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Pain Med Dilemma

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Old 11-15-2005, 06:50 PM   #1
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: N. California
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Jessicarbbt HB User
Pain Med Dilemma

Hi All.... I just found this board and this is my first post. I hope to participate on this board in order to learn more about dealing with this illness, as well as to receive information and support and share my own findings...

I wonder how many of you take serious pain meds for your pain? My very first doctor shamed me something awful for needing anything other than an ibuprofen here and there. She told me I would be an addict and she refused to prescribe ANYTHING that would help. I missed SO much work and my life was a zero... I didn't really HAVE a life. My new doctor is willing to prescribe vicodin but in limited quantity. I find myself needing more than is prescribed sometimes but am afraid if I ask for more or increase my dosage she will try to take me off of it completely or try a bunch of experimental stuff.

Have any of you ever used an online pharmacy? It seems pretty simple to me, but also expensive. I always wonder if they are legit, or if I could end up in some kind of trouble for using them. I do not want that! I just don't understand how they work, and if the medication you receive is reliable and effective. I would appreciate anyone sharing their experience with this... I just know I am in more pain than I can stand, and although I do not expect relief, I do expect to be able to have a decent functional life!

Any opinions?


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Old 11-15-2005, 10:18 PM   #2
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April414 HB User
Re: Pain Med Dilemma

Hi. I'm glad you found this board, it has helped me quite a bit.
Have you seen an arthritis dr. yet? My reg. dr. was kinda skimpy with the pain meds, too, But my arthritis dr. has been extremely helpful. He listens to me, tells me that if my pain meds aren't working to let him know. One of the meds, Flexiril, my reg. dr. had me taking 1 a day, the arthritis dr. said I could safely take 3 a day. The other day I called and left a message that my hydrocodone just wasn't cutting it and next thing I knew I was on my way to his office for the prescription.
I would be very careful about getting online meds. I, myself wouldn't egt any that way, I'd be to scared to. I was in Mexico a few weeks ago and I could hav gotten hydrocodone without a scrip. That I would have done, after making sure that's what the bottle said, if I'd had the money to. But online, I don't know about that. I don't think it's legal either. Please be careful.

Old 11-16-2005, 06:42 AM   #3
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: N. California
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Jessicarbbt HB User
Re: Pain Med Dilemma

Thanks for your input April (it is April, isn't it?)... You are right about the online meds, I'm sure. Besides, who is to say if you sent them $200 they wouldnt' send you a bottle of sugar pills, ya know? I just get so frustrated with doctors who don't seem to want to help you get you pain to a manageable level. I know pain pills aren't the greatest thing to be taking, but if it means I can function and live a fuller life, do my work, etc.... I am all for it. I do EVERYTHING I should do to help myself... stretching exercises, massage (which ain't cheap!), I walk 5 miles/1 hour every single day, I eat a healthy diet and have lost weight to where I am in "normal" range. I have tried yoga, meditation, accupuncture <shudder>, stress management classes... on and on. So it's not just that I'm ONLY asking for pain medication... it is my last resort. My doctor isn't horrible about it, it's just that right now I can call in my prescription and it gets refilled without a question. If I push, there may be a problem. Lately I have just been taking them when I need them, not trying to suffer through with the minimum dosage, and then when I run out I call.... thing is, doing it that way I usually end up going several days without ANY meds.. Aaaaaugh...

Thanks again, it will be interesting to see what others might post.

Old 11-16-2005, 12:50 PM   #4
Join Date: Feb 2005
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Texcin HB User
Re: Pain Med Dilemma

I was on Bextra until they removed it, now I take MOBIC. It does help. If I need more some days, she suggest I take an extra strength Tylenol with it. Exercise, meditation and massage theraphy are a big help too.

