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zoe111 06-10-2007 08:54 AM

severe phychological problems with cfs
dear all.

i was diagnosed with complex chronic fatigue a while back i keep getting worse and worse. i am suffering severe anxiety and behavioural problems. does anyone else get this.

kirstee 06-10-2007 08:31 PM

Re: severe phychological problems with cfs
Hi Zoe:

I read between the lines and could feel the pain of your heart. When I was going through the worst part of the FMS-related pain, I can say that it totally made me emotionally unstable. I felt like death was knocking at my door, and my emotions were unstable because of chronic pain and waiting so long to find out what was wrong. Do you relate to any of this? I finally started to become better when I changed my diet to low-carb, no sugar, no caffeine. I also had a hysterectomy which corrected the blood loss I was experiencing. I started eating quality foods, drinking lots of water and excercising which really helped me feel empowered. Most important: I found the right doctor. Do not be afraid of finding another doctor if you are not satisfied with the current doctor's advise. In my opinion, you deserve to have more than what you are currently receiving ("I keep getting worse and worse"). Alarm bells are sounding in my head!


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