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  • parvo virus and autoimmune diseases.

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    Old 04-26-2007, 07:44 PM   #1
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    kathryn+2 HB Userkathryn+2 HB User
    parvo virus and autoimmune diseases.

    I was wondering how many people on here have tested positive for having the parvo (aka fifths disease) virus at some time in their life. I tested positive for having had it at one time , and now I've been diagnosed with lupus. Personally I believe there is some kind of connection and i do believe that there ARE scientists out there that are working on this theory. Just curious about the people on this site. Also my symptoms really escalated after weaning off antidepressants. Coincidence? My rheumatologist wants me to go back on the antidepressants but I'm resisting right now. I hated the flat feeling I had while on them. At the time i started them I really did need to be on them,but I am not in the same place emotionally now. I feel that you can learn a lot from the lows in your life and i don't want that taken away. Even though not feeling the lows WAS pretty great! Anyway..just thinking out loud again... thanks ,Kat

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    Re: parvo virus and autoimmune diseases.

    Hi Kat, this is one of my favorite subjects. I am a 40 yr. old female. I became infected with "Fifths Disease," or Human Parvo Virus B19 when I was 32 yrs old. I thought I had some god awful, quick moving cancer that was surely going to take me in the morning. Every gland on my body stuck out like a goose egg and I could hardly move from the pain. I was out of work for 2 1/2 months and was still not ready to go back, but my rheumy who diagnosed me said, "Its only Fifths Disease, you'll get over it...but do have your blood tested every year for at least 8 yrs because you do run the risk of the Parvo virus causing auto immune conditions such as Lupus, Fibro, and CFS."
    I was diagnosed at 37 with Fibro by this same Rheumy whom denied telling back when I had the fifths to have my blood checked for these such things...? Then how would I have known to look for them? Especially after the fifths disease my life just has never been the same. I have switched rhuemies. Who has also dxed me with CFS.
    I have been sickly most my life and have just recently found out I do have an immunodeficiency. My Parvo, even though showing old infection is still rather high. I also tested high for herpes 1, I do get moth sores and fever sores often and I know that they too are a sigh of Lupus. My last visit with my rheumy he asked about the rash on my cheeks. I thought I saw something, but I wasn't sure, I see my face every day. He hasn't seen me in a year. So here I go for more blood work.
    So yes, I agree, My Parvo has something to do with my illness. I am going to see an infectious disease specialist out at Penn university hospital. I hope to get answers there.
    As for the antidepressants, I have been taking them for years, trying to beg to go off them. The docs tell me its to help anxiety, stress, IBS, and manage pain. I too get really bad when I try to wean. I would rather take them then feel like that.
    Just my story, hope your well. Felicia

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    kathryn+2 HB Userkathryn+2 HB User
    Re: parvo virus and autoimmune diseases.

    Thanks Felicia,
    It sounds like you had a VERY bad case of parvo. With me ..I didn't even realize that I had had it.It sounds pretty miserable so I'm happy about that part. It just showed up on the tests the rheumy did . I also must have a mild strain of the herpes virus because I get lip sores if I'm out in the sun a lot. My theory is that a couple of years ago I went through a year of pure hell. My mom died unexpectantly and that triggered a lot of other major stuff. I finally went on the anitdepressants, but then a year later decided to get off. Maybe not a wise decision ... as I also have to deal with IBS and anxiety.But I wanted to know how I was doing without the meds.(effexor)Three months to wean off. NOT fun at all.Very stressfull. I would say it's taken 6mos to totally feel like myself again. So I'm thinking that the constant stress triggered the immune system to think the parvo is active (obviously it's still lurking around in the body if it shows up on the tests) and since the virus is not active ,it attacks the body. I know that stress doesn't cause the lupus ,but maybe it can trigger it IF you already have a virus lurking around. It's a theory that kind of works for me. Lupus does not run anywhere in my family.

    So has your rheumy tried you on the prednisone challenge? I was put on prednisone on my first visit. She told me that if I had something autoimmune I would feel a lot better. If it was FMS wouldn't help me. Well it totally took my pain away. Of course I weaned off asap as I know prednisone is not good for longterm use.

    Even though I have no skin involvement ,no rash etc ,just on the basis of my other symptoms ,my ana titer test,and ruling out RA ,HepC .Lymes disease,I've been diagnosed with lupus. Obviously a mild form. I'm 55 and I've been told that the older you get it the milder it usually is. I think the median age is between like 18 to 45.