Old 11-16-2005, 06:15 PM   #5
Senior Member
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bilij HB User
Re: Pain Med Dilemma

Hi Gayle, welcome to the fibro board. This is a good place to vent
your feelings and there's so much good information shared by all.
As for doctors and pain medication; once you find a doctor who really
understands fibromyalgia, they will try to help. There are people who
abuse pain meds, it makes it difficult for the ones who need it.
My doctor told me that when a person is in pain, they don't abuse
their medication. She told me it's called ''pain control''. I take Norco
1/2 tab of the 10mg size twice daily. It has only 350 mg of Tylenol and
she feels that's safer to take. Yesterday I only took 1/2 tab in 24 hrs.
I also take Ambien 10 mg at bedtime.....that has worked so well for sleep.
Rapport with our doctors seem to be the key to better pain control.
I hope you get relief soon. Tell us more about yourself.

Old 11-19-2005, 04:37 AM   #6
Junior Member
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pastrygirl HB User
Re: Pain Med Dilemma

Try to find a pain management doc. I had the same worries about addiction and so on. Doc said that if you are worried about becoming addicted, them you probably won't. Also, the pain mgmt doc is there to make sure that you are getting good results and they are not afraid to prescribe narcotic drugs like most regular docs. They will also help work out a regimen for you for sleep and pain control to make your life more livable.
I used to just take Aleve, but I took so much of it, that I finally had an allergic reaction to it, followed by reactions to aspirin, ibuprofen, and tylenol!
The pm docs try to control the pain with only the amounts of drugs that are useful to avoid this. Check it out! My pm doc is my best friend! They are there to give you options that most docs will not even consider while you sit there and suffer!

Old 11-20-2005, 06:13 AM   #7
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builder HB Userbuilder HB User
Re: Pain Med Dilemma

Well I was on Vidodin also but getting doctors to perscribe it to you is almost impossible. It is almost as they do not believe the pain from Fibro can be that bad. He also told me to take Alive. What a joke. I accidently found Tramadol which a friend gave me who has Lupus. She gave me some to try and for me it worked better than Vicodin. Tramadol is a non narcotic pain reliever. Maybe your doctor will give you that. I buy mine online. I know people are skeptical about buying things online, but I have had no problems and the pills have been the real thing. I order all my meds from India. If you do order online, there are a lot of ripoffs who will try and charge you 200 dollars for 30 pills. The best price I've seen for tramadol is 180 50mg pills for 79 dollars. I know I can't name the place I got it from on here so just search the web under Tramadol until you find a good price. Out of everything I've taken for my Fibro, Vicodin, Morphine, Neurotin, Zoloft, Elavil, etc...Tramadol works the best for me.

Old 11-21-2005, 10:36 PM   #8
Join Date: Nov 2005
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expat64 HB User
Re: Pain Med Dilemma/PLEASE READ MY POST

Hello, I'm glad you wrote this post because it is something we all struggle with, I did for a year until I found the answer. First of all, the people that shame you like you say have no clue about pain managment or how it works. Please, please, take this advice.......go to a pain managment specialist. I was always made to feel bad, told i'd be an addict which isn't true..then i found my pain managment doctor. It is all they do, they are the most experienced doctors for this problem. Doctors are scared to write, fear of losing their license..etc etc...........a gp in my opinoion has no business writing meds like this especially if he is preccribing vicoden or percocet in any amoutn over 4 a day becasue of all the tylenolin them, especially with vidoden ES. The tylonol consumption is worse for you than the narcotic itself as far as damage to you body and organs. If you had a bad heart, you'd go to a cardiologist, right?? If you wanted breast implants, you'd go to a plastic surgeon, right? So, you need pain meds, so go to a pain managment doctor. I am very lucky, I have the best doctor on the planet. She has saved my life. over 2 years ago my life was good, I made a 6figure income, had a gorgeous house here in scottsdale, no problems until this nasty disease hit me. Wel, nobody would give me anything, then finally a nuerologist gave me some for a week then wouldn't refill it saying they're addictive, so i tried everything out there , you name an alternative therapy and i tried it, nothing took this horrible pain away, sorry but for me doing yoga doesn't take this level 9 pain away or herbs like i was told to take. Do you know that a lot of people turn to illegal drugs or illegal means to get them all becaue stupid doctors won't treat you like you deserve? perfect example: you're thinking of buying them online, you'd probaly get vicoden have no clue about the dangerous tylenol factor, you'd be self-medicating with nobody supervising you and making yourself sick and maybe getting arrested in the process cuz it's illegal. So, beccause doctors won't write for you becaues they're worried they're addictive they are at fault inot turning many a patient into what could happen to you if you do this online and self medicate. If someone is in serious pain they will do whatever do get out of it. period. reading your post makes me so angry at our medical system full of ignorant doctors. so many addicts each year are caused because doctors won't treat their patients so patients are forced to fend and treat for themselves.

