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Is it REALLY Fibro? Need help if you are knowlegeable :)

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tsmith63020 HB User
Is it REALLY Fibro? Need help if you are knowlegeable :)

I've posted on these boards before, although not on the Fibro board. I am a 25 y.o. female, and have been having symptoms since I was 17. They have progressively gotten worse, to the point where I can't do anything anymore. I apologize for my inevitable long post, but know that my background can better give you all a greater idea of my problem. I was reading the sticky about Fibro info for newbies. The list was sooo long, and so similar to my problems that I am beginning to wonder. The info I have read from local doctors, and/or most medical sites list the symptoms for Fibro as limited. Much more limited than what I've read here.

So... Here's what's been going on.

At seventeen, I started getting HORRIBLE pain in the center of my ribcage that radiated to the center of my back. (Right beneath the bra line) It was so horrible, it literally took my breath away. It happened often. Went to chiropractor who treated me, but couldn't find a cause. The chiro was the first person to mention that I probably had Fibro, but I blew it off. Pain increased over the next year. At 18, it was determined my gallbladder was shot, and it was removed June of 2000, although I still occasionally get the rib/back pain attacks.

From 18 on, my symptoms increased. I would frequently tire, get dizzy spells so bad I have had to drop everything and sit. Heart palpitations then began, and have never let up. I was diagnosed with MVP last year. I went to a Neurologist last year as well. Never having had headaches in my life, for the past year they have been crippling. Very odd stabs of pain, and then pressure in my temples, and just below. The dizziness increased over the years to the point where sometimes, if I so much as shake my head, I get dizzy.

I am usually short of breath. Activity or none, I just feel very "weak." I frequently get bronchial/pneumonias and such. Diagnosed with asthma. Never having had sinus issues, this past year has been horrible. My nose is constantly clogged up. I can't breath through it, my nostrils are red everyday. My throat is always scratchy. My face flushes, and I am pale.
The exhaustion I have everyday is unbearable. Mind you, I am 25, and I see the people my age with so much energy. Sometimes I can't even move.
I catch infections easily. I had had a chronic UTI for the past 6 months. Between URI, UTI's, and sinuses, my Dr. has prescribed a WHOPPING total of 17 antibiotics over this past year alone. (More than one a month sometimes) Not to mention the antibiotics I've taken for dental work, of which I've had a ton of the past few months. There is no doubt that the meds have completely messed up my system.
My stomach- Is horrible. I know I have IBS, due to the colonoscopy that didn't find squat last September. For a 25 y.o. to have a colonoscopy, I am telling you it was bad. I have microscopic hematuria off and on for the past year. Had abdominal CT scan, and kidney ultrasound. Can't find a thing wrong.
And now....The fevers...For a solid year, they've remained. Usually low grade, but definately above my normal. They range from 98.1 (which is fine of course) and by the end of the day, I am up at 99.5 to 99.9
I am generally ill feeling. Aches and pains everywhere. My back pain is horrible, and I have terrible neck and shoulder pain. Sometimes elbows and knees too. Most days, I have pain. Three doctors have diagnosed me with FMS, and I always blew it off. However, I tried medication. They had me on Tramadol, Flexiril, and Amitryptiline. Didn't really help, because it made me feel like a zombie, so I quit taking it. (Not a fan of medication) Thinking I am much sicker than a disease that was just "painful" not thinking that it produced all these physical symptoms until I read the sticky. My bad, of course.
I have been tested for everything from Diabetis to Lupus. Nothing. So I am wondering, for my own sanity (because the search for illness is getting old) could Fibro REALLY produce all these symptoms? Can it really be so severe to cause horrible chest pains, muscles, fevers, infections, unbelievable exhaustion, etc... Did any of you ever feel like you were so bad off that it couldn't be fibro only to learn that it really was? I am truly at my wits end. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I hope you all can help.

