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  • Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise

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    Old 05-08-2005, 02:33 AM   #1
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    Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise


    It's been a few weeks since I've been on. I hope everyones ok. I just wanted to ask about a new symptom that's appeared. I'm very worried about it and feel if I go back to the doctors, it's just another one to add to the long list I already have.

    About a week ago I noticed pains in my legs. Not sharp pains more a dull ache. I've tried to pinpoint it, but I cant. My legs feel strange (I haven't lost any motor control) and still have full feeling but I am getting the strangest aches in the outer (tops) of my legs and also in my groin area. It seems to be more noticable when I'm driving. I get the pains when I sit down and slightly bend forward. I've tried taking hot baths thinking that the pain will go away over night, but it's still there in the morning.

    I've still not been formally diagnosed with anything as yet and have 2 clear brain MRI's, clear cervical spine MRI, thyroid, all blood's fine. only thing they have found is problems with my vestibular system (when the did the test with cold air in the ears I only went dizzy on one side).

    I also suffer very badly with nerves at the moment. I am getting bad episodes of depression (illness or not knowing?) and just find something else to worry or be down about on a weekly basis. I also wake up with numbness and tinging in hands every morning.

    I've also just got over a bad couple of weeks of hemmeroids. Could this be related to leg pains?

    I've got a doctors appointment on Tuesday but wanted to ask if anyone else suffers with this strange symptom or knows what it might be. I don't get pain in my buttocks or backs of legs so I dont think sciatic nerve is involved? Seems to be more sides and tops of legs. It comes and goes and isn't always there but has come back for over a week now.

    Take Care,


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    Old 05-08-2005, 08:58 PM   #2
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    Re: Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise

    Originally Posted by mletters
    and also in my groin area.
    Mike I am having a similiar leg pain but I'm going to push for an mri because this is new and I'v had fibro for like 18 years. I'll post if I find anything out. You too!!
    I don't know alot but I don't think hemorrhoids would cause leg pain.

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    Re: Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise

    My leg pain is limited to burning skin and deep muscle pain during pain flares.

    I have had difficulty with hemorrhoids due to percocet and since I started taking colace, i haven't had a problem with dry hard stools since. I do remember my whole area down there aching and my inner legs. I was in agony.

    I would suggest a visit to the doctor. Thrombosis hurts like hell in the lower legs and like a painful pressure and like legs are numb but hurt. Hard to describe, but you should be evaluated, in my opinion.

    In regards to the depression and anxiety, this is a very common symptom of fms, although many people also do not have it. I had it before onset but well controlled with wellbutrin and xanax. At onset a year ago, all of my symptoms were out of control. I went through what you described, the fear of not knowing and also the stress of how fms was taking over my life. And also my first fibro fog flares were acute and caused even more anxiety and depression-a viscious circle.

    It is so important that we remember this is a central nervous system disorder, not a muscle or joint disorder. The brain, of course is part of the central nervous syndrome, so it makes sense that it would affect the brain too. That is where the mind-body connection comes into play.

    This is where deep breathing, aerobic exercise, meditation, being gentle with yourself, not obsessing, and also empowering yourself as the the manager of your heathcare team. B Complex.

    There are alot of people who are ashamed of taking medicines for depression and anxiety and I used to be one of them. Then someone very close to me said "your brain is part of your body, it gets sick like any other part and its your choice if you want to be down on yourself for seeking treatment." Also anxiety and depression release hormones that cause or exsaserbate pain.

    You mentioned having MRIS done probably to rule out MS, but these can be very important in ruling out old whiplash injuries which can cause Fibromyalgia. I didn't even know I had had one, and also that I had hip and thoracic early arthritis, but i read that you don't have any abnormalities (I had to insist on Cspine, Tspine, and Lumbar spine. Knowing these helped my doctors to be able to treat me.

    You mentioned dizziness, which i have had brief and sporadic episodes. My daughter had spells throughout the day and also periods of fatigue when she had to lay down. She had a positive tilt table test, a cardiac test, and it was positive. This is one the tests that can be used to confirm CFS and help immensely in your treatment (florinef)and ability to obtain SSD or SSI if you find it necessary.

    I cannot tell you how much magnesium helped my deep muscle pain-it was incredible. Also malic acid.

    When my doctors eyes glazed over when I tried to explain my many symptoms at onset and she didn't do much to treat me, I had been in tears and confused, and given her too much information. So the next appointment when she asked, "What do you need?" I said "I need for you to hear me" I had drawn a picture of the front and back of my body and using different colors for different symptoms, I marked these symptoms on the picture of my body. I included a key. She looked at it for about 60 seconds. My whole body from head to foot was mostly covered with different colors. She put me on a treatment plan that changed my life. it was the beginning of the road to my recovery.

