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  • Anyone experience frequent muscle strains (pulled muslces) as a result of fibro.?

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    Old 06-18-2006, 11:00 AM   #1
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    Question Anyone experience frequent muscle strains (pulled muslces) as a result of fibro.?

    I am 22 years old and I'd say about a year ago I began to experience stiffness in the mornings and mild pain in my arms and legs. I'd say that in the last three months I've pulled (strained) the muscles in my neck and upper back four times. Three times it occurred while either going to or come up from the resting position. I noticed that's the pain is right around the same spots as the 10 tender points on the upper body for fibro. diagnosis (but the only times the spots are tender to touch is after an injury).

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. It's very painful and disruptive to my daily life when this happens. I can't turn my head, lift my arms, lay on my side, etc.

    Other symptoms: About 6 months ago, I began have frequent muscle spasms, numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. Certain spots on my skin occasionally feel like i've been burned (I can't stand for anything to touch my skin). It will last for about 2 days and go away instantly, other times my skin just hurts when someone touches me. I am beginning to feel very achy in my arms and legs and I went to the doc thinking it was a vitamin deficiency, but it wasn't. I was refered to a neuro and blood work and test were done for MS, Lupus, Lyme, viruses, etc. All came back fine. I'm wondering about fibro. but the only thing is that the only times I feel pain when I touch the tender points is after an injury, even though I do feel achy all over.

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    Re: Anyone experience frequent muscle strains (pulled muslces) as a result of fibro.?

    Yes, I do! I frequently feel like I have pulled or strained a muscle. In addition to fibro, I also have chronic myofacial pain syndrome. CMPS involves tirgger points in the muscles--like knots in your muscle fibers. You may want to research more about CMPS and pursue it with your doctor.

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    Re: Anyone experience frequent muscle strains (pulled muslces) as a result of fibro.?

    Hi msmina63,

    I just have to ask this: had you taken any antibiotics in the months prior to when your symptoms started? Specifically fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Cipro, Levaquin, Tequin, Floxin or Avelox. Any of these drugs can cause all of the symptoms you mention.

    I've been suffering horribly from a severe reaction to one of these (Levaquin) for almost a year and a half now, so I spend my time looking for people with certain complaints (or are currently taking one of them) to try and educate them about a possible cause for what is going on. The description of your ailments is pretty similar to some of what I (and many other victims) experience.

    Side effects from this class of drugs can appear months after a person has stopped taking them, which has created a situation where large numbers of people are being adversely affected without ever knowing it. Many people who are given these drugs are subsequently diagnosed with conditions such as fibromyalgia (fluoroquinolones cause fibromyalgia; I put this here in case someone diagnosed with this condition happens to read this), chronic fatigue syndrome, benign fasciculation syndrome, etc... Other diagnoses are common, such as peripheral neuropathy, tendonitis, and everything else the drug insert lists as possible side-effect, but the problem is that the cause is frequently left unknown or ignored.

    I would strongly suggest looking into this as a possibility, as again your complaints strongly correlate with those of the victims of fluoroquinolones.

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    Re: Anyone experience frequent muscle strains (pulled muslces) as a result of fibro.?


    I think i'm another victim of CIPRO. I took cipro for 4 months last year, to fight prostatitis, but it looks like it killed my nerves. I'm dealing now with all these neuropathy symptoms such as numbness, tingling and pain in hands and some pain in my feet to.

    Floxed: Is there any possibility that these symptoms will go away? I'm so pessimistic because I can tell that doctors know nothing about it.


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    Re: Anyone experience frequent muscle strains (pulled muslces) as a result of fibro.?

    Hi sharik,

    First off I'm sorry to hear that you are also suffering from an adverse reaction to a fluoroquinolone; I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

    Your question is really a tough one to answer. There are so many variables involved as to whether someone will recover or not. These include age at time of reaction, length/dose of treatment, previous exposure to this class of drugs, etc...

    I can however say that most people do eventually get better to varying degrees. Many people, sadly, do not. Time frames vary widely as well. Many people recover within six months or so, some within 18 months. From everything I've read, if a reaction lasts longer than 18 months, then recovery times can be as long as 3-5 years and some internal permanent damage is likely. Also from what I've read, the five year mark is when maximum healing is reached. Any remaining symptoms at that point are likely permanent.

    This is all just really broad generalizations though (everyone's different), and you hinted at the basic truth in your last sentence: no one really knows anything about these drugs or what they are doing to people. No one within the established medical community has undertaken any in-depth studies on these reactions. We victims are left basically on our own to figure out what has been done to our bodies. I personally believe that this constitutes one of the greatest travesties I've ever been privy to in my life, but that's probably a topic for another time.

    If the only symptoms you are experiencing are nerve-related, then I would take that as a positive; at the height of my reaction last year I was suffering from over 30 different adverse effects. Nerves do regenerate over time (depending on the type of damage at least), and much of the buzzing/tingling/prickling sensations I had have dissipated.

    Unfortunately, this site doesn't allow the posting of links, so I all I can say is that you should really take some time and try researching this issue, as there is a lot of information (and support) out there (I hope I am allowed to at least say that...if not, sorry moderator, please let me know).

    Please take care and feel free to ask any other questions you may have.

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    Re: Anyone experience frequent muscle strains (pulled muslces) as a result of fibro.?

    Hi MsMina,

    Fibro pain is generally not exclusive to tender points. The "pulled muscle" sensation is very familiar to me, and to many others I've met w/fibro. Another common pain type is "burning muscle pain." Some of us deal with this pain on a daily basis, with flares of pain superimposed on the daily ordeal.

    There are more than a few folks who swear by sublingual methyl B12 for pain similar to peripheral neuropathy, and it appears it can be helpful in some cases even when folks are told their B12 levels are 'normal.' The European ref. ranges for B12 are twice as high as labs in the USA use. Meaning -- there's wiggle room in the interpretation of 'what's normal.' Pile o' research available on B12 as well, for those who wish to pursue. Or, if you want to do a home trial, it's inexpensive & generally w/out side effects.

    Floxed & Sharik,

    Sorry to hear you've been 'quined. My DD had a very severe reaction to Lev, w/docs saying 'no way could 2 doses do this.' Through providential intervention of a knowledgeable friend who'd been cripple by Lev, my DD was able to get on aluminum hydroxide & copper supplements immediately to halt the devastating destruction. The 'quines are extremely potent chelators, and one way that they wreak havoc is by preferentially pulling copper (in absence of aluminum) from the body . When copper is pulled from tissues, collagen is destroyed. Blood vessels can rupture, resulting in stroke, and tendons are weakened.

    Fluoro- compounds & -quinolone cpds are both potent thyroid disruptors. With the fluoroquinolones you get a double whammy. I would encourage anyone who has been poisoned by Lev, Cipro, or related drugs, to perservere in having a complete thyroid workup done. Do not settle for the "TSH screen" that 90% of docs will order. You want to know that your levels of free thyroid hormones (free T3, free T4) are in the upper half of the normal ranges, and that interpretation is done according to the 'new' (2002) Am. Assoc. of Endocrinology standards, which 90% of labs in the USA are NOT using. Testing for thyroid antibodies (3 blood tests) is also advisable, as many chemicals that interfere with thyroid function can trick the body into attacking the damaged gland, causing further symptoms.

    It doesn't surprise me at all that fluoroquinolones are being linked to fibro. Many fibro specialists think find hormonal/endocrine glitches to be a strongly contributing factor.

    Best wishes.

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