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mistyrose52 HB User
Re: Is it REALLY Fibro? Need help if you are knowlegeable :)

From reading your post, it sounds like you really have Chronic Fatigue, along with your MVP. CF can often mimic a lot of the aches and pains that fibro has, and they often go hand in hand with eachother.
If I were you, I'd do some research on the internet, or through some library books to see the differences in the two. Devon Starlyn has some wonderful books that detail all the differences between CF/FMS as well as myofascial pain.
Once you read her definitions, you don't have too many doubts about what is causing what.

But in MY opinion, what you have described doesn't sound like typical fibro. Have you had any blood work to rule out any other diseases like lupus, lyme disease, or any other diseases that can cause similar symptoms? I would definitely get to a doctor and start there.

You may actually be in a place where you can get some help before it reaches that turning point. Good luck! Misty

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sarah92202 HB User
Re: Is it REALLY Fibro? Need help if you are knowlegeable :)

I have been sick to the point that I did not believe my fibro diag. and for over 8 years searched for a different diag. I had most of the same symptoms that you had that just suddenly came on. Then my 8 year old son started having the same symptoms, He was not diag. with fibro, but doc's kept claiming he was playing too many sports, now he rarely leaves his room and he's 14. You have too many symptoms that are not completely related to fibro. And so did I, I was finally diag. last Oct. with Lyme Disease, which mimics fibro and is too often diag. first as fibro. Lyme is a serious disease that often turns cronic and attacks many systems of the body because doc's test for everything except Lyme and then give a fibro diag. The pain meds that are given to fibro patients do not do anything for Lyme and alot of them make it worse. Lyme is treated by antibiotics, but the catch is that some antibiotics, penicillian types make the Lyme worse also. I do not know where you live so can't trecommend a Lyme Literate MD for you. But you can go on the Lyme board and look at symptoms and there is a list of doc on there too. Look up everything you can on lyme. I would recommend that you see a LLMD not your regular doc. Most docs do a basic Elisa test for Lyme and it is 65% inaccurate. Both my son and i had the Elisa done several times mine was neg. once and equivicol another time and his was neg. both times, but we were positive by Igenex. They report all the bands on the test and the LLMD's read the bands and idag. by history and the bands. This is the only lab that should be used for initial diag. You can order a kit from Igenex and ask your doc to have your blood drawn and sent to Igenex using their kit, but the doc might not know how to read the bands and tell you that you don't have LYme. If you need more info about the disease and the tests read Dr. Joseph J. Burrascano's Diadnostic Hints and Treatments for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses, you can look this up online and print it out. Also go on the Lyme board. Hoep this was of some help to you, good luck and God Bless

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Re: Is it REALLY Fibro? Need help if you are knowlegeable :)

hi ts,
welcome. yes it can make you dizzy, sick, tired, hurt, cry, you name it and fibro can do it. it likes to find your weak spots and hit them hard. dental work, surgery sites, etc. i even have it in my eyes. had surgery and fibro found them within hours of surgery. it happens. also have it in my bladder. am having surgery for prolaps of both bladder and colon as well as a sling for my aging urethra this month. no doubt fibro will find her way there and create feelings of infection much like it does now where there is none.
fibro can mimic old pain. had surgery on my knee last may. fibro found it.
there is no aspect of your body that fibro cannot touch.
your headaches may be a fibro reaction to all the dental work.
i too have been on antibiotics 11 months out of the past 12 and over the last few years have no doubt purchased someone a lovely home just paying for them, giggle.
there are many alternative choices. may i suggest physical therapy with fibromyalgia release therapy. also exercise. i was in a wheelchair in 95 due to this lovely dis-ease. i am twice your age. now i kayak, hike, walk, dance, garden and live. finding the right balance of meds, diet and exercise, along with alot of attitude and determination has made all the difference in the world.
i may be sick. so what? i am still alive. i can still do alot of things. this is where i focus my attentions. on what i can do. then i do it. we adapt or we sink in the mire of fear and self pity. adapting is easier.

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