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Yes another "do I have fibro?" topic...but im a MALE!!!

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Old 08-12-2005, 07:06 AM   #1
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DarkChange HB User
Yes another "do I have fibro?" topic...but im a MALE!!!

Hi, im 17, male and I do not know what on earth this is and it obviously has to be fibro because I dont see what else it can be...

First of all Im tall and skinny and for more than a year maybe I've been having this "inflammation" everyday...

What happens is it starts with this awful neckpain and it radiates to the back of my head and my eyes, my eyes feel achy, on fire, swollen and so does my whole neck and back of the head area, but WORST is the whole body pain, I feel like I have the worse fever ever...eventhough when I check my temperature its either normal or alot of time just a tiny little high. My shoulders would KILL me...they can be so painful that I would cry at night trying to fall asleep because there is no relief or good position from it, its this awful ACHING type of pain and combine that with my neck and eye pain that makes me feel like im on fire from the inside and you know what I feel...the shoulder pain is usually on my left side but sometimes on my right.

Then there are the random parts of my body pain, my right knee area feels tottaly achy, it feels like its between the bones or joints, like arthritis you know? no matter how much I touch or hit that area I cant reach the pain so its somewhere there...also no relief from it no matter what position. Random joints in fingers ache...and the upper left arm muscle hurts the most at time, it feels like its on fire and sometimes a stabbing pain comes but overall its achy and tender. thigh muscles ache too...

And another awful thing is my back AND my chest area is sore in random places and the pain is awful...its hot, achy...
i get pain that make me think its my kidneys but its not, my doctor did this test where he would kind of hit the kidneys but it diddnt hurt by me, tested myself and no matter where I hit ony my back I dont feel tenderness but there is this radiating achy pain around my kidneys or lower back.

This is really making me sick and not only that I notice it mostly when it gets late at night.

I've read that usually only women get that but what the heck im a 17 year old dude and I think I have it...well if its not fibro what COULD it be??? I had a simple blood test done in the hospital long ago because of a panic attack and they just found that I had high protein in my blood...dunno what that means but yeah...HELP.

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Re: Yes another "do I have fibro?" topic...but im a MALE!!!

DarkChange, could be fibro does sound like many of the fibro symptoms and being male does not exclude you. Be sure you get tested for lupus the protien in the urine etc. could be something there. See a rhuematologist if you can. Good Luck, keep us posted how you are doing.

Old 08-15-2005, 08:43 PM   #3
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Lynne720 HB User
Re: Yes another "do I have fibro?" topic...but im a MALE!!!

Dark Change, you sound almost like my boyfriend who suffers from fibro. Hope you feel better soon.


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tutti-fruti HB User
Re: Yes another "do I have fibro?" topic...but im a MALE!!!

you really need to visit a rheumatologist. I don't think you have fibromyalgia. This pain coming from the neck and lower back area suggests perhaps that you have some kind of inflammation in the spine? check it out with a rheumatologist.

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goldenwings HB User
Re: Yes another "do I have fibro?" topic...but im a MALE!!!

Hiya DarkChange,

You are going through so much at the moment, and not being able to get relief from one set of symptoms then makes everything else so much more tender. I am not a medical doctor and I only make suggestions here out of concern. I would definitely go to your GP and ask him/her to arrange for further testing to be done. The thing is until you have a full set of tests done, no proper determination can be made of all your symptoms put together.

Fibro is not determined by a blood test, but whilst they are perhaps doing one, they might come up with something, say a slight inflammation of your joints or something like that. Ask about chronic fatigue syndrome too. Fibro does not discriminate between male or female. It does take a lot normally for a male to admit to not feeling too good and to come here and talk about it. You have taken the first step, and you will have support here for as long as you need and want it.

Please take care and try to go and see your doctor as soon as you can. Let us know what is happening to you will you?

I am not a medical doctor, I only speak from my own experience of the illnesses I discuss here.

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Re: Yes another "do I have fibro?" topic...but im a MALE!!!

perhaps you might research chronic myofacial pain. this is a disorder that lasts from 10 to 15 years and then just leaves. i have this and your symptoms sound quite a bit like this. it is similar to fms in symptomology.
how much fast food do you eat? how much meat? high protien in your blood is usually due to a high intake of animal products, like meat, cheese, milk, butter, eggs. fast food is really, really bad for you. i used to be a junkie for the stuff. now it is a once a month treat. getting away from so much protien has helped reduce the symptoms of cmp.
talk to your doctor. do some research on the net and don't freak out by all that you read.
being young is challenge enough. add illness to it and the journey seems all uphill. don't get angry with your body. it is doing the best it can. and kiddo, men get alot of the stuff women get. even breast cancer. so don't sweat that you are a guy with this bizarre stuff. life happens to all of us.

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brend HB Userbrend HB User
Re: Yes another "do I have fibro?" topic...but im a MALE!!!

Hi and welcome to the board.
I am male and have fibromyalgia. Like you I had thought it was an illness confined to women and in my ignorance I did not believe the illness existed and was confined to neurotic women. (There is a big confession and please board members do not attack me for my past ignorance).
I also have scoliosis and I also thought that only women had that as well.
For years most of the pain I had was put down to the scoliosis and it was only after being referred to a rheumatologist that I was properly diagnosed with fibro. Take the advise given above and get a referral to rheumy and then you will know if you have or have not got fibro.
Good luck

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GodsGirl4ever06 HB User
Re: Yes another "do I have fibro?" topic...but im a MALE!!!


To start on a positive note, WELCOME to these wonderful boards where you can find love, understanding, hope, friendship and maybe even some answers!

Don't I sound giddy?

Anyway, I'm Julie, and I'm 17 years old too. Nice to find someone your own age isn't it?

First and foremost, just because your a guy doesn't mean this isn't where you belong. You could easily have fibro. It SOUNDS to me personally like you do, but it could also EASILY be many many other things, because this horrible thing called fibromyalgia mimics other diseases and disorders. Sounds fun doesn't it?

So, what do you need? Tests, tests, and more tests. Trust me, it sucks, but then you can be sure that you don't have some other weird disease. So, go back to your doctor, or, better yet, find a rheumatologist. Talk to them, work with them, be patient. Patience is definitely a key. Eat healthy, excersize, but not too much, and have a positive attitude.

Trust me, easier said than done. I'm definitely not saying I do all these things.... it's just what you should do.

Finally, what else do you need?? Someone to talk to!! How handy that you're here. Guess what? We are all here for you.

And so am I. Like I said, my name is Julie and I'm 17 years old too. I know how much it sucks to hurt like this, to not be able to do everything a normal teenager is supposed to do. I know how depressing it is. I know how hard it is. I know what it's like to be different...not on the outside, but on the inside. I know what it's like to wake up every morning wondering if I can even get through the day. I know what it's like to wonder if the pain is ever going to end. I know what it's like to look up a flight of stairs and not know if I can make it up them. I know what it's like to think about the rest of my life and know that there is pain ahead of me for as long as I'm alive. Very depressing. But, it is possible to get through. And there is hope. Though sometimes it seems like there isn't.

So... feel free to hang around and talk to all of us, for, like, ever! You can hang out, share thoughts and feelings and pains, you can complain and rejoice, and everything and we are here to listen, or rather read. And also feel free to personally email me. I love emailing people and I'm a pretty cool girl.

Yeah, so good luck with it all and keep us updated.

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