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jam338 06-07-2007 01:38 PM

Slow Motion Muscles???
.....just wondering if anyone else experiences this as a FM symptom, or whether it may be suggestive of an additional disorder for me..... slow motion like symptoms with muscles??? I don't know exactly how to describe this muscles/body just feels like I am "geared-down"...almost always moving at a snail pace like a person MUCH older than I am....I see people 30 years older than me that move more quickly.....I just can't seem to get my muscles going.

Most of us have moderate-severe morning stiffness, which I do have that as well, but this is something is all day/night.....and doesn't improve with the exception that there has only been a time or two in the past 2 years where I have had days where I could move normally again, and that only lasted part of a day and occurred on days when I had either acupunture or chiropractic treatment....but it does not release with every treatment.

Any ideas anyone???? Thanks!

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