    Well good luck to you . I have been put on a drug called placquenil. From what I understand from people taking it ,it will help tremendously with my pain and fatigue. Takes a couple of months to kick in though. Truthfully I was relievd to be diagnosed with something. When I thought I had FMS it was really depressing because I know there isn't a drug out there that really helps. Now I have hope of feeling better .....Kat..

    p.s. I know from your previous posts that you used to excercise and liked to stay in too. That's been really hard,not being able to exercise. I'm hoping this drug will allow me to get back to it once again. I hope you find some answers and help too.

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    Jellybean 14
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    Jellybean 14 HB User
    Re: parvo virus and autoimmune diseases.

    Hi Felicia
    My aunt has just been dx with the Parvo virus. I never knew humans could have this. I had the Fifth Disease when I was in grade school, rash and all but never once did they call it Parvo. This is confusing to me as the Dr. told her that there was no meds for this, that she probably had had it for years. I read what all of you have said and I want to know if there is a chance she could get Lupus? I am afraid I do not know much about this and I would appreciate so input. Thank you for any advise I can get.

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    juliav HB User
    Re: parvo virus and autoimmune diseases.

    My husband was a very active healthy man until he got Parvo three years ago. He was treated and recovered. He had lost 40 pounds while he had it. He has now gained that back (and more) He now has started sleeping everyday when he comes home. He is very grumpy. He has headaches alot. He has also started getting very shakey ( this happens alot) and once actually passed out. ( i have checked his sugar a bunch & its fine) I have read alot of posts that ask about lupus and parvo. Does any of these symptoms ring a bell? He is a very bull headed man. He wont go to the doctor to get any check-ups!

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    Mel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB UserMel52 HB User
    Re: parvo virus and autoimmune diseases.

    I had 5th disease and several years later tested high for it. I worked in a high school and when a teacher came into our health office, the nurse wasn't sure what it was so he was sent to the health dept. I came down with it but my dr didn't know what it was. My son had it but his pediatrician was familiar with it as it usually is a kid disease. Anyway, I already had fibromyalga, connective tissue disease symptoms. My new rheumotologist says I have no autoimmune disease because my blood work has been negative twice. I showed him the lab from a few years ago for the parvo virus but he said it isn't affecting me. Whatever....

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    Re: parvo virus and autoimmune diseases.

    Hello .. new to this post.. usually on a 5ths only site.. but just the other night got a call from my GP saying that my ANA Titer was at 1:160.. meaning I may have Lupus.. what????? Where to start with my story.. 1st bad test that I have had!!!! My C-reactive protein within limits????

    I was diagnosed with 5ths April of 2009.. IGG for Parvo was 4.68 and the IGm was 13.10 certainly was Parvo.
    Had every test done... ekg, nerve/ muscle test, Echo....Blood tests all fine.... I had the classic... joint pain, fatigue, red skin, trouble breathing... swelled glands., sweating, crawling/ achy/tingling hands.. feet, brain fog!!
    Recently tried Plaquenil only because another sufferer had tried it... seemed to help with the fatigue.. joint pain.. but made me sad... hopeless... stomach just quit that at the beginning of August.. and have been feeling pretty rough again.. joints.. fatigue.. sinus pain.. headaches!
    So trying to get into the Rummy again after the Titer result....I'm sure that it is the Parvo NOT I see so many with Autoimmune diseases after Parvo.
    It was explanined to me that the body doesn't recognise the parvo as bad... so it will not try to fight it and then it has a way of sneaking into the bone marrow and causes all kinds of problems... as we know!!!

    I'm actaully working on getting a treatment done called IVIG Intravenous Immunoglobin.. ( very expensive) there is a TON of info on this.. Parvo is known to do damage to the heart.. in chronic cases...there was a study/ test done on 3 people with PArvo who had the IVIG done and had a great result..
    < edited >

    As I was reading tonight noticed an article that read... "FDA recommends screening blood Products for Parvovirus B19" interesting!!!
    I think that our Dr. really are in the dark... most don't know a thing about it!!!
    I recently siad to my Dr. there is something wrong with me.. and we need to figure it out ... It seems to me that parvo hits.. healthy active people alot..and all of the Blood work is fine.. so the Dr.s say your FINE.. go home.. Im through with that answer!!!!

    Together we can figure this monster out!!

    Best to all... Cat

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