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pink topaz 09-12-2006 06:30 AM

Hi, I'm a newbie
I was finally given a name for my health problems yesturday. Fibromyalgia. I've never heard of this. I'm 34yrs old and had problems with my neck for the past 4yrs, I've had loads of test MIR scan bloods etc and they all came back clear. This past year i have been ill constantley and find doing simple tasks so exhausting and the pain is so bad i can't walk very far or carry my shopping etc. My doctor says this condition will burn itself out in a few yrs!! is this true, i've had it 4yrs now and have only got worse and worse. I used to do yoga for 1 1/2hrs every day now its totally out of the question, as my pain has spread down my back,arms and legs with constant pins and needles in my face ,head, arms, hands and legs and feet.:confused: Does it get better! I used to have good days but not anymore!!!!

bluelakelady 09-12-2006 11:01 AM

Re: Hi, I'm a newbie
welcome pink,
i am sorry to tell you it does not burn itself out in time. we just adjust and learn to live with it. i was diagnosed 11 years ago. i ended up in a wheelchair for almost a year and was bedridden. that was 11 years ago.
i learned to live with the pain. i also learned not exercising was making it worse not better. start slow but get back to your yoga. swimming is a good way to start. easy on the body as you only weigh 1/10th your body weight in water.
you are starting a new chapter in your life. it is good you found us. we have years and years of knowledge wrapped up in all of us. we listen and we care. you will meet so many good souls here. loving caring gentle people all finding their joy as they are.
i now kayak, dance, hike and garden again. not like i used to. i go slower now. gee, age may have something to do with that, giggle, not! i learned to listen to my body and we discuss our daily activity and agree on what we can do today. we do not worry about tomorrows energy. no point. tomorrow brings what tomorrow brings. be it an active day or a day spent lounging in bed watching movies i am joyous. that is the one thing fibro cannot have, my joy.
again allow me to welcome you here. may you find peace of mind, answers and good friends.

stick2013 09-12-2006 12:56 PM

Re: Hi, I'm a newbie
Welcome Pink,

Blue is right, this condition is here to stay.... I have been DX'ed for about 8 yrs, but if I look back, symptoms were there for years before that. They just never hit all at the same time. I feel sorry for the new one's like you. It's scary, confusing, some feel helpless, hopeless, beaten down by the pain. Others say that they are going to conquer this condition. It sucks, we deal with it, but in our own way. You too will read, study, learn and try different things, and then you will find something that helps, or works for you. We all have been there done that, and we all have the things that help us. I hope that you will search for and find something that will help to make your path a little less bumpy. I also hope that you will continue to use this board as a tool in which to do it. There are some terrific people here that will offer help, suggestions, an ear, or just emotional help.

Try as Blue said, get back to excersice..... Even if it's only for 5 min. the first time, increase to 6 min in a week or two. It really does help with the pain, and the emotional side of things....

Take care,

inda 09-13-2006 03:28 PM

Re: Hi, I'm a newbie
********** pink }}}}}}


sorry to have to meet you under these circumstances

I will agree with every one else --- it doesnt go away I was dxd in 91 and still have it!!

My only addition would be to get what some of us call my "blue bible" it is called Fibromyalgia and chronic myofacial pain syndrome by Dr Devin Starynl(sp)?? it is the best 15.00 i ever spent... it will explain everything to you..

please keep posting as we all need the support from each other!

pink topaz 09-13-2006 03:42 PM

Re: Hi, I'm a newbie
Thanks for your replies,
i will try the excercise again, i didn't know their were so many of us suffers out there,
Big hug to you all x:wave:

kathryn+2 09-14-2006 10:25 AM

Re: Hi, I'm a newbie
i'm a newbie to this diagnosis also. All i can add is that moderate exercise does bring some relief. I was told that yoga is excellent. I myself like to swim. I know it's hard to get motivated when you're feeling so awfull,but in the long run it will help you. Right now I'm searching for the things that will work for me.Reading up on it and trying different things. Hang in there......Kat

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