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  • Desperate for answers, can u help?

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    Old 11-09-2006, 05:56 AM   #1
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    Desperate for answers, can u help?

    I am in complete frustration.My doctors just will not take me serious and feel all my symptoms are post partum depression related. I am a 31 year old who gave birth in June to my 9th baby. I have never had any health issues except for kidney stones which is what started all of this. On July 31 I developed a headache that lasted three weeks. It was bad. First diagnosis, migraine. It was then discovered my blood pressure was high. I kept getting muscle achiness like I had the flu but I had no fever. I was getting these night sweats where I was sweaty but yet I was chilled. During all of this I was having renal colic thought to be from the stone. I also started having episodes of tachycardia. I will get these starnge sensations in different areas of my neck. My lymph nodes feel full but my doctors says they are not. I also started getting digestive problems. I get woken up some nights by extreme bloating and an upset stomach which leads to vomiting. I have had my stones lasered out but I still have kidney pain. I have been battling ongoing chest and shoulder pain for many weeks and I have been diagnosed with costochondritis. My doctors just will not take me serious. They say I am exhausted from having 9 kids and depressed which is causing my physical symptoms. I truly wish they were right. I am not depressed. atleast I wasn't until my health suddenly declined. I have always been a healthy well rested person perfectly capable of handling my children. I now feel pain and weakness constantly. To top it off, I am now uninsured. I was hospitalized to have a full work up to rule out cancers and things like that I am now in serious debt from it. How can I make my doctors listen? Is fibro something they should be looking for? Please help, I am desperate.

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    Re: Desperate for answers, can u help?


    you may like to try taking a few doses of Calcarea Carb 30c and see if that helps. Calcarea Carb 30c is a mineral based homeopathic remedy that is taken in such conditions of jaded state after over exertion of the body along with symtoms like renal colic, pains, etc etc. It just might help

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    Re: Desperate for answers, can u help?

    It sounds like classic fibromyalgia. You might benefit from reading Dr. Sarno's Mind Body Prescription and also his Divided Mind. I've had fibro for about 8 years now, and what has helped the most has been getting good sleep (I take sleeping meds), stretching (every day, usually after exercising, but if I don't exercise, I stretch anyway), yoga, and these books. Although how a new mother could possibly sleep well and find time to read is another question! I would also make sure to be taking some good quality vitamin/mineral supplements -- you have just got to be depleted after 9 kids! Good luck with finding a doctor to help == you don't sound depressed to me. Are you bonding with the new baby all right?

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    Re: Desperate for answers, can u help?

    Thank you for your response. I am bonding wonderfully with my baby. She is such a joy. I am hoping maybe you can answer a few more questions. My son's doctor suggested to me today that I get a work up for lupus. I should tell you my son has autism and this doctor is treating my son for immune dysregulation. He feels strongly that this could be a possibility. I do have a few other symptoms that I failed to mention in my last post. I get very small skin rashes on my knees, finger and elbows. I get little red bumps that just itch like mad. I have gotten these for a few years off and on and they come and go. I have serious flare ups of knee pain. It gets pretty intense. If I sit for too long of a period and I go to extend my knee the pain is intense. I am really at a loss as to how to get my doctor to take me more serious. I truly am intimidated by him. I just want some answers. I am always so overwhelmingly tired and in a good amount of pain everyday. My blood pressure is still not great even on meds. Do you have info to share that may shed some more light? Are lupus and fibro similar? Thanks!

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    Re: Desperate for answers, can u help?


    i'm sorry you are having problems! i think most of us here have gone through at least a few doctors before finding the "right" one. and i know that it must be difficult to even find the time to research docs online when you have nine kids! i just encourage you to NOT give up!

    if your doc is a regular practitioner, i recommend going to a rheumatologist(sp). thats where i started to rule out things like lupus, etc. unfortunately i found out i didn't have lupus(that was the good thing!) but the center i went to didn't treat fibro. so i researched online and found a doc in my area that did after basically diagnosing myself online. its sad i had to do that to find someone to take me seriously!

    so don't give up, please! try someone new! its really sad that doctors generalize so much because they just don't have patience. you had a baby, so it MUST be post partum depression. i am only 26, so i was sent to an infectious disease doctor becase my general practitioner thought it MUST be AIDS...never mind the fact i told her i wasn't promiscuous.

    so, my advise would be to start with a rheumy. then do some general online searches for fibro docs in your area. i wish you all the luck in the world. my niece and my nephew mean so much to me, beacuse i don't have a child of my own. i know it hurts so bad when i'm not able to fully enjoy them because of my "condition".

    good luck to you, and don't hesitate to ask more questions! it seems no one can help us like we can help each other by sharing our knowledge and experiences!