    I hope I helped you and also that you feel better soon. Remember that anxiety can trigger more anxiety and trigger pain flares so try to relax and do what you can do today to treat your condition and follow with a excellent physician.


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    Old 05-12-2005, 02:38 AM   #4
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    Re: Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise

    Hi, It's now been over 2 weeks and the pain hasn't gone away. The hardest thing is to describe the pain/location. I went to see the doc and he dismissed it as a pain in the abductor? muscles.

    It seems to be in the groin area (the fold between the groin and pubic area), both legs affected. Also seems to be a little down the inner thighs too. It is more noticable when I am sitting down and especially when I'm driving. It's not constant, it just comes and goes and keeps niggling away.

    I'm so frightened that this is going to get worse and I may end up in a wheelchair what with all the other sympoms (over an A4 page of them! in only 18 months).

    I wake up most morning depressed and with a horrible sick feeling in my stomach. I can't help but worry about the future. My life seems so empty and I cannot see a future. I've had problems recently with my Twin brother who's emigrated to New Zeland, found out both my parents were drinking heavily and one ended up in hospital. My older brother has lost his business and has disappeared and is uncontactable. My Aunt (who I was very close to) has just died of Cancer (and now that scares me!). HOW MUCH MORE CAN THIS LIFE THROW AT YOU? I used to be so happy go lucky until I hit 30 and then Wham! It hit me.

    I think I was depressed in late 20's but was so busy throwing myself into work that I didn't have time to relax and certainly didn't give illness a second thought. Now it's all I think about EVERY day. I know they say pain doesn't define who you are, it is something you live with, but with the frustration of trying to explain the pain and difficulties you are going through it's like no-one believes you (or) cares/want's to listen.

    I've even tried all kinds of Antidepressant medication to try and accept this thing? but I just have servere reactions to just one tablet (seems to be only SSRI or SNRI catagory). To be honest, I find that going for a walk seems to make me feel a bit better and kind of clears my head (now I worry that I won't be able to walk with pains that could? get worse!). I feel as though I have a mental illness and my mind is stuck in a kind of loop. I'm trying to scream for help but it's like I'm invisible or something. I just go on every day existing and cant plan for the future? It's very scary.

    When I drop off at night, I normally sleep through until around 06:00 where I am automatically woken up and the first concious thoughts seem to be automatically running around my head. But when I lay in bed, I feel very frightened and when I try to picture things in my 'minds eye' everything just doesn't feel right. I get out of bed with a horrible sickly feeling in my stomach. I normally cannot talk to anyone at this point. After a visit to the toilet I go back to bed and try to sleep. This is the strangest thing. I CAN'T no matter how hard I try. I'll close my eyes and It's like I'm monitoring my thoughts. Strange NONSENSE thoughts/images seem to form all by themselves and this frightens me. I feel like I am going insane! I still can't sleep no matter how hard I try. I doze and then wake up many times between 06:00 and 08:00 when I eventually get up (but strangely enough I feel kind of tired when I do get up at around 08:00!).
    I then go through the day with reminders of illness with pain, panic attacks and fear. It eases off as the day goes on and I normally feel a bit better at night when I'm back home and just relaxing and not conversing with anyone.

    I think this is why it is so frustrating. One of our primary reasons for being here on Earth is to converse with other human beings (our main reason is to help one another - I believe anyway!). If I can't look at another person without feeling dizzy, nervous, panicky, or inferiour then is this why I'm depressed? Is it the pain (they say this alone can cause depression), is it the fear of the future, the frustration of not knowing what is wrong physically and mentally? or just not being able to do anything about it.

    I'm sorry for ranting on, I just wanted to share my experiences of daily life and my strange new symptom (my legs). Who knows what the future will hold. I just thank God for my Beautiful Wife and 2 year old Son who makes me feel I have a purpose in life (even if I am short tempered, ratty and introvert (the exact opposite of the person I used to be). As tempting as it is just to end it all, maybe tomorrow will be better?

