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Am seeing a specialist soon, could the symptoms I have just be a coincidence?

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Old 08-12-2005, 08:04 PM   #1
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AnnabelleLee777 HB User
Am seeing a specialist soon, could the symptoms I have just be a coincidence?

(Sorry this is so long, but I really need someone to read this. Mods, please delete anything that isn’t appropriate)

Hello everyone,

I'm Christina, and I'm 22 yrs old. I am waiting to see a doctor who specializes in chronic diseases.
It all started with being tired all the time and not wanting to do anything. That was high school. I thought I was just really depressed, and stared taking different antidepressants on and off until now (am currently not taking any.) How I can describe all these new symptoms I have been having, is that they have gotten exponentially worse since then, and have kind of peaked within the past 6 months or so, especially since the start of my new job 7 weeks ago..
I have never been able to work more than 30 hrs a week, and now I can only manage about 20-25 because of severe back and neck pain. In the past it was more because I was depressed and tired, but now it is from the pain. I always thought the pain was from my scoliosis, and so did my doctors. But about a week ago I started reading about fibromyalgia, and I had all the other symptoms too.
I had a mouth guard made for TMJ about a year ago, my jaw would be stuck in the morning and it would crack and pop all the time. Now I just have bad jaw pain most of the time without the popping.
In the past, my first year of college, I tried Mirapex for restless leg syndrome, but that med made me throw up, and I didn’t take it for more than a couple days. Now I just can’t stop moving my legs at night, even without the creepy crawly sensations I used to have. I have taken sleeping pills occasionally for insomnia also. Since the beginning of the summer, I never sleep more than a few hours a night, I just lay there and toss and turn, my back, shoulders, neck always hurting, and have almost gotten used to this lifestyle. I stay up very late, laying in bed with the TV on till about 1:30AM. I will turn it off, then I can’t sleep usually until about 7AM, then I only sleep a couple of hours. I usually deal with this by trying to take naps, and I find when I take naps I am able to fall asleep fast, but only sleep for about 1-2 hours, then am unable to sleep anymore. I am having severe lack of sleep, but somehow manage to get through the day.
I have worked at a coffee shop for about seven weeks now, and that’s when I really started to notice some kind of memory impairment, which I thought, was just from lack of sleep. I can’t seem to remember anything for more than a few seconds while on a busy or stressful shift. I have to ask people to repeat their orders; I forget what I was working on after helping a customer, etc. Stuff like that happens all the time, at home too.
I thought I had endometriosis, because I have ended up in the emergency room twice now for incredibly painful cramps, and this happens about every six months, that I have these super painful periods. I also have super heavy periods, and pass blood clots most of the time (sorry guys, TMI). I have not been diagnosed with endometriosis, because I tried going on the pill, and it made me throw up about 5 times after taking it once, and I have been nervous to talk to the doc about trying a different type/dosage.
I feel like I have eaten a basketball after every meal. I used to get really painful gas/cramps while in high school, but that has kind of gone away.
I have what feel like stress related headaches usually during the middle of my day.

I never get anything I need to get done, because I’m either in pain, depressed, or too tired, and I tell myself I’ll do it later.
The number one thing, above all else is the pain. After just a 3.5 hour shift at work, I come home in so much pain it’s unbearable, but it seems to be only in my back, shoulders and neck. I cry sometimes, and sometimes feel very hopeless and suicidal. I have been prescribed vicodin a few times throughout the past 8 months or so by going to the walk-in clinic when the pain gets unbearable. I would tell the doctors that I have scoliosis, and that’s why my back hurt so much, but now with all these other symptoms I’m not sure if it just that anymore. The doctors always agreed it was just my scoliosis, but it doesn’t seem to be muscle pain, it seems deeper than that.
I really want an opinion from someone who knows what they are talking about, besides just the doctor I am going to see soon. Can it just be a coincedence that I have all these other symptoms too? Can fibromyalgia come about slowly over a couple of years, and then peak very quickly within a couple of months?

Thank you for reading this ~Christina

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hangin HB User
Re: Am seeing a specialist soon, could the symptoms I have just be a coincidence?

Dear Aannabelle,


You have so many differnet aches and pains in different areas of your body it is wise to go to a doctor.

I wish I could wave a majic wand and give a diagnosis to what is making you feel so terrible. Generally you have to go through the right channels to find out what is ailing you.

