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    Old 03-28-2006, 05:10 PM   #1
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    Unhappy Can Fibro Do This?? (Sorry about double post)

    I have been diagnosed with Fibro by two rheumatologists and one neurologist.

    With the symptoms I have my family Dr. who thinks I am a hypochondriac. It didn't help when I went for a Psyciatric assessment and among other things she said that I was a hypochondriac and needed severe therapy which she didn't have time to do but would recomend someone.(It doesn't help when my family Dr. gets that type of a consult report). When he read it he said he thought she must have been talking about someone else with all the things she wrote.
    No one seems to understand. I have seen pretty much every specialist there is and had so many tests that come back normal.
    It doesn't help with my Dr. either when everything comes back normal. He said that Fibro is basically a catch all when a proper diagnosis cannot be made for anything else. "This causes Anxiety."

    I HURT:

    -I have sore arm and leg muscles.
    -my upper back kills me-lower is bad too.
    -reduced range of motion in neck.

    -my shoulders hurt day and night. It is impossible to relax them ever.
    -numb tingling fingers(hard to grasp)(bothers at night also)
    -shortness of breath
    -tired all the time.(could stay in bed all day )
    -dizzy and disoriented feeling.
    -cannot sleep well. Hard to get to sleep and then wake up.
    -my eyes especially the right one is blurry and sore.
    -cannot read easily because it is hard to focus.(had my glasses changed 3 times in a year.)
    -light sensitive.
    -droopy right lid.
    -temple pain ,occipital pain-bad at night but always there.
    -difficulty swallowing. Like something in my throat.
    -sore jaws.achy all the time.
    -tender scalp.
    -clench jaws at night.
    -ear pain.(and feel full)
    -tongue pain and burning (24/7)
    -chronic cough.
    -post nasal drip.
    -sound sensitive.
    -concentration poor.
    -short term memory the pits.
    -no energy.
    -osteoarthritis-really bad in c-spine,lower back L5-S1,wrists and fingers,clavicle.
    -possible TMJ but not a real diagnosis.

    I am on:Avapro (BP) , Asa low dose, pantoloc(PPI)for GERD, Celexa, Clonazepam

    I have been treated like there is nothing wrong but Anxiety which I know is there now since I am plagued with symptoms and they haven't found something CONCRETE.

    Today I had my Dr. call me after he was done at the office because I am just zapped. He suggested that I take Percocet(Oxycocet) as needed. I have some since I used it for pain about a year ago.

    Sorry for the long post BUT I NEED some input as to what is happening to me.



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    Old 03-28-2006, 06:48 PM   #2
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    Re: Can Fibro Do This?? (Sorry about double post)

    You have all the classic symptoms for an underactive thyroid - you need to get that checked immediately - and I can't believe anyone hasn't picked up on it.

    YES it does happen. You aren't alone.

    Old 03-29-2006, 09:09 PM   #3
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    Re: Can Fibro Do This??

    Yes you do have the symptons of thyroid problems and also Fibro. I have an underactive thyroid and take 100mcg a day of synthroid. Yet my Fibro symptoms continue. In my case it is my legs from my knees down that hurt. I also have trouble sleeping cannot concentrate enough even to read a newspaper. As far as the doctors are concerned, they are a joke. I went thru the same thing with anti depressants that did nothing for my Fibro. I went to two specialists. They were rated as two of the top Rhumetologists in the Chcago area year after year in several magazines and publications. One said I had Fibro and the other said I didn't. So who do I believe. Yes, with Fibro your blood tests always come back normal. I am in pain everyday and I am getting worse. I take Tramadol and that helps quite a bit. Have your thyroid checked by an Endo doc and don't listen to those who say its all in your head. I went thru that for many years. Find a doctor that truly believes the pain and suffering that Fibro patients go thru.

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    Old 03-31-2006, 09:15 AM   #4
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    Re: Can Fibro Do This??

    Don't forget to get a copy of your bloodwork for your thyroid and make sure your tsh is between 1 and 3 and your free T's are in the upper 70% range. I also take synthroid 112mcg. and I know my count is off again right now but can wait a couple weeks to see the endo. Your thyroid has to be in a good range for you, not what a medical book says or a lab range.

    The docs you are seeing have given you the hypochondriac label cause they don't know what is wrong with you and can't admit that. Don't let them do a number on you, keep fighting for the right health care. There are a lot of good docs out there, keep looking for the right one.

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    Miss Shoes
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    Re: Can Fibro Do This??

    Hang in there. This hypochondriac and in your head stuff used to be really prevalent but not as much now. What school did your drs. come from. I was fortunate in 1975 to have a Rheumatologist specialist called in when in hospital. He was great and never said it was in my head. In fact when I would tell him to send me to a head shrinker when I told him how I felt he would always say that it was not in my head. He always believed me no matter how bad I said I ached or how and where I was sore. I told him my hair ached, my teeth ached and I ached down to my toes which ached too. That back when they didn't know or call it fibromyalgia. My advice is to ask around about rheumatologist. If one comes highly recommended if you have to drive a distance do so and if you have to wait for apt. do so. I have a friend who drives a 100mis. to see the one I see. But she doesn't have to do often once you get established. Good rheumatologist can be hard to find but don't give up. They are out there. Also that field is not full of drs. like some specialities part because they don't get paid as much and also they don't have the glory of some other specialities. This according to the arthritis mag. That is another thing to do call the arthritis fdn. and subscribe to their mag. may help you. Hope I have helped.

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    Re: Can Fibro Do This??

    HI there, You have almost to a "t" the same symptoms I have or have been having. I was recently dx with fibr and myofascial pain syndrome. I too have a thryoid disease (was overactive, radioactive iodine burned it out and now underactive but on meds), foot pain and problems. Someone mentioned a thryoid test, and if you have not had one that is a good idea. So many autoimmune problems seem to accompany fibro. Maybe one day they will figure out the connection and instead of syndromes we will be legitimately dxed with a true disease. Until then, keep working as your own health care advocate. Keep seeking help, you deserve it. Here's to having a few pain free hours!

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    Re: Can Fibro Do This??

    Maybe I am wrong, (wouldn't be the first time but don't tell my hubby!) but I thought fibro was already a disease. It is a connective tissue disease (ctd) it seems I remember reading or hearing that fibro is considered a disease. Anyone have any input on that?

    If you find another doc, ask for your records from your old doc to see what they have written about you, don't let them just transfer them to the new doc. They may have written the hypochondriac label in your file and you don't want any new doc to have any pre-conceived notions.


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