Go to a pain specialist, it's called Pain Managment. When you get there be completely honest with them. I was always afraid to tell doctors that i preferred percocet because then they wouldn't give it to me when it just works better for me than vicoden. they wouldn't give it to you becaudse you asked for it??? my doctor only will treat you with things that agree with you. You will have to sign a contract stating you won't get any meds from anywhere else and you will have to go monthly and get your blood pressure checked and agree to random urine drug tests..i've never had to do this but a lot of people are. they will also count your pills at the end of the month, they do this to protect you. They will try you on many different meds until they find one that works for you. A chronic pain patien who hurts daily like you do each day needs to not be on these short acting opiots only--lkike vicoden perciocet, et ... long term meds work best pain managment docs say, that way there is no up and down feelig and you get pain relief around the clock. i was on the duragesic patch for the last year, it's a patch i wear on my back and you leave it on for 3 days and it gives you medicine by the clock at a steady dose, then they gave me oxycodon for breakthrough medicine whenever the patch wasn't strong enough like when i'd get a blad flare, oxycodone is percocet, it's just the percocet without the tylenol in it. it's much healther for you to have the percs without the tylenol. I just switched 3 days ago to oxycontin, which again, is a controlled version of percocet or oxycodone, it realeases a little bit of oxycodone around the clock. after time you will build a tolerance to anytning and when that happens you tell your docotr and he switches you to something else for awhile. they know what they're doing, but you have to be honest with them, wouldn't it be nice to see a doctor and say, "help, these vicoden aren't working can you give me omething stronger" and they say ok, and you don't have to beg???? you can't get meds from the ER either, only your doc. there is nothing wrong with taking pain meds, but there is something wrong in doing it yourself because you don't know what you're doing and could hurt yourself. and it's illegale. the fibromyalgia network h as a great referral sheet for doctors when you join them for like 25.00 a year. my doc is on it and they only have docs on it who will take care of you. I hae been a good patient there for 2 years. I only had on e problem once, i had a horrible flairup, and i built up a little tolerance so i took more than perscribed for 2 weeks, iwent in 2 weeks later and said i'm sorry, please don't throw me out i need you. Now because of that they keep an eye on me and they raised my dosage and changed me to oxycontin. I can't begin to describe how much i love my doctor. She is the most wonderful woman. She is smart, compassionate and i can talk to her and i would never lie to her for anything. She's awesome. Because of her i hae a life, like i was saying earlier, 2 eyars ago iwas making 6 figures, then when fibro hit nobody treated me, and i couldn't work in so much pain, i lost my house and lamost had to file BK. That was my life. Then I found my Pain managment docor and now i can work and I savedennought to get another house and have rebuilt slowly what i lost due to idiot doctors who don't know about pain managment. do not be ashamed for needing meds, if your blood pressure was high you shouldn't feel ashamed to want blood pressure meds . same thing. If you're conerned you'll get addicted tell them that! honesty..honesty..honesty. I remember my first appointment with pain doctor we were getting interrupted by the hospital doctor calling my doctor. this girl had a painful condition that was terminal, no doctor would give her meds because she looked she went to heroin to get rid of her p ain. my doctor put her in hospital, gave her tons of meds until she could get off heroin, then tapereed her down so she now has pain managment. it's amazing the probelms doctors cause by not prescribing meds. it makes me sick. i could go on and on for hours because i'm such an advocate for pain managment, but i'll stop now. Please, don't buy them online......go see a specialist to manage your pain. Please....keep me posted as to how you are, ok? what state are you in?

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