Going into a walk in clinic is not the answer to your pain control nor how you want to deal with it. IMO You have to want to find out what is wrong and want to know with what you can do to make it better.

You may be forgetful from lack of sleep night after night even though you do not believe this. Lack of sleep can lead us to feel sick, in pain, memory loss, long list of things.

I cannot give you a yes or no when it comes to Fibro ..I can support you, give you advice from my experience and help you through your journey. When it comes down to it it is up to your to do the leg work and find out what you are dealing with. In my experience I have found out that things are not ususally as bad as I think they are.

Good luck to you on your doctor visit. Be strong and not defeated, this can only help you. You are young and strong.

Peace and love, Hangin
"Compassion can help heal our world"

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Re: Am seeing a specialist soon, could the symptoms I have just be a coincidence?

welcome my dear young friend.
yes fibromyalgia can come on slowly. it's a sneaky little brat. it can come slow or hit hard. it cycles. for a few days or even weeks you can feel good, then bam, down you go. the pain, the exhaustion, all of it.
sleep is a very important aspect of coping with fibro. i went a bit more than 4 years with only the type of sleep you speak of. by the time i had a sleep study done i had the mental faculties and focus of a 2 year old. i take ambien and benadryl and neurontin at bedtime. the first and second drug for sleep. the last for restless leg syndrome. rls also cycles. i was at 5 a day and am down to 3 now and holding.
i am glad you are going to see a specialist. print out the list that is here, i believe at the top of the front page, take it to your doctor. be sure you fill it out for her/him.
diet is vital to any energy. i eat mostly vegetarian and organic when i can find what i want. food that comes from a package or can ought to be tossed aside. they contain "stuff" that constipates your energy.
drink plenty of water.
try a bit of exercise one hour before sleep time. for some reason fibrofolk sleep better when we do this. works for me. tv in bed does mess up the natural process of winding down to sleep. learned that at my sleep study. now i read for a half hour or so. i time it and i stop no matter how facinating the chapter i am in is.
you will find many good souls here. gentle, kind, informed men and women.

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AnnabelleLee777 HB User
Re: Am seeing a specialist soon, could the symptoms I have just be a coincidence?

Thank you for replying, it's nice to see that someone actually cares. I was certain my topic had been deleated for some reason, I was looking for it for about 15 minutes before I found it! It's stuff like that that is really starting to bug me and made me really embarrassed at work, I never used to have such a horrible short term memory like I do lately. I can't remember more than one thing at a time, and not for very long! I walk into rooms and leave without the item I went in their for in the first place, I start something, like sweeping the floor, the doorbell could ring, I go to a different room, then go downstairs to see that the broom has been their all day and I completely forgot I was even sweeping.

I still haven't seen the chronic disease specialist I was talking about because I had a conflict. But I am going to share my symptoms with my normal doctor when I have a check up in two days. I haven't had any check-up in about 2 years.

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JenniferEvelynn HB User
Re: Am seeing a specialist soon, could the symptoms I have just be a coincidence?

Hey Christine,
Welcome to the group...and your post was just fine! We are more than happy to read anything you have to say - we are here to help you.

The ailments you describe definately sound like FM, although going to a specialist is a very good idea. Do as Blue says and print out the symptom list and bring it with you. I bet when you read the list you'll find symptoms on it that you have that you never considered to be part of what your illness.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was still a teenager (many moons ago ) and had female problems off and on - which are also symptoms of FM.

Sleep has been quite an issue for me as of late. It's more an issue now than before because I'm finally facing the fact that I have a sleep issue. I've tried to fight FM and act as though I don't have it and deal with the symptoms on my own - not a very smart move on my part! Now I see my doctor regularly and have meds. Please follow some type of treatment plan, don't do as I've done and try to ignore how I feel. It will just make you feel worse. If you are diagnosed as having FM, don't take it as a bad can make so much of your life by taking care of yourself and embracing the fact that you have FM and can find relief. FM is not fatal - which I am very thankful for. There are people who suffer so much more than I do, even when I am having one of my worst days.

Hang in there... let us know how you do at your appt. You've found a loving, caring group of wonderful people here who will support you in many ways.

God bless, Jen

ps: I posted a thread about fibro fog - give it a look.

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