go on her rant about how everything I do bothers her. I try my best to be understanding and do what I can, but obviously something isn't working. The crazy thing is for a good few months we can get along great, but then out of the blue there will be an even longer period of this terrible anger. Is there anyone who can give me an idea of what to do?

bluelakelady 04-20-2015 09:41 AM

Re: Honestly no where else to turn
hi sweet pea,
I strongly suggest you get some help. for you, not mom. living with a person who is behaving like that is hard and having some tools for coping helps a great deal. a therapist will be able to offer you ways to handle mom when she goes for your throat. I had a friend who was like that. I inherited her daughter. she treated her like poop and when she was dying the daughter chose not to be there for her. I was. I am happy to say the mother learned before she died and tried to mend the damage. sadly the hurts were so big daughter could not see mother changing. it has been 14 years and I am happy to say my daughter has found her peace with how things went at the end. she does see a therapist now and has for over 10 years.
I am deeply and truly sorry this is happening between you and your mom. get yourself some help. maybe, just maybe mom will see the changes in you and decide to get help too. one can hope.

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