    Take care,


    Old 05-12-2005, 07:41 AM   #5
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    Re: Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise

    Mike, I have similiar pain and I am actually talking to my dr today about some xrays, started to wonder about compressed nerves. Have they given you any pt. One of the awful things about fms is the vicious cycle of pain and inactivity and activity being good for you. Right now I'm assuming my new symptoms are not necessarily related to fms.
    Yes pain for me causes depression. It gets ME in a cycle of negative thinking. with all that is happening with your family, have you considered talking to anyone. It sounds like your stress is really building and it makes pain worse.
    I'm at work right now , I'd like to write more, I will let you know what my doc says about my leg pain.
    As a woman, maybe you should tell your wife about how your pain is stressing you and that you love her even if you are irritable. I have a dh who is not very supportive of my trials and tribulations but I love him and my 4 year old.
    I'm starting to get to the point where I'm pushing back on your dr's , if he said it was there, could he tell you what HE THINKS is causing it????
    If not ask for answers or find another dr. Please hang in there, talk to us!!!

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    Re: Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise


    I just wanted to tell you that you are NOT alone. ((( HUGS ))) I think having an illness like these (be it MS, RA, Lupus, or fibro) makes you feel very alone b/c healthy people *usually* just don't get it. We feel isolated and alone.

    I didn't get through all your post in this sitting (my eyes have probs from optic neuritis), so sorry if I missed this: but have you considered therapy? I occasionally see a psychologist. It helps to just have a sounding board sometimes.

    I don't really have any great pearls of wisdom (and my eyes have almost completely blurred over now. . so I am having a great bit of difficulty seeing this post), but I did want to offer love and support!! I hope you find friendship and support in this board and in everyday life.

    ((( HUGS )))

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    Re: Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise

    hi mike,
    have you tried just getting up at 6am and making it the start of your day? making your body sleep will tire you out. and frustrate you in the process. get out of the mental squirrel cage, get out of bed and see what today brings. conjuring up the worst is a waste of time, thought, and energy.
    this morning i was dragging hind tail and was going to go back to bed. then i thought about it. i would miss the sunrise. i would feel like crap later. sometimes my day starts at 4 am. my body knows what it needs so i listen.
    i get the groin thing to. have for years. sometimes it hits so fast i grab my area of pain and bend over. so, imagine me, in the grocery store, grabbing my crotch and bending over! 49 years old, shaved head, eight piercings in my ears, long flowing bright hippie style dresses and grabbing myself. see the humor? i have gotten some looks, let me tell you!
    hope you laugh thru the rest of your day.
    ps. ask yourself when you think about the "ending it all" part one question. what do i want my family to live thru? only you can find your way out of the tunnel. there are people who spend years in school just so they can help us. i have one. there is alot to be said for getting help. and other thoughts or ways of doing life. your life will always be in a state of change. we adapt. we evolve. or we wither and die. our choice. me? i am into the adaptation and evolution of this time here in this body. my late 20s and early 30s were hard and very emotional. don't give up on your life. i didn't and look at me now? almost 50, still hangin around, and happy to be here. in the grocery store grabbing my owie!

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    Re: Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise

    Mike you gotta get a laugh or a smile out of the image Bluelake just gave you. She has wisdom though, and has been there. So take it from someone who knows because she has been there, and from someone who knows someone that has been there GET HELP!
    Depression is nothing to fool around with and your family deserves you healthy and well mentally even if you can't be physically. Your family loves you and will stick by you as you heal yourself so hang in there and talk to a professional....PLEASE.

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    movin slo
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    Thumbs up Re: Concerned about new strange symptom. Please advise

    Hey Mike,
    Sorry that this is all hitting you. I think we all have dark thoughts and sometimes it might seem like that listening to our dark depressing thoughts is a way out. Well I don't think it is. I look at all the aches and pains and stress and etc. I have daily (like most of us.) That They might get me down but I am NOT going to let them win! I'm 54 and have 4 grandchildren. And a husband and 2 sons grown, that is why I get up every morning and make my way through each day. My mom use to tell me "God never gives you more than you can handle." Sometimes I think he is awfully trusting and other times, I realize he put me here for a reason. I don't think it was to be in this awful pain and depression, so I decided If I stick around maybe I will figure it out and it will make everything else worth it all.
    Sometimes I'm up all night unable to sleep, so I stay up and I play on my computer,do dishes,dust, or maybe just watch a few movies. Then after my day is done. I try sleep ....if not sleep then just rest. Rest helps too.
    You have to look for the good. You look at your wife and think how lucky you are "SHE LOVES you even when you don't feel good !" And then your son- do you really want to leave him? make him wonder why you didn't stay and play ball,see his 1st girl-friend,prom,.His wedding and HIS 1st child?
    You see my friend YOU ARE very lucky. Some people in this world don't have 1/2 of what you have BUT they keep on going.
    DON"T GIVE UP on LIFE. I belive God also put you here for a REASON and it wasn't to miss out on the BEST---which might just be around the next corner.
    Hang in there !


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