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perimenopause and fibro

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Old 02-27-2005, 11:26 AM   #1
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ann7296 HB User
perimenopause and fibro

Hello to all...Do any of you think there is a connection between perimenopause and worsening of fibro symptoms? I think I am going through both but yet to be diagnosed with fibro. Very difficult to find a Dr. that is receptive to fibro. You know the're a woman,,,,you're depressed,,,,yadda yadda yadda. Have been on depression med for years.
They didn't help with fatigue but I didn't care . I think this may have been fibro for years instead of depression. I don't take any med now and the fatigue and muscle pain is getting worse since peri has hit me hard. Mother always felt tired so am beginning to wonder if I have inherited something. I know when something is not right but it is hard to convince the medical community that it is something other than "nerves, depression, etc". I am a registered nurse so I come into alot of contact w/ others w/ this diagnosis. I would just like some input from others. I feel like I am going to have to diagnose myself and try to find natural remedies that might help. Prescription medications have so many side effects. I have many of the symptoms listed and have always marveled and envied people that have energy. Thanks for any help/suggestions you might have and have a great Sunday!

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Re: perimenopause and fibro

Dear Ann,
First of all just erase all that you have been told by unknowing doctors and understand that fibromyalgia is an inherited illness. There may not be but one person in the family that has it but you will find all the sister illnesses that come from the same pathways in all of the women sibblings. The estrogen receptor is a big player in the pathway but not the only player at all. Therefore, there is no doubt that perimenopause would have an impact. That could explain why many people get these illnesses around 37, 39 years old vs. beginning at 65. And yes, the pathway is through the mother. There appears to be a problem during mitosis in the pregnancy of our mothers because of a lack to the specifics need to make that cell change. Some of the Fibromyalgia muscles did not even get a mitochondria. With no center of the cell, no energy... wow... no wonder we are tired. Cerain things like that estrogen receptor need that mitochondria.

Because of higher brain function and the location in the brain of our empathy centers you will find more of these people are nurses, teachers, pastors, military and policemen.
I am studying how the others come into play.... why does an accountant come in occasionally.... different systomatic brain. So your being a registered nurse, does not supprise me at all. Last night I chatted with a lady that had been a correctional office at a prison. There is a major chat room on line where the question was asked what did you use to do before you got sick. 94% said they were in nursing or caretaking positions. CFIDS. Fibo tend to lead more toward teachers but there are always nurses in a family somewhere.

What works for me. Regardless of the "label" it all runs together.
Magnesium Malate. even a little apple cider vinegar tea... search that. The muscles function better with malate.... and the exhaustion can lessen. Milk Thistle... my favorite supplement, it keeps my liver cleaned out. Dill sprinkled on foods will help with that too. Though you may feel no change your liver needs to. No nylon... everything is controlled by our brains. So if you are wearing nylon on a cold day what happens... static electricity.... nope don't want that. Cotton! Never wear nylon to bed. IF you have pain, say a trigger point, then get the softest material you can find. Super soft baby blanket or those super soft socks. Cut them up into squares that are oh maybe 6, 7 inches wide. Now using your favorite rub like icy hot or bio freeze, heat up that area then cover it with the super soft cloth. No air gets in. that with your magnesium malate will calm it down.

Be aware that the weather fronts contain ions of electricity and whirling winds much like those horrible tornadoes... but in the upper atmosphere. Barometric pressure is not our friend. Search what it does to your muscles your brain and your body when the pressure is low or high. Be smart. when you begin to hurt or just feel like "here it comes" it probably is. Go to the National Weather Service and look at the map over where you live. I am sure all countries have them. What's happening upstairs. Think migraine... cause that is pretty much what is happening... what would you do if you had a migraine? Be ready to ride it out... Magnesium again. I like SloMag. (not sure if I am supposed to say that ?) Most importantly is to practice breathing correctly for at least one hour a day.... at intervals. Your brain has been damaged, if you have apnea, its the medulla oblongata.... the breathing is not good especially at night. So you are not sleeping well, the respiration is not getting enough oxygen to your muscles and you are exhausted and perhaps in pain.

There, HOP 101... sure helps me. I hope some of that info will help you too! I am so sorry you suffer. I wish you well days ahead.


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Re: perimenopause and fibro

Hop, that is really interesting!!

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Re: perimenopause and fibro

Oh Biogirl I could blow you away with what I have learned over the years and it makes me really mad that doctors don't share everything with you... if they even know.

If you study 600 people with fibromyalgia you will find the same jobs thoughout the family, the same in their gradparents and cousins. You will learn that the ones that do not have music in their lives are often designers, draw or paint, are hair or nail designers, decorate homes or florist or even perhaps landscaping. Men will be builders. That is all genetic and our brains tell us what to do and allow us to express ourselves when we may not be able to do so with words. It's fascinating to study.

If you go into a chat, it is not long until you learn the parents almost always have the same illnesses or the grandparents did.... some actually have cfids or fibro.

its a definate pathway... I have gotten so I can usually tell a person's profession by looking at them and listening to the illnesses in their family. I am about 98% right.

