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    Old 01-18-2001, 02:17 AM   #1
    mimy35's Avatar
    Join Date: Jan 2001
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    mimy35 HB User
    Post fybromyalgia,restless leg syndrome,neuropathy,zoloft

    This is the first time i have read this board and i dont know where to begin.I usually stay in the backrounds of any discussion group.I have all thre of these illnesses.Neuropathy from diabetes being the worst.The symptoms of all these are extremely simialer.
    Before i try to say anything else.I want to mention that i am very social and good with expressing myself but not in writing.So if something comes out and offends anyone,it's not intentional.Also i really dont feel well enough to take part in a discussion lately so i may not be back on the board again.
    I want to mention that when i tok zoloft and prozac they only made all of these problems worse.Remember that neuropathy is the worst for me out of all these problems.The neuropathy is in my feet ,legs ,hands,arms,mouth,stomach everwhere but the excruciating pain,burning ,coldness,hypesensitivity,spasms,cramps, aching eating me alive crawling feelng is unbearable.I call them episodes when i get them real severe.I cant be touched even by myself.I feel like i want my legs massaged to the point of sqeezing an massaging untill it hurts.I used to ask my husband to do that but it didn't help if i couldn't be touched.40 mg of valium twice a day and unfortunately a major dose of narcotics is the only thing that take most of a bad episode away.Mostly the valium but we all know how you have to increase the dosage.Neuronin was a nightmare.I asked for it to try.It mad me feel like i was speeding.I talked a mile a minute and wanted to smash the walls.Atideppresants are anoter sugestion by doctors.I would only try prozac,zoloft and luvox.We already know what happened with the first 2 but the luvox worked for a couple of months and thats because if your lucy it will make you tired.It does nothing else.Every week and a half the dose would have to be increased until i was on the highest dose ever allowed.Now i take a couple in one night about every few months when my legs and everthing else feel like i'm being knawed alive...and they dont work at all anymore.I took a few tonight for the first time in 4 months.They have made me feel annoyed and yucky.Most antideppressents make you gain weight.No thank you!For neuropathy and all the others there is no cure but if you are one of the lucky ones to get relief from neurontin or anything else you take be grateful because the success rate is low.Neuropathy they say wont go away but can be controlled by good health and keeping your blood sugar under control.It doesn't work for me.I need the narcotics but i need more and more and now i'm obviously addicted physically.It is not the kind of pain along with many other chronic pain illnesses i have that i can live with.I haveben researching this for a few years aggressively and i have read that if you need narcotics for severe pain to be able to function in your everyday lifes tasks,then except it.I hate it!I wish that i could find somthing that works.No one would even know that i was on so much medicine.I dont talk ,feel or look high.But i do get tired after about 5 hours.
    I was just so surprised to hear so many people talking about the same pain.
    I also want to mention to the women,i'm sory i forgot your name,that if you feel this in your hands and other places besides your legs,please see if you have neuropathy.
    All three of these problems ..restless leg syndrome.neuropathy and fybromyalgia are all so simialer.There are tests to tell if you have neuropathy by being hooked up to litle electric shocks,there are trigger point tests for the fibromyalgia and so on.
    I am deeply happy for the people that have found relief.To me that's a true miracle.There is so much more i could say but all i do when i write is talk in circles and i cant get out everything that is in my head.
    Good luck everyone!

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    Old 01-18-2001, 08:00 AM   #2
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    Tonya HB User

    If you do come back to read your messages, thanks for sharing. There are many conditions that coexist and mimic Fibro. Good luck and prayers to you for your problems. Thanks again.

    Old 01-18-2001, 02:57 PM   #3
    Linda D
    Senior Member
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    Linda D HB User

    Mimy, neuropathy on top of everything else must be hell. My husband is diabetic and is now experiencing some neuropathy pain. They thought he might have shingles at first, but it wasn't. FM is so hard to deal with but to have so many other things going on too, I know it's horrible. So far, pain meds haven't helped me either. I used to take Vicodin for the real bad flares, but the last prescrip. I took, didn't do anything. I guess I've built up a tolerance to them or something. Good luck to you. You'll find friends and lots of encouragement here on this board. Please come back and share... Linda D

    Old 01-18-2001, 03:43 PM   #4
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    korken HB User

    Welcome to the FMS board. We are here when you need us and even if that is only once in a blue moon we will still be here for you and you us in your own way. Your history is one full of pain, I hope that a smile comes your way. Take good care, Kim

    Old 01-19-2001, 03:46 PM   #5
    Junior Member
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    BonnieS HB User

    Dear Mimy,
    My goodness what a horrible thing to have to live with. I want you to know that people care and that your not alone unless you choose to be. Here you will find those who understand and will be available when you need us.
    Sometimes with Fibro a med might work and knock your socks off and the next time you can't tell that you have even taken anything. That is because of the chemicals being released and combinations. Foods, drinks, and other meds coupled with the body's chemicals all have an effect on the body.
    Bless your heart there should be some sort of lