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Old 05-15-2006, 03:42 PM   #1
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Heather_Brennan HB User

I was diagnosed with Fibro last Oct. And everyday of my life I live in constant pain. I now have to set my alarm 2 hours ahead of the rest of my family is the mornings because it takes me 1-2 hours to be able to move. I used to travel and be very active. Now I'm lucky if I have enough energy and strength to do simple things like getting a shower or making dinner. I've been to physical therapy, a chiropractor;I've been on an assortment of medications including zoloft, wellbutrin, ultram, ultracet, darvocet, flexaril, noroflex, 800mg strength ibprophen, skelaxin, and a few more muscle relaxants. Nothing has helped. I recently had surgery and during my recovery I was prescribed vicodin for the pain. The vicodin also relived my fibro pain and I was able to do things. I put wall border up on all my walls in the house, I stained al lthe kitchen cupboards, I was taking my kids for walks at night. Since I was feeling so good I asked my dr about starting a regiment of pain medication. She told me she would feel more comfortable having me go to a pain clinic. So thats what I did today. 7 AM I drove an hour in the rain. I waited over an hour to be seen. The dr evaluated me for about 30 minutes and was called away.I waited about 2 hours and finally I couldnt take it anymore. I was hurting so much from just sitting there so I told them I had to leave. When I was signing out, I asked the nursing assistant what the dr was planning on doing. She told me that he probably would not be prescribing me any medication. I asked her why and she told me that they dont commonly prescribe pain medication to people my age (I'm 23). She said an option might be to get an epidural once a week but I would have to have someone else drive me there and home. What I dont understand is the problem with receiving pain medication as long as it is monitored. I signed papers saying I would subject myself to random drug screenings and pill counts. This pain is awful. It has consumed my entire life. I'm not depressed over the matter, on the contrary I am very accepting of what has happened to me. But at the same time I just want a normal life. I want to get up in the morning, be able to go to work, come home and play with my children and go to bed. The reason I am so upset over this is because they have the power to help me out. I wish there was a dr who had fibro because then maybe that person could have a better understanding of how to help their patients. I've always been against pain medications. In fact I delivered twin babies with no pain medication. Its just that when you hurt this bad everyday, you are willing to do almost anything to get just a little relief.

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Re: Discrimination

Heather I understand your frustration. I had the orthopedic doc tell me that at age 55 he wouldn't give me anything for my back pain because I would build a tolerance to it and it would not help me later in life when I might really needed it. Instead his advice was to sit down every few minutes to take the pressure off my back!!!

First of all how does that doc know how long I am going to live, I could have been hit by a bus leaving his office! I think that was pretty presumptuous of him. Second, who can sit down every few minutes to take the pressure off, how could you accomplish anything and what.....would you have to carry a chair with you or have one permanently implanted on your backside for when you go to the store!!!!!!!

I'm not making light of your situation. The first thing docs look at is the age and then they think you would become or you already are an addict and wanting pills. That is so ridiculous when what you really want is a normal life with your children and family. It seems to me that the doc you saw was very uncaring and unfeeling to leave you for two more hours. There are other docs out there ones that can help you with pain in ways that may not require pain meds if you choose. It is a personal choice of mine not to take pain meds, although I would have at the time I went to the orthopedic doc for my back. I was working then and on my feet for 8 -9hrs. a shift and it was painful. Fortunately I had the option to quit work. For you the option to stop being a mom is not there and you need to find options to help you with the pain.

Please try to see another doc, maybe an osteopath or talk to your reg. doc and let him/her know what a bad time you had with the pain clinic. Don't give up advocate for your health care. We are here if you need to let out some frustrations or need to talk.


Old 05-16-2006, 03:05 AM   #3
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rosie92 HB User
Thumbs up Heather's dilema - chronic pain and narcotics


Have you found anyone to medicate you yet? when I first dx'd with fms and cfs ten years ago, I began my long journey of trying every medication and otc drug along with every "miracle" cure, taking thousands of dollars from our pockets. I did researcy on the internet after about seven years of suffering and even thinking suicidal thoughts. I was desperate to NOT suffer anymore; well, in that research, I found something that EVERY doctor KNOWS if he reads his JAMA. it is PROVEN that chronic pain suffers CANNOT beocme addicted to narcotics. we might become tolerant, which is NOT the same thing. Tolerance means we might need to take more of the same drug as time goes on because our bodies adjust to that dosage and we need MORE to get the same level of relief; that is NOT addiction. WE never get "high" from our meds, and I am on some pretty hard stuff. It doesn't phase me at all; it does, however, give me some relief of my pain. If you research this, you can bring it to your pain managment doc....or find a rheumy who knows this and agrees to treat you accordingly.

