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goldenwings 08-22-2005 07:49 AM

Health Drinks.
Hello everyone, :wave:

Just wondered if any of you have tried the milky health drinks or fruit drinks that are normally prescribed by the doctor. I think you can also buy them OTC at the pharmacy. If you have, can you let me know how you got on with them. I sometimes can go a few days having maybe a tiny snack, and I felt that if I had a drink packed with vitamins and minerals as they are supposed to be, it might energise me and keep me on an even keel.

I have also asked for any input on this topic of the lupus board.

Thanks and take care.

goldenwings :angel:

bluelakelady 08-22-2005 08:35 AM

Re: Health Drinks.
hi golden girlfriend,
i drink them on days when food is an issue. ensure or slimfast, whichever is on sale. i like the chocolate ones best. duh? of course chocolate for this girl. give them a try. shake them really good first as the stuff settles. i put it in a glass and pretend it is a milk shake. i find they really help my thinking. lack of food drains the brain.
let me know what you think.
a tiny aside. this a.m. a jack rabbit was in the back yard. he is so cute! i had to open the gate for him to get out. he kept running at the fence and trying to bust it down. i have deer here too. they leap so high in the air. a momma and twins. i have fallen into bluelakelady heaven.

goldenwings 08-22-2005 08:48 AM

Re: Health Drinks.
Hiya my sweet friend,

Thanks for your advice. I have heard of slimfast, but the other one I will look into. I do feel yukky - (without the barf though he he). Maybe a kick up the butt would be more in order.

How are you doing? Wow, I am in heaven imagining your beautiful new surroundings. Little jackrabbit - or are they big uns? That happened with a little blue tit in my garden not so long ago. I was at the window shouting "why do you have wings, fly my beauty", but no, he still insisted he could run at the back gate and it would move for him. It was such a giggle, not for him though I bet he had a headache. In the end he realised what them there little things were at his sides, and he soared away onto a branch. Not being sexist saying it was a male, but hey...........

A momma deer and twins. Oh my goodness, you really are in heaven. I am so glad that you let me share in this. So much more to come too. I hope you are doing ok and not working too hard at the moment.

Thanks for the information on the drinks. I feel more like Olive Oyl than Popeye at the moment, so maybe I need a boost.

Thanks blue.

goldenwings :angel:

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