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April414 08-31-2006 01:15 AM

Good, bad, update
First I want to tell you that I [U]really[U][/U][/U]missed you all so much.
Ok, the good: I have a brand new computer...let's hope it stays in good working condition for more than just 2 years. I had another shot in my back, the sacreliac joint this time, from the wreck. Hopefully the pain from that will soon be a memory.:angel: I don't remember if I told ya'll this a few months ago, but we finally got our land bought, my 2 chihuahuas had pups 2 months ago...all are just beautiful and we are now trying to get started on our Tree of Angels. In May my Cymbalta stopped working (bad) got started this time on Zoloft ( far)
The bad: pain... I know, whats new about that? Well, my left knee that I have never hurt anymore than any kid ever hurts theirs, never did anything to it as an adult, it now hollers at me, usually when changing positions in bed:confused:, the right one is also so bad now that arthritis dr. had x rays done of both knees...haven't seen him again yet, found out I have thoracic outlet syndrome, my left arm was feeling weak, heavy, one day, a friend had me go to the e.r. in case heart related, I [U]am[U][/U][/U]thankful that it wasn't, really, but it'd be nice to get something more people have heard about and have a way to fix it, having things that have no cure and so many when they hear what you have they've either never heard of it or don't believe it's real or that it's all in your head! I really hate that. I was on Sonata for sleep...things would be moved when I got up the next morning, didn't like that a bit, & it did help me fall asleep, for a few nights I [U]felt[U][/U][/U] like I'd slept all night, except for proof that I'd been up moving stuff around, now I'm on -for me to get the name of it I'd have to walk to other end of the house- it's commercial has Lincoln and a critter of some kind talking to a man in his kitchen when he cannot sleep. Anyway, so far it seems to help me sleep some better, but of course it doesn't help with the exhaustion. I don't remember the last time I watched one of soaps-used to everyday even if I had to record them. You know, you hear sometimes about some famous person being admitted to a hospital for exhaustion? I used to think, yeah, what a crock. I now understand perfectly. I'd give just about anything to check in and get enough med. that I'd really & truly sleep & rest for at least 3 or 4 days. But I guess it wouldn't do much good, it'd just be the same again in a few days. Oh and ya'll remember last year I think it was, all that horrible painful tingling that went away when I went off the Topamax and started the gabitril to prevent migraines?...well, tingling is starting up again, but it's not bad or constant yet and at least now I know what does it so I can change meds again before it gets bad.
I will say 1 thing about it I'm very thankful for: Usually if the pain is enough to make me feel like crying, the exhaustion doesn't drive me to tears, and when the exhaustion does, the pain doesn't. For now anyway.
I'll be on here more now that I have a good computer to use. I want to read up on what all I've missed. I sure have missed you guys and thought about & prayed for you alot too.
See you all again in a few days.

Glojer 09-10-2006 08:09 AM

Re: Good, bad, update
April I know how you feel missing everyone on the board. I hope you are doing better now. I have taken sonata with no problem, I take ambien CR now and I don't have a problem with that, I am just lucky I guess with the sleep meds.


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