I found such a doctor and he does what a LOT of doctors do who deal with patients with chronic pain, whether it be from fms or from back pain, etc.
we sign a "pain contract" that says we will not take narcotics from any other doctor than the one who is treating or managing our pain; to do so will black-ball us from ANY doctor ever helping us again; if we are hospitalized, then we can accept other meds, but we musst diclose what we are taking...

I have been on my narcotics for several years and have gotten some of my life back. It IS horrible. I still run across docs who make light of my pain; I use to have a life full of activity - so much so that I never ran out of energy or projects. I still "look back" a lot an wish I coudl have my old life - and I still suffer from pain and exhaustion (that is saying it lightly) and still have flare-ups. But I have help now. and that makes such a difference.

I hope you find a good doc. It took me a lot of research and going to dfferent docs and interviewing them on what their beleifs are. I even had a pharmacist threaten to turn in my doctor for abusing the drugs by giving me so much...that pharmacits knew NOTHING...he is NOT up to date on narcotics use...

just do a Google search on it. there is proof out there for you.
There are a LOT of docs, too, who use the pain contract and use narcotics because they know the truth about them. It is physically impossible to become addicted to narcotics if you are in chronic pain. AND, here is what I add to that to some idiots who refuse to beleive that....I tell them "well, if I have to be addicted in order to get relief, then so be it...when they find a cure for my pain, then I'll go to Betty Ford...meanwhile, give me whatever it takes to give me some kind of life " I tell you, THEY don't spend most of their lives in BED moaning and cryin in pain. I even dream in pain...I bet you do, too.

Please post and let us know how you are donig.
I hope you have found relief in some way.

Old 05-16-2006, 08:14 AM   #4
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Pennsylvania
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Heather_Brennan HB User
Re: Discrimination

Thank you for that information. It is extremely helpful. I too have exhausted time and money trying to find a way to get through this. I am going to look up some of that information you told me about that way when I do speak with my dr or pain specialist again I will be knowlegable on what I am talking about. I hate it when drs just treat me like I am some lazy pill popper. Most days I just give up trying to do anything and lie on the couch all day. And if I am forced to go somewhere like physical therapy or even the grocery store, it take everything out of me and I'll just have to curl up in a ball on the floor till I either fall asleep or the pain disipates. People see the biggest part of fibro being the pain but its also the fatigue and exhaution for me. I'll be in the middle of doing something and I will just have to go lie down or else I feel like I will just fall down on the spot. I havent been able to find a doctor in my area understanding of this disease, not even the dr who diganosed me with this. I suppose I will have to just keep looking. Thanks again!

Old 05-23-2006, 02:09 PM   #5
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PepperChick HB User
Re: Discrimination

Hi Heather,
Have you searched around for another pain clinic? I was lucky enough to have one about 30 minutes from where I live. The dr there is great and he told me on my first visit that he will go to any length possible to keep his patients pain free. The first day he started me on sustained release morphine with percocet for breakthru pain. Since then I have had to stop the percocet and go up to a stronger med called actiq which is a sucker with fentanyl in it. Also my new primary md (been seeing him for about 7 months) finally decided to try me on some thyroid meds since my levels went up and down and I have thyroid nodules. I take about 6 meds in the morning and 3 at night. Here is a rundown of my meds:
Kadian 100mg 2x day
Effexor 150mg 3x day
Levothryoid 50mg day
Lyrica 225mg 2x day
Abilify 5mg day
Multivitamin day

at nite I take Kadian, Effexor,Lyrica, and Xanax for sleep.

I have FMS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic lower back pain due to Deg. changes, Facet Joint Syndrome. As well as depression, gee wonder why!

I am 34, have 3 kids 19, 13, and 7. and a husband who isn't being very cooperative (not really he just cant comprehend what's going on with me)

Feel free to ask me any questions!

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