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bluelakelady 08-08-2006 08:01 AM

exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
greetings dear fibro buds,
two years ago i started a quest to regain my body health. when i started my weight was 186. today i am beyond delighted to say my weight is 126 and i am strong. sure i still have fibromyalgia and all the delightful pain it brings. what i do notice is that when fibro visits those visits are less often and they wear soft slippers instead of combat boots.
for exercise i attend physical therapy, hike, dance and kayak. some days i am a tigress ripping her way to health. other days i am a kitten stretching my paws ever so gently toward my goal.
attitude and water have been at my side cheering me on. i still have my bits of candy and cake. i just eat veggies first, giggle.
some of you were here when i started this quest. i thought i would check in and ask how you are doing with your quest for health. jen?
i won't say it has been easy. it hasn't. the exercise was the hardest to stick with. now it is a way of life. a good way. how heavenly it is to wear a size 9 instead of a size 18. who would have thought i would ever wear a size with only one number!!? not me. yet here i am and now i can rest and maintain.
finally i can do a cartwheel without feeling like my arms are supporting the weight of the world. giggle.
love and peace,

DecLady 08-08-2006 01:33 PM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
Wow what a great success you have had...I too have to take on that weight loss challenge..I have been doing well on the exercise , moving to Ky from WI and having a pool has made a big difference for me in the is nice to live where the water gets warm and stays warm..and nearly every day I can get into the water and do alot of good exercise...Somedays I overdo because it is so much fun...and that slows my progress down..but I stick to it...Now I just have to figure out how to keep moving when I can't swim because the weather has cooled down.
I am glad to hear that you feel better these days..and single digit sizes is a triumph!

Glojer 08-08-2006 05:37 PM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
Blue I am so happy for you and dare I say proud of you too! You know I started a quest last fall and I did well until the first of the year and all 'heck' broke loose with braveman. I am not using that as an excuse just saying I didn't have the time to worry about such things and when stress hits me I could gain weight on air. That said I have been resuming my quest of healthier eating lately and I can tell a big difference. I haven't made the exercise class in the last couple of weeks, too many doc appt.s and too much flaring but it will happen.

You are such an inspiration, you are proof that it just takes time and perserverence. Attitude is everything and it isn't in my nature to say 'I give up' and you prove that point.

Single digits, you have given me a goal to work for I am still in the double digits and thought that getting to a smaller double digit would be great but I won't give up until I am in the single digits, I have a new goal to work on.

Love ya sister congrats on making your hard earned goal!!!!


stick2013 08-08-2006 06:30 PM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
Awesome.....................:) Keep up the good work!!!!! I started on my journey in Jan 06 and I am down 26lbs, eating healthy, and working out too. Feel better most of the days... Congrats again on a terrific job, you must be sssssssooooooo proud of yourself..


mim 08-08-2006 10:42 PM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
Such a positive message and a ray of hope! Congratulations on your success!
~Mim :wave:

NataliesMom 08-09-2006 06:03 AM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
Wow, that's Awesome!!!:D

I have Fibro mixed with MS and some days can barely get out of bed, but I do it. I do very light exercises that my PT showed me and I work on those. I gained some weight when I started taking some new med for my MS and am proud to say it's all gone and then some. I think it's due to the small bit of exercises and choosing to use my walker instead of an electric cart at the store. When I get fatigued, I sit down when it's gone, I'm back at it.

So, I say, CHEERS to you!!! It can be done.

bluelakelady 08-09-2006 07:26 AM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
blush. giggle. thanks everyone.
don't quit and never listen to that nasty little voice that says you can't do it. it's too hard. it's too much. nasty little bugger voice. with all the setbacks that can happen, and they do, that voice can grow strong.
after my silly old stroke in march i gained a bit back. the voice said, give up, who cares? i care, i said. i care. now i never hear that voice. i think it was in a fat cell that shriveled up, giggle. bye bye nasty voice of defeat, bye bye!
time to dance and bake cookies for my friends. finished a painting yesterday. sure is good to be alive, aware, and a participant in my life.
love, water and veggies,

Glojer 08-14-2006 11:45 AM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
Hi blue, just wanted to tell you how you inspired me. I knew I had lost a few pounds but didn't worry about how my cloths were fitting. I always wear loose fitting things because they are so much more comfortable. Anyway I decided to get out my old (smaller size pants) that I have been saving cause they are just to good to get rid of. You know how that thought process works anyway I am down one size, to a smaller two digit size. I am very excited cause some of those pants were almost new and now I don't need new pants for this winter.....bonus for the pocketbook.