But docs will tell you your depressed. I get depressed thinking of that !

HOP thanks!

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tooolgrl (06-01-2011)
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Re: perimenopause and fibro

I can't say enough about magnesium..I take it for esophageal spasms from a hiatal hernia I have and it is the only thing that has taken that pain away. I am a true believer in it, and other supplements as well but I cannot say it any better than it has already been posted here. Wonderful info everyone...
ps. Perimenopause is such a drag, I went 6 months with no period and then boom, in March it came back and was worse than I have ever had, and every month like clockwork since. Peri is horrible, as you get the meno symptoms AND you are still menstruating...aaarrrggghhhhh...

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WoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB UserWoodsWalker HB User
Re: perimenopause and fibro

Peri and full blown menopause along with fibro is nothing but a cruel joke mother nature plays on us. Back when I went thu that, throw in quitting smoking about a mess.
But somehow I got thru it. And best yet is my family still talks to me!

Add 1 more to the Magnesium takers. It really does help spasms, but for me it does not make them go away. Any improvement is good in my book.

Hopabout, what you have to say is interesting but I'm not clear on what that study points to or how it relates to FM.
I did grow up with music and art in my life, playing an instrument , listening and even going to musicals as a child. My grandmother was a very avid theater goer and included us kids often. Arts were a big part of our family growing up. I also have an artistic side that dabbles in pyrographics and carving and was a Floral designer for more years than I care to remember.

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tooolgrl (06-02-2011)
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Re: perimenopause and fibro

Good morning Woodswalker:
Let me see if I can explain my study results. If I take 600 people that have Fibro and Cfids and Lupus and question them.... ART is all over their families. For my family it is Music as well. It is my opinion, for what it is worth, that our brains have been so damaged in the learning department and expression department that we use these techniques to express ourselves. IF for example, I can't tell you who I am or can't explain something to you I can show you in my music. It is how I can express myself.
This has been the issue throughout history for individuals with high fame i the music industry. Poetry as well... a way to express yourself.
The insula is part of the brain in which a lot of this goes on as well as the amygdala.
If I express myself in design, for example... my paintings, my drawings, my floristry or my hair dressing/ nail sculpures, you can see inside me. The insula according to a University in Utah many years ago can be electrically stimulated to make sexual preferences. What are the jobs that many of our homosexual friends have and are excellent at ? Design, hair dressing, floristry, painting, drawing, landscaping and music.
I did not make all this up, its all scientific fact, I just asked the questons and always got the answers.
Our liver is a mess... perhaps from the toxins or perhaps from the bacteria or virus that created our sickness. One thing on that liver is a Protease called Alpha 1 Antrypsin. I could write a book on that subject... Scientist know we have an issue in that department. Alpha 1 Anti is located on Chromosome 14 which one scientist interpreted as the Art Gene. The people in the arts, seem to have non functioning things in their body because of those toxins, bacteria or virus. Overwhelmingly so in Fibro and CFIDS but not in all people.

Likewise, in the amydala, the caring, emotional people that we all are is in overdrive.
I often think I have Angel Syndrome worst than Fibromyalgia or CFIDS. When doing my extensive survey over the years.... fibro famiiles or not... the same jobs are always on the list... the jobs of Taking care of another in some form. Not the secretary of the Electric company or the Highway department foreman. Nurses, military, policemen, pastors, and teachers.

Some wish to argue that point. OK, so you ask 50 fibro cfids lupus people about all the jobs in their family and you list the ones they say checking off the ones I just listed.
NOW... jsut make your own list. Outside of your work ... how many nurses do you know, career military (or even veterans) pastors, etc.

We are a people... the damage to our brain probably from murine leukemia retroviruses, leporacy, tuberculosis or malaria has created the people that we are. AND, it goes bck way far... its not a today thing.

It is possible that a viral infection could have brought out our immediate symptoms. It is more possible that something in our mothers and there mothers and theirs... is keeping our cells from splitting correctly .... perhaps something that many moons ago affected their cells like tuberculosis or malaria. If you don't have the right components, you cant make a cell correctly.

They now know that Alzheimer's begins in the liver. Oh and right about where that Alpha 1 is .... 65% of the people with fibro have Alzheimer's in their family. That spells metabolism to me. They know that in the liver T4 is converted to T3 and some researchers say that is our problem... thyroid hormone.. not the gland, not the blood test, the liver. And, of course, guess where that conversion is ... same Chromosome.
The one that the researcher calls the ART GENE.

In my study and in my extended family I smile when I look at the list. One cousin is male... he married a nurse first then a minister who is a lovely artist. His oldest daughter owned a dog grooming shop (oh many fibro/cfids are animal rescuers.)
One daughter was a teacher, married a teacher whos mom is a nurse and sisters workin a beauty salon and the other a graffic artist. His aunts, uncles and cousins all the very same. Own major art studios. another designes awesome tiffany lamps. We are a people.... are we retroviral or has one of the big bacterial or viral epidemics made us who we are by changing our brains?

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