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hfibro 06-01-2018 10:38 AM

Weighted Blanket
Hi guys,

first time on here so I'm not sure if this has been asked before. I've been looking into getting a weighted blanket, as they seem to have some good reviews. Has anyone tried one? or know what the best weight is?

MSNik 06-01-2018 06:43 PM

Re: Weighted Blanket
Hi Hfibro, I do not have Fibro, but I have MS...I tried one. At first I really liked it, it was winter that it is averaging 80 degrees where I live, I cannot use it. Mine is 15 lbs...

FYI, my husband absolutely hated it and refused to sleep with it near him. He felt claustrophobic with it on him. I really think its a personal preference and you need to try it to see if it helps you. Start with a low or medium weight- dont try to go too heavy at first.

Good luck!

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