Thanks for the inspiration. I haven't been able to get to the computer at all lately and I am just taking a very few minutes today but had to let you know how you inspired me. I do miss coming here and talking to everyone but things will slow down soon......I hope!


bluelakelady 08-15-2006 10:55 AM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
hooray for you glojer! my sis is down a size also. i am so proud of you both. know whats funny? remembering how hard i thought it would be to do. how i would never get there. silly me.
i have been away from home quite a bit. caring for a garden with a friend. it is on the mountain so i do not mind being away from home. my friend had a job out of town so i am tending the gardens, playing with the dogs, snuggling with kitty, drawing and well, goofing off.
hope all is well with you and braveman. all your men. come play on the mountain any time you hurt. the eagles are teaching their child in the sky above. stargaze with me, watch the sunrise and the sunset. imagination is our best pain killer. come play.
i bet you look fab!!!

Glojer 08-16-2006 09:23 AM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
Thanks blue, I don't know about looking fab.....but I feel better knowing I have accomplished something for myself during all this insanity that is my life right now.

I have not made exercise in a long time and my muscles are tightening up even as we speak.....tee hee! I try to do a few stretches to keep from getting too drawn up. Just trying to eat healthy has helped a great deal and trying not to do that stress eating thing when everything starts to go upside down and sideways all at once.

Thanks for the invite, I haven't visited the mountain in a while that sounds like a great idea. I will help you in the garden and I just love dogs and I will relax and daydream while you draw and we can goof off together.

Thanks for asking about the men in my life, braveman is coming back from his flare up a couple weeks ago, angelbrother is slowly recovering but still not as good as he would like, but mending none the less. Miracleman is holding his own, he looks good but his body is starting to slow down something that happens to us all and of course you know for him at 67 with CP.....well you gave him the name Miracleman.

I will meet you on the mountain, I am sure I will recognize you, you will be the very svelt bald and gorgeous gardner.


bluelakelady 08-17-2006 08:05 AM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
hi glojer,
healing from cancer therapy takes time. and chemo takes it's pound of flesh. there is no coming full circle back to perfect health with cancer. which is a bummer when you think of the hell you go thru. give each of my dear men a hug. when next you see miracleman give him a huge hug for me. he is a gift.
of course you look fab, silly! we must first believe and then make it real. all beauty shines from within. you are a radiant woman of rare and precious beauty. no illness, no stress, no weight can shadow that illuminating light.
today is my last day of physical therapy for my knee. graduation day! now i can join the dance class with my therapist. good exercise and good fun.
i am spending the weekend on the mountain. come with me. bring the gang.
i think often of our dear golden. hope she is well. no doubt she is being a wise woman doing as she must to find her joy in all that life has handed her.
remember, all exercise matters. don't stress over not getting to class. you will. and you know what to do for now. stretch out as you put the laundry in the dryer. stretch as you scrub that toilet. giggle. giggle.
i love ya, you fab looking lady!
ps. going shopping tomorrow for winter pants. what size will i be? giggle. maybe size 10 so i can get my long johns on under. orion and the 7 sisters sail in the dawn sky. autumn comes.

Jenetti 08-19-2006 02:40 PM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
WOOO HOOO Ladies, way to go! you girls are awesome, i too have gained alot of pounds, especially when i started my pain meds plus a whole pharmacy of other meds. i went from a size 4 to a size 12 in about 2 years or so. i am now down to a size 10, am trying for a size 8, eventually hehe, one day, might take a year , might take 6 months who knows. but im dancing with you girls and im hoping that dancing will take off all the extra pounds ive been carrying around lately, and make them pack their bags up and LEAVE hehe.

Glojer 08-19-2006 04:13 PM

Re: exercise and weight loss with fibromyalgia
Good for you jenetti, every little bit counts. Staying active is the name of the game. I live in a townhouse which means two flights of stairs in my house and there are days I have to go up and down the steps 5 or 6 times or more. I try not to do that though!!!!!! Anyway when I do I just call it exercise and keep on going.

Blue does it really get cold enough for long johns where you live? If you are like me you will definitly buy the bigger size, I just can't stand tight clothes. Even when I weighed 90lbs and wore a size kidding! I will never see those days again but thats ok with me.

Congrats on the PT graduation. Braveman has finally graduated to going to outpatient PT, I am very excited about it, he was assigned the PT I have always used she is very good.

I think of golden all the time also. I read a post of hers on the lupus board, but can't remember the date of the post. I pray for her and compassionman and hope the best for them both. She is always here with us in spirit we know that.

Waiting for my dryer to stop so I can stretch as I unload.....tee hee! Catch you later.


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