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Talonsmomma 05-04-2005 01:13 AM

Why does this sound like FMS? Could this be a diagnoses that Dr's Overlook?
Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Type of Symptom/Area -- Sign of Adrenal Fatigue --
1. Body Type -- Thin, can't gain weight --
2. Face Shape -- Eyes, cheeks sunken when severe --
3. Eyebrows -- Tend to be full --
4. Tissue Around Eyes -- Sunken appearance, may have dark circles --
5. Facial Coloring -- Tendency to pallor, especially around mouth. In dark skin, it darkens around mouth, forehead, sides of face --
6. Hair quality -- Thin and wispy. May become straw-like or straighter. Dry. Falls out easily. Sparse on forearms or lower legs. --
7. Nails -- Thin, brittle --
8. Pigment Distribution -- Vitiligo (white spots or patches) in late stage. May tan too easily. In dark skin, darker on forehead, sides of face, around mouth, and chin/jaw. --
9. Connective Tissue Quality (ligaments, tendons, skin, hair, and nails) -- Lax ligaments or flexible (e.g. flat feet, double jointed). Joint strains/sprains are common. -- .
10. Fluids/Secretions -- Dry skin, little secretions. Can't hold on to water. -- .
11. Light Sensitivity or Night Blindness -- Often Present. --
12. After Image (e.g. seeing the image of a flash bulb or bright light moving by longer than others) -- Often Present
13. Typical Pains -- Headaches, migraines, muscles, carpal tunnel --.
14. Tempterature Pattern -- Thermal chameleon (hot when it's warm and cold when it's cool). Poor thermoregulation. Tends to low body tempterature around 97.8 or lower. Fluctuating pattern. --
15. Cold Intolerance -- Always or almost always present. --
16. Heat Intolerance -- Possibly present. --
17. Cold Hands / Feet -- Always or almost always present. --
18. Warm Hands/ Feet (in spite of low body tempterature) -- Generally Absent. --
19. Sweating -- May be excessive in early phase. Poor sweating in late phase. --
20. General Reactivity: Emotional, physiological, etc. -- Hyper-reactive (over) --
21. Immune Function -- Tendency to over-react results in allergies, sensitivities, autoimmune problems --
22. History of EBV or Mononucleosis -- Always or almost always present. --
23. Sensitivity to medications, supplements, etc. Needs small doses. -- Often Present --
24. Intuitive. Picks up other peoples feelings (e.g. at malls, parties). -- Often Present --
25. Personality Tendency: Humor -- Possibly Present and/or generally absent --
26. Personality Tendency: Serious -- Often Present and/or Always or Almost present --
27. Depression -- Possibly present --
28. Anxiety, panic attacks, worry, fear, insecurity, feelings of impending doom (any combination). "I thought I was dying..." -- Always or almost always present --
29. Obsessive Complusive -- Often present --
30. Startle Easily -- Often Present --
31. Tolerance to Change/Stress -- Poor --
32. Sleep patterns -- Tendency to one of more: Insomnia, light-sleeper, waking up at 2-4 AM, unrefreshing sleep. --
33. Mental Abilities -- Poor focus, clarity, concentration, short-term memory. 'Brain fog' --.
34. Energy Pattern -- Complains of fatigue or exhaustion, "wired and tired", can't persevere, low motivation --
35. Exercise Tolerance -- Causes fatigue. Can't persevere. If severe, body temperature drops after exercise. --
36. Edema swelling, non-pitting in lower legs -- Generally absent --
37. Standing still is difficult or causes discomfort. Walking is easier. -- Possibly present. --
38. Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue -- Often present --
39. Orthostatic -- Often present.
40. Orthostatic Hypotension (light-headed when getting up to stand from laying or sometimes, even sitting) -- Often Present -- .
41. Blood Pressure -- Tends to run low, e.g., from 80/50 at the low end to 110/70 at the high end. --
42. Heart Palpitations ("feels like my heart was about to jump out of my chest"). -- Often present. --
43. Mitral Valve Murmur or Prolapse -- Often Present --
44. Dietary Habits -- Often lean toward being vegetarian or avoids certain foods. --
45. Digestion -- Often has difficulty digesting meat, or other proteins. Some foods troublesome --
46. Bowel Function -- Tendency to be irritable, or hyperactive, transit time may be too fast (food exits stomach too fast causing poor enzymatic digestion) --
47. Malabsorption -- Always or almost always present --
48. Blood sugar. (Hypoglycemia = low blood sugar. Hyperglycemia = elevated blood sugar) -- Tendency to hypoglycemia. May need small meals or "crash" --
49. Problems with menses and/or fertility (females) -- Often present --

Anyone have any opinions on this....I know they may not alls ound like FMS symptoms...But many do..I was kind of thrown for a loop when I read this.....
I want to know what people think of this.....

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CFD 333 05-05-2005 01:58 PM

Re: Why does this sound like FMS? Could this be a diagnoses that Dr's Overlook?
Let's look at what Adrenal Fatigue/Insufficiency really is. Your adrenal glands produce, among other things, a hormone known as cortisol which is absolutely essential to your survival. When the adrenal glands aren't producing cortisol in sufficient amounts because of severe stress or infection, your body may fall into a state of adrenal crisis. This is NOT the same thing as Addison's Disease where nearly 90% of the adrenal glands have been destroyed and aren't capable of producing cortisol.

Truthfully, the symptoms you describe actually look much more like Addison's Disease than they do Adrenal Fatigue which is a very serious condition that requires immediate attention, but is also extremely rare (JFK had Addison's Disease). Either way, these conditions can be easily diagnosed through an ACTH stimulation test and/or AM Cortisol blood test. Be aware there is a lot of misinformation floating around the web trying to blame low coritsol levels on any number of symptoms a person may have by calling it "the plague of the 21st century" when it just isn't true. If the tests show normal, then you know that neither of these are your problem...its that simple. NEVER attempt to diagnose yourself with this problem and then take supposed "natural remedies" to fix's a scam.

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