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courtneyrae 05-04-2007 11:04 PM

Water Therapy
My doctor suggested physical therapy where you use stuff like underwater treadmills in warm water. I have pretty much lost the ability to walk and he thinks that this could be beneficial. I wanted to know about experiences that you all have had with it and whether or not it helped. It seems like a good idea (minus the me wearing a bathing suit. That ain't pretty. ;) ) and my insurance will cover most of it :D . I just want to know what to expect going in and what results I can expect. Thanks so much for your input. Have a good night and a GREAT Satuday (TGIF).

Courtney :cool:

ICC 05-05-2007 05:29 AM

Re: Water Therapy
goog morning......i have used aquatics for my fibro and i have a bad back, knee and ankle. i think it is a Godsend. loosens all the muscles up and makes walking on land easier. i used to get down as far as i could and do arm circles for my arms. lots of walking, some knee bends. feel wonderful when you're done. can't rave about it enough, as far as the bathing suit goes, i saw some real sites there:eek: including me. it's worth it. give it a try, good luck, hope it helps you as it has me.

ICC :wave:

bluelakelady 05-05-2007 06:03 AM

Re: Water Therapy
hi courtneyrae,
welcome to the boards. i did aquatic therapy for a bit over 2 years. did wonders for me. like you walking was an issue. the water, ah, what heaven. in water i could do so much that i could not do then on land. now i hike, kayak, garden and i can even run a bit. my walk is my own again. before i walked like frankenstein, ya know? thanks to water and determination my walk is smooth, my gait healthy. go for it. you will love it.
by the way when i started my swimsuit was a size 18. i now wear a size 7 suit. determination. being sick was enough to incorporate. being overweight i could do something about. i went from 198 to my weight today at 124.
sure it was hard. life is hard. it is also so fun. so exciting. tomorrows are magic. more magic when you have fibro. you never know when the magic will happen and you get a few days of being a "normal", giggle.

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