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    Old 08-30-2004, 12:18 AM   #1
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    Angry Does this sound like Fibro?

    Two years ago I started having a crampy, achey pain in my lower left side. I felt it in my hip also. I thought it was ovarian cysts, and I did have those, but my Gyno said it would not cause so much pain. When I had the pain, I could feel it in not only in my lower left pelvic area and hip, but also in my shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle, and a bad headache on my left side. I've been to numerous doctors who pretty much blew me off. I've never been tested for Fibro though, but one doctor I had tested me for Lupus and several different types of arthritis, which came back positive-but she would never give me my test results or tell me anything about them. Ends up she was having personal problems, and I found another doctor, who couldn't get the results either from her either. In the meantime though, I had a complete hysterectomy two months ago, and a lot of female problems were found, but I still feel the pain-my whole left side is one big pain, even after having the female problems removed. I live on pain pills, whenever I can find someone to prescribe them for me. It's a heavy aching pain-pelvic area, hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, and sometimes ankle. I have looked at sites about Fibro, and have some fatigue,but nothing really severe, just this pain. No fever either. I have a LOT of "pressure points" or "tender points" or whatever they are called for a Fibro diagnosis, but some of those painful points are a couple of inches off. Like I know on your knee is one, but my knee isn't sore, but it's very sore a few inches above it. Both sides of my neck are sore, and on my chest area, a few inches above my elbow,are really tender. Very sore spots all over my body, but not all of them are the same as the ones I see in the diagrams. Also, if I do simple things like washing a window, my arm just kills me and I have to stop after a few seconds, and then resume. I can't get in to see a rheumatologist until January or February, and my doctor seems to think I'm a hypochonriac. I'm in pain from mostly my hip and pelvic area, and then not quite as bad but still bad in my shoulder and knee, and sometimes elbow and ankle. I've tried taking arthritis medicine,but it really doesnt' help much. It's always been just on one side, but lately I've noticed the achey crampy pain a little on my right side too these days. Could this be Fibro? I'm out of options-I've had the complete hysterecomy, I've had XRays, cat scans, been to a neurologist, you name it. I'm out of options....

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    Re: Does this sound like Fibro?


    Yes it does sound like you could have Fibro, mine started out at just one sight. You can have pain in your knee that makes your ankle hurt, that doesn't mean it's not coming from the knee. Pain from fibro has a way of radiating from one spot but making several other spots hurt.

    I do believe that it is illegal for a Dr. to hold back your medical records once you have signed a release of those records to another Dr.

    Where were the tests actually done? A lab, a hospital? I am sure that there is a copy of the report that you can get, other than from this Dr. Although, if it were me I would go to her office and demand a copy of said reports.

    Good luck and I hope things work out for you.


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    Re: Does this sound like Fibro?

    Hi sorry your hurting.
    For 21 yrs I went thru massive pain, had "female" problems, ending with a part hsyt, had endo, fibro, cysts, Tested for arthritis, lymes you name it I was tested for it. For over 5 yrs I thought I was having gallbladder probems, only to find out that its IBS. I have has sooooooo many test that you would think that a doctor could have seen what was wrong way before they did. Find 'the list' in the earler posts and see if that helps you.
    I even told my doctor that I thought there was a voodoo doll out there with my name on it, because of the pain I would have. My friends have even started asking me if it was a 'voodoo day' before they would ask me to do anything with them because they could see how much pain I was in. There have been times when I fell because of the pain in my knees and hips, it just gets to be too much and they give out on me.

    This could be fibro, not saying it is, its a prossess of elimination, with test for other things to make sure that that is not whats going on.

    I dont know if this was any help or not, just wanted you to know your not alone.
    Take Care Janice

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    Old 08-30-2004, 07:20 AM   #4
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    Re: Does this sound like Fibro?

    Hi Phadrae,

    Welcome and I'm sorry you have suffered and are suffering so. As the others said it does sound like your symptoms could be fibro. But it could also be other things, especially if you had positive blood work for lupus and arthritis. You definitely need to get better support from your PCP or a new PCP. Many of us have found here that going to our doctor with a list of symptoms seems to help them stop and focus on what it is we're saying is happening. There is a post called The List that has a good checklist to use and it might also help you pinpoint your problems as well. Just search the board for "the list".

    I know you've been through a lot of doctors but if this one won't help you, you may need to find another one who actually treats fibro patients. It takes some leg work because you have to call and ask their staff. Also getting the records sometimes has to be your job as well. It recently took me six weeks just to get my OB stuff from my PCP to the OB whose doing my c-section. I must've called the records people about five times. It's not the doctor's fault necessarily just the way busy offices let things fall through the cracks.

    I have lupus and fibro as a result so I know how hard it is to get the right care. Also do you KNOW you're doctor thinks you're a hypochondriac or is that just the feeling you get from them? I ask because I was feeling this way when my fibro became acute two years ago. I had been going to the same PCP for 6 or 7 years who I thought was great. But with the onset of all the additional symptoms I felt very defensive. So one day a year ago I finally just asked her flat out. We talked about it and she also spoke with my pain management psychotherapist and the end result was that she does not think I'm a hypochondriac at all. So maybe your doctor doesn't think that either.

    It's hard to go to the doctor and be your own advocate but when you have mysterious origins of pain you must be your own best friend.

    In the meantime, check out a post called The Best Supplements as well. Since you are having a hard time getting prescriptions and getting properly diagnosed, there might be some holistic things you can try to give you some relief while you're searching for real answers.

    I hope some of this is helpful to you. It sounds like you've been through quite a lot.

    Hugs - Andy

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    Re: Does this sound like Fibro?

    Hi and welcome, I agree with the other posts, but wanted to welcome you. Most of my pain is left sided from the waist up but right sided from the waist down. Just keep looking to find a Dr. who is familar with Fm and lots of luck.

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    Angry Re: Does this sound like Fibro?

    Thanks for everyone's replies. I got an appointment for Thursday with my Primary Care Doctor, and I'm going to insist that he test me for Fibro, as well as do that bloodwork all over again for Lupus and the different arthritises that the other doctor wouldn't give me. When I was going to that other doctor, I mentioned my symptoms and she did bloodwork in her office and then I was told over the phone that I had tested positive for Lupus and "some type of arthritis" too, but that they had one more test to do to make sure, or to see how far along it was or something. That's the test I never got back. I found out recently from a friend who said she used to go to this doctor-she said that she's not even a doctor, just a nurse practictioner who had set up an office, and no one knows how she is still in business! I live in a small town and her office was in a house, and not that sanitary. I had been looking for a new doctor when all that happenned about my tests. I know I should press some kind of charges, or report her to the medical board at least, but right now all I care about is finding out what is wrong with me, so I'm hoping the new Primary Care doctor will do the tests over on Thursday, since I can't get an appointment to see a Rheumatologist till Jan or Feb. I guess I just FEEL like I'm a hypochondriac because I've gone through so many different tests and no one can point down what is wrong with me. Some days are a lot worse though, and weather does have a bad effect-it stormed all day the other day, and I was in misery at work, and don't even know how many pain pills I took. lol I've at least ruled out that it is neurological, so that narrows it down. I was told by a friend who has Fibro that it's pain all over, not just on one side, so that's another reason I haven't checked into it more. Also, from what I understand too, it's not something that you can just take a pill and be healed from Fibro-it's a lot of different pain managements, etc., right? What are some of the best treatments that everyone else has had success with, so that I can recommend them to my doctor on Thursday when I go, if he does do the pressure point test and finds out I have it? Thanks again for everyone's replies.

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