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Glojer 07-05-2005 02:45 PM

Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
Rhuemy just prescribed 5mg of prednisone to help with my joint pain. Not to crazy about taking it but my question is will 5mg do anything or will I be wasting my time.

I know strange question but I have had my doubts about this rhuemy, he has completly changed on me and has seemed to blow me off the last time I was there. Anyway with all going on with hubby and cancer and tests and docs I don't have time to doc shop so I had to call him and I know he thinks I'm just a complainer.

I just want to know if 5mg is a waste of my time and if he just prescribed that to keep me happy.

Anyone have any opinons on that.


Pyramid56 07-05-2005 05:09 PM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
I'm not too crazy about taking prednisone either but it does seem to help me...well at least the week I'm on them. I can't remember what dosage I was on last time but I do believe it was only for 6-7 days. Well this time I was given enough for 12 days. And my dosage is 10mg. But it goes like this....
6 tablets once daily for 3 days
4 tablets once daily for 3 days
2 tablets once daily for 3 days
1 tablet once daily for 3 days
So I start out with 60 mg and end up with 10mg. So I'm not quite sure if 5 mg a day will help or not but it doesn't seem anywhere near my dose! Don't know if that's good or bad ;) But I don't think it will hurt to at least try, I just wouldn't be on it for a long period of time.

brend 07-06-2005 03:01 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
Your dose does seem very low. I was on Prednisone for about two years up to 10 weeks ago. I started on 90 mg daily and worked down ovew a few weeks to 15 mg daily. Yes they did help. Pain was less and my immune system started picking up again. My doc took me off them as I had been on them far too long already. He said the longterm side effects were bad.
I am now working with a herbalist and homeopatist and am taking all sorts of weird meds. The jury is still out as to the success of this. I do intend to write on this board about my meds at a later date when I have more experience of the meds and their effects. So far so good.
Sorry I went off on a tangeant. With regard to your prednisone. Everyone is different and how we are treated is different. If you stick with it for a short while and it has no effect go back to the doc and challenge him/her. With regard to your feelings of being dismissed or not heard by your doc, this is awful and something we experience far too often. Last time it happened to me I started to believe that it was all in my head. No I know it was the doc who had the mind block.
That's all I have to say for now. Keep well.

bluelakelady 07-06-2005 07:24 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
hi glojer,
5mg is the most i would take. i have taken it before. in tiny doses like you have been prescribed. it does help. however it makes me aggressive and i want to eat the planet. steroids are always risky. side effects are mostly outweighed, pun intended, by the help they do give. if they did not turn me into aggressionwoman i would take them more often. i chose to do the pain instead. our planet is not up to me on steroids!
how are you holding up emotionally little sister? you have so much on your plate right now. i worry about you and your dear hubby. how is he feeling today? how is he holding up emotionally? cancer is a difficult and frightening journey. may i send you deep breaths, long hugs, and healing energy for mind and body? yes? here it comes!
peace, healing and love,

Glojer 07-06-2005 07:43 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who may know
Thanks all for your replys, they are much aprreciated. I took the 5mg this morning, we will see what happens. I didn't think about aggression as a side effect, I just thought about mood changes and being crabby. To which my husband and daughter reply "well no change there!" They think they are so funny! As you can see we haven't lost our since of humor, that is what keeps us ahead of the stress.

I thought this was a low dose, but I did not want to take a higher dose because of the 'weighing' side effects and all the others. Thanks for letting me know that 5mg was all you did take Blue. I'm just looking for relief from the joint pain which has increased over the last 6wks. since I went off plaquenil.

I will take all the deep breaths and hugs and everything else you offer blue and thanks to everyone for the good wishes and advice.


lazidd78648 07-06-2005 08:11 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
hi this is lazidd and hope i am not speaking out of turn but pt has lupus and has been taking Prednisone for 10 yrs she wanted me to ask my doc to check into it for my fm and nuerophty (spelling) but haven't had the chance.i don't know how much she was taking but i was impressed that with the lupus she has and the pain she can still do therapy on people. lazidd

Glojer 07-06-2005 08:23 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who may know
I just reread and realized I didn't respond to some of your questions and comments.

brend I hope to not be on prednisone very long, I am to CALL the doc again in 3wks and let him know how I am doing. That's what he said 3wks ago when he decided valium and vitamins was what I needed. I don't care for this phone call business, I like to see my doc face to face and see what is in his eyes and the expression on his face. I will have to stick with this routine of his until we know more about what is going on with my hubby. He has ordered a sleep study which cannot be done until Aug.17th. I don't sleep just like lots of fm'ers and I take sleep meds. They work, so I don't see his point but I will humor him until such time as I can move on and find someone who will listen to me and not have some hidden agenda. Who knows maybe the study will show something, maybe they will discover some lost universe in my head!!!

