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17 year old, Please Help

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Old 07-16-2005, 08:08 PM   #1
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Alexandra87 HB User
Exclamation 17 year old, Please Help

Hi, my name is Alexandra. I'm 17 years old and i've been recently told I could possibly have fibromyalgia. I'm desperately looking for advice and support. This all started 2 months ago, I had an EXTREMELY stressful school year along with many other problems outside of school, I kept getting colds throughout the year and I also had a 24 hour stomach bug. I guess all the stress and what not finally caught up to me because 2 months ago one of my glands swelled up and i developed a sore throat, i went to the doctor and she took a strep test and it was negative. She told me to go home and rest and it should go away on it's own within the next week. The gland went down after about 2 weeks but the sore throat has been on and off ever since. (I don't smoke, drink, and i'm not sexually active so those can't be a factor in this) During this time I started having bad chest pain which then was accompanied by bad back pain. Pain i had never experienced before in my life. I was so scared something was seriously wrong with me so I went back to the doctor. My doctor did an extensive blood test, sent me to get a chest x-ray and to a cardiologist. Everything was fine. She said i might have had a virus that was taking a long time to leave my body.. well i waited two more weeks after that and all the pains were still there. My mom called her and told her, I went in for another physical exam, my doctor said everything was fine and that's when she said i might have fibro. I have an appointment for a rheumatologist on June 27th. I'm extremely nervous. I'm also worried I didn't get enough tests done & that maybe there is something hidden that no one could find.. any advice on that? I want an MRI and I also want to see a ear, nose, & throat specialist. My mom says i don't need those things, I think I do. I looked at the fibro tender point chart, I feel like i have almost every single one. I also experience this prickling/crawling feeling of the skin, muscle spasms, morning stiffness, headaches, earaches (not sure if this is from my wisdom teeth which are coming in, i went to the dentist and he took x-rays & said they arent impacted) canker sores, post nasal drip along with depression and extreme anxiety. Are these normal things to be feeling? Please help me....

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Old 07-19-2005, 01:38 PM   #2
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jpk HB User
Re: 17 year old, Please Help

to alexanra87,oh baby my heart goes out to you in bucket loads,the reaumy is the best place to start.your mum is right..the first thing we all do is want to go to all these drs to find out if anything else is wrong,but often all that does is waste money and make you stress more and that in turn causes more pain.the mri is also a lot of radiation for your young as hard as it sounds just be patient.let the reaumy guide you.if you have got and your family have a long road ahead...not so much with pain and expense..but with are going to go thru every emotion known to mankind,so keep talking to us and find a counsiller as well,my prayers are with you and your family (: jpk

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GodsGirl4ever06 HB User
Re: 17 year old, Please Help

Hi Alexandra, My name is Julie and I'm 17 years old too. I have had fibro symptoms since 7th grade but I was only finally diagnosed about a year ago. Ick!! We are just too young aren't we?

I don't have too much time and I have this awful horrible debilitating headache that absolutely will NOT go away, so this is going to be kinda short.

First of all, a rheumy is the best way to go. I envy you there, because I want to go to one but my mom says it isn't necessary. She has it too and went to a few and didn't like them. I remind her that just because certain things don't work for her doesn't mean they won't work for me too.

Second, be patient, even though that is hard and it totally sucks.

To answer your question, no those things aren't NORMAL! For someone who's healthy. With fibro...I would almost go as far to say that anything is possible.

I agree with jpk when she says to find a counselor. I used to go to one but that was strictly for the depression. Before I knew I had FMS. Now I would LOVE to go to a psychologist or counselor or something.

And, during this horrible period, eat right, TRY to exercize, and try to think positive thoughts.

I will be praying for you!

And definitely keep us updated.
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Re: 17 year old, Please Help

Just want to say a quick welcome and you have found a great place to come. Godsgirl has some experience with this and has the 17yr old viewpoint I'm sure she will be a help to you. Againa welcome to the board.

Old 07-23-2005, 02:22 PM   #5
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Alexandra87 HB User
Re: 17 year old, Please Help

I thank you all so much for reading my post and responding to it. It means so much to me. Wednesday is my appointment with the rheumatologist so I will update you on how that all goes. My sore throat keeps coming back! My mom called the doctor AGAIN the other day and she said to just drink tea with honey and other stuff to soothe it. My mom felt my glands and said they aren't swollen so I just don't know what the problem is I also went to the allergist and got shots to test me for all these things, everything showed up negative so on august 4th I go back for a summary with the doctor.. bad sinus problems run in my family so maybe that's what's wrong. I feel so stressed out.. will this ever end?