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    elmhar HB Userelmhar HB User
    Re: Desperate for answers, can u help?

    Hi 9K4Me,

    If I were you, the first thing I would do is to contact your docs, and the hospital, and get copies of all labs & tests that were done. You want actual lab copies of results, with reference ranges. These are yours, by law. You may have to sign a form 'releasing them to yourself.'

    Why should you do this? First, if you do find a new doc (and I believe that any time a doctor does not believe a patient, or is not helping, it's time for a switch), having those test results right at hand will save time, money, & test duplication. Second, mistakes can be made in interpretation and/or communication of test results, generally.

    Beyond that, it's very important that to check your thyroid test results. Thyroid malfunction is quite common postpartum, and it can mimic fibro. Both hyper- & hypo-thyroid have been known to cause muscle pain, feeling of fullness/strange sensation in the neck, fatigue, and tachycardia. Thyroid dysfunction is also a fairly common contributor to fibro pain, and treating it can reduce the severity of the fibro.

    Most docs just do the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test, which is minimally helpful. To rule out postpartum thyroiditis, you want thyroid antibodies (3 diff antibodies) tested, as well as the levels of free hormones, free T3 & free T4. If these have not been done, you can self-order the tests at Health Check USA in most major & medium-sized cities. Without health insurance, it's more economical to self-order the tests & just pay for the labs, than to have to pay for an office visit to ask a doc to order the tests, which he may not do.

    If when you look at your hard-copy lab results you see that FT3 was done, you want to check & see that you are in the upper half of the range. Low normal FT3 can result in fibro symptoms.

    There are many causes for rashes. Most often they are fairly innocuous. However, with the symptom clustering you have described, you may wish to read & research about Dermatitis Herpetiformis. This is a rash that can occur in celiac disease. Many of the search engines have a 'search images' option. If you can pull up some actual photos of DH & compare your rash, you will have a clue whether or not your rashes are close. Of course, seeing a dermatologist who is knowledgeable about DH (not all are) would be optimal, but this would be a pricier option, as a biopsy may also be done & that could up a derm visit to close to $500.

    Interesting about your son w/autism. I have a high-functioning teen on the spectrum, and went to local autism support group meetings for years. I can't tell you how stunned I was to find how many of the Moms have either fibro or lupus. It seemed like about 70% of the Moms were afflicted. I myself have fibro, gluten intolerance, an autoimmune disease overlapping MCTD & lupus. My son on the spectrum is also gluten intolerant (very common w/autistic kids), and my DD is celiac.

    I have been following the biomedical remediation camp of autism treatment the last few yrs. It appears that there are a few subgroups of autistic kids who do have immune dysreg. Some of them have done beautifully on meds like Valtrex, after their gut issues were taken care of. It wouldn't surprise me at all if relatives of these kids are also prone to similar probs.

    Take care. With 9 kids, an infant and an autistic, boy do you need our prayers. If you have any prenatal vitamins left, keep taking them. Unless you notice they increase your tachycardia, which could be a thyroid thing if the vits contain iodine. Epsom salt bath soaks can be helpful for muscle achiness, and are a very inexpensive help.

    If you want to learn more about treatment options for fibro (assuming that is the correct diagnosis !), I highly recommend the book, From Fatigued to Fantastic, by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. This book is 400+ pages of advice about conventional meds, alternative remedies, and self-help for fibro sufferers. The author is a fibro/chronic fatigue researcher & sufferer himself. I got my first copy at the local public library (free!) but later went on to purchase a copy of the most recent edition, because I find it a continuing useful reference.

    Best wishes.

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