blue thanks for asking how my hubby is doing, he is doing well considering. Considering we just have to keep waiting until the next test is scheduled and the next docs appt. Now we wait until Mon. the 11th to talk to the oncologist and find out if the cancer spread to other parts of the body and to get the final pathology and to see what treatment he is in store for, chemo or radiation and how much. Waiting is the worse thing ever, the not knowing part can make your imagination run wild and I have a wild imagination. So I do appreciate those deep breaths and hugs. I use them all the time to keep my imagination in tact and as my old auntie would say, not to borrow trouble.

My husband has stopped smoking after 40 yrs. Funny how the big C can make you think about that. He has never wanted to stop before, but has gone 12days without a cig. It has been hard for him, but I reminded him if he can have the power over the cigs, he can have the power over other things. Attitude is everything!!

We have things to keep us busy, Sun. we will go to the nursing home and celebrate my brother in laws 66th birthday. He has cerebral palsey and now has to be where he can have nursing care. He is a big Cardinals baseball fan and we always buy him Cardinals stuff, he truly loves to have family around and to celebrate his or anyones birthday or holidays. He is the most generous and kind and caring person, it helps to put a lot into perspective when you see life from his viewpoint and can still always have a smile and care about someone other than yourself.

OMG did I go on or what. Thanks for listening and letting me let it out. You are a wonderful bunch of friends. I will keep everyone posted on what the prednisone does and how things go.

Peace and pain free days to us all

bluelakelady 07-06-2005 10:44 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
dearest glojer,
you give your hubby a really big hug for me. kicking smoking is a very big deal. i will be with you on monday. get your mind out of the what ifs. waste of your precious energy. it already is what it is. trying to second guess it will drive you into the nut house.
if i can be of service in any way you just come here and holler. cancer and i are old friends. due to the rules here i cannot say why we are such old buds, but we are.
fear is not your friend, nor is it hubbys. fear is your enemy so tell it where to go and if need be give it directions.
i am here for both of you in any way i can serve.
love, peace and healing breath,
now don't get aggressive on those steroids, tee hee.

goldenwings 07-07-2005 06:43 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
Hiya Glojer,

Prednisone/prednisiolne would/should only be given to you if the need was there for it. In short term small doses generally the side effcts are minimal - but remember this varies in different patients - and also the long term benefits of taking it IMHO outweight a bit of aggro or discomfort in other ways.

As I have said before, I have been on steroids most of my adult life, over 30 years, and I can't live without them, in fact they did save my life when I was a child. My maintenance dose is 10mgs a day, and I up and down it when I feel it is necessry.

Good luck.

goldenwings :angel:

Glojer 07-07-2005 07:40 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
Thanks golden for the info, I knew you had a lot of experience with this drug. The doc has prescribed this drug because I have so much joint pain, which I believe is from lupus symptoms. I know you post on the lupus board also. I also have fibro and as I'm sure you can relate sometimes the pain all runs together. I am reserving my opinion on the prednisone until I have taken it a few days and have been able to do a few normal things. As my pain increased over the last 6wks. (after stopping plaquenil) my activity decreased. I give my pain more respect these days, I figure I spent enough years working with pain and now I deserve to give it a rest.

Thanks blue for your words of wisdom and your support, I'll just keep breathing slow deep breathes and the time will pass before I know it.


tkgoodspirit 07-07-2005 10:48 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
Hey Glojer,

Is the 5mg to be taken everyday, like a maintence script? I ask this because the usual script for this kind of med is given as Pyrimad describes, starting strong and weaning off. It's given kinda like a big "whammie" to decrease swelling immediately, then to taper off. So, since yours is give at such a low dose, I'm thinking this is a maintenence med. The prednisone dosage like Pyriamid describes is like what we get when we get anti-biotics or the big ZPAK to give our bodies a big blast of meds all at once.

Yours was given for your arthritis? You also stated that you can't take all the other arthritic meds out there, like methotrex? Prednisone is pretty "generic" in it's anti-inflammatory components. I would imagine at such a low dose the chance of you suffering from all the potentionally nasty side effects that pred can cause would be less for you. It's funny how an anti-inflammatory med will cause inflammation in certain parts of our body! That is the big problem with pred, the bloating and weight gain, but at a low dose like you are taking, I wouldn't worry about it.