Old 07-24-2005, 09:15 AM   #6
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Re: 17 year old, Please Help

Just try to hang in there, I know it is hard but you have the support of your family. Keep us posted on what the doc says.

Old 09-09-2005, 07:13 AM   #7
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Cenire HB User
Re: 17 year old, Please Help

I'm 20 years old and started having symptoms of FM when I was 16. My mom also has FM. I was in a really bad car accident and also was under alot of stress. I was a extreemly active, athletic girl. I took and taught dance classes at least 2 1/2 hours a day, went to the gym, and was taking a full load of college courses through my community college's dual enrollment program. After the accident, I started suffering SEVERE pain. All of my friends and most of my family believed that the pain was from the accident. My sister thought I was just trying to get attention, my father (a physical therapist) sent me to PT and a massage therapist thinking that it would go away, and my mother tried hard to deny the fact that I might have inherited FM from her. After about a year of trying everything imaginable and being on countless different pain killers, my dr (also a rhumatologist) went through the pressure test to see if I had FM. I had pain at each point.
Because I was so young, he has refused to write it in my medical records because he was afraid that that I would have trouble finding health insurance on my own with such a damning diagnosis at such a young age. Instead, he trys to help however he can. I currently take ultracet on the bad days to help reduce swelling, and flexeril at nihgts when I can't sleep.
I've learned alot of things that help me personally. Water helps me alot. Whether it's soaking in a hot bath in the mornings when I wake up stiff or going for a swim after work, being in water really helps to relieve the stiffness in my joints. Also, even though I had to stop dancing, I've noticed that streatching helps ALOT. You might concider taking yoga or pilates. Some of the things you eat can play a part in how you feel too. I know that when I eat too much sugar, I definatly pay a price for it. I've also noticed that there are very few types of meat that my body tollarates well. I now try to stick to fish or chicken when I do eat meat, but I have a primarily vegitarian diet.

About being depressed, everyone that I've talked to who has FM had to go through a period that's almost like morning. It's a hard thing to deal with pain on a daily basis. My advice on this would be to find a good friend or councilor that you can trust and spill everything youre feeling to them. My brother has been the person that I have been able to vent to when I needed to and he helped me to sort through alot of the emotions associated with everything. Whatever you do, DON'T issolate yourself. If you do then it will just make everythign harder to deal with.

You can make it through this. Go to the library or go online and read up on FM. Find out what has helped other people and try some things out. If one thing doesn't work, move on and try something else. Try to live your life just as you have before you ever heard of FM. You may have to deal with more thing than most kids your age, but you're also becoming much stronger than them. Take every stumbling block and find a way to make it into a steping stone.

Well, I've rambled on long enough. You'll be in my prayers. Never give up.
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elsmom HB User
Re: 17 year old, Please Help

Back when I was 17 and finishing with my senior year of high school I had very similar symptoms. I had Mononucleosis - have you been tested? The symptoms lasted about 3 monthes. I was recently diagnosed with Fibro so I am not sure if a constent sore throat is a normal irritant. Hope you Dr. goes well.

Old 09-09-2005, 10:53 PM   #9
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Sun_Shine HB User
Re: 17 year old, Please Help

Alexandra hang in there & take care of yourself in the mean time! We're hear to listen & support you as you get your answers.

Sinius problems can cause some of these issues but, if it's combined with an already simmering auto-immune disease it can really cause some havoc. Ask the doctor to check your siniuses. (Many sininus infections begin after a small cold that appears to go away only to find simmering symptoms like runny nose, cough, congestion left behind. It will also make you very tired But, if it's not killed off it can lasts months to in some cases years).

They can put a scope through your nose to the sinus cavities there with a little tv that can see if they are clear or dark. (Dark is bad). An MRI can also do this but, it's more expensive......Also feel around your eyes - especially under your eyes from the bridge of your nose. Are these areas tender? Take note that some peoples siniuses pockets are very near their back teeth & have the potential to leak - this can cause worsening symptoms. So if there are others reading about sinus infections & you think you might have one - get your doctor's help if your not better after 5 days on over the counter cold medicine.

Your really brave to be going through this - with a time period that must seem to be just a whirlwind with school starting. Hang in there - you are obviously a intelligent girl who knows how to see out information that will help you to get well. Good luck & God Bless! Keep us posted on how things go.

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