I imagine that you will need to give it time to build up before you notice any kind of substantional relief, so give it time, k? I would think it could take at least a month before you notice anything significant. But, like Blue says, and I agree, I'd rather take the lower dose over longer time than be blasted with the high dose for a short time. Your body will more than likely "accept" the lower dose without too much, if any, disruption.

Do you have another doc that you can maybe ask his/her opinion about this? Maybe ask your GP? Or better yet, ask your Pharmacist. Do you have a "mom and pop" type Pharmacy that you use? I would talk to your Pharmacist and ask him/her what the low dose is specific for.

Is this a med you are to use everyday? You have refills? Usually pred isn't given like that, like I said, it's given more like Pyrimad describes, BUT given only 5mg, I imagine your Rheumy feels this is a safe dose to take everyday so that it can be effective in relieving some of the pain you get from the inflammation of arthritis. I know what a bugger that pain can be in the joints. I'm just starting to get it in my fingers. I have a "bump" on the joint of my pinky finger, and it hurts like the dickens, even in such a small body part! LOL I can't wait until it moves to the other fingers! Blah! Are you swollen? I think I read a post from you earlier stating that you have the arthritis stiffness but no swelling, you stated that you feel swollen but don't look swollen. Me too, I think that's pretty common with FM. I wonder if having FM AND arthritis together causes that. I know my hands are very stiff, especially in the morning, but I don't notice any swelling except for that pinky finger. Wierd. I also have CTS, so that could explain the stiffness with no swelling.

Well, my friend, I hope I helped you some. Take your meds like a good girl! Give them time to work, and for your body to absorb and accept them. And I DO so hope they help you. I'm going to talk to my Rheumy about using that low dose to help me feel less stiff. I use Arthrotec as an anti-inflammatory med and I don't take it like I'm supposed to, 75mg twice daily cuz of the stomach problems it can cause. I'm supposed to take each dose with food and I usually don't eat but once a day and that isn't 'til early evening somedays, so I don't take the meds at all. I just stay "arthriticized" (like that word? LOL) all day! :)

Take care my friend, and do keep us posted as to how you think the pred is working for you.

P.S. Just thought I'd poke fun atchya my friend: Is your thread title in code? LOL What does "nowmay k" mean? ;) Sounds like something that would roll around in my mind! I LOVE ya Gloj!

Glojer 07-07-2005 12:31 PM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
TK obviously nowmay k has rolled around in my mind LOL! Just my fingers getting messed up I guess, but I thought I reread everything and it was ok.

My arthritis blood tests are always ok and I have never been told I have arthritis but I do have a high ANA count. Or at least I use to, it is so confusing and my brain doesn't want to concentrate on that right now.

The doc did say they were giving me a maintenence dose, that was another reason for the question. I worried it would be useless because I know they usually give higher doses and then go down to the low dose. Of course I'm happy with a low dose, better for my body.

How are you doing TK? Thanks for all your input. I'm a little pushed for time right now so I will catch up to you later.


tkgoodspirit 07-07-2005 01:16 PM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
Love you Gloj!

Your post read perfectly. I understand your question. I think it may help you, at least I hope it does. You know what we do when a med doesn't, we move onto the next!

I'm thinking about you and your husband and I know you have a lot going on. Please take care of yourself too.


Glojer 07-08-2005 09:53 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
TK I have a little more time to breath right now so thought I would say again thanks for all your input. I have taken 3days of prednisone 5mg. so far. I think it has helped some. The swelling in my hands and some other joints has gone down. I haven't been aching and having as many sharp pains in my joints as I was. I really hope this is an indication that it will get even better the longer I take it.

I am still going to find another rhuemy when time allows, but if I can get by with this one and get some relief for now I'm ok with that. I wonder if this rhuemy will now say I did have inflammation and that is why the prednisone worked. I don't know how he can determine anything when he wants to only see me every 4 months and he tells me to call him in three weeks after he prescribes something new. What can he tell over the phone , when his nurse is talking to me. Duh...Duh...Duh! Like I said if I get relief from this with the prednisone and he will refill it, I will wait my chance and see another doc.

I sure hope you are feeling better TK. It is so good to have you posting again. Thanks again for your info.


RedBri 07-12-2005 09:32 AM

Re: Prednisone question for those who nowmay k
I have RA and Fibro, along with the many other ailments that seem to go hand in hand. The only time I take prednisone is in what is called a "Medrol Dose Pak". That is done with starting high and weaning down, my rhuemy gives it to me when in bad flare. But we are all different and respond differently to meds, our docs ( :) at least the ones we keep around and don't fire, LOL) and us are the ones who know best what we can and cannot tolerate... so listen to your body, and speak openly with your doc would be my advice. Take care of you!
(((\o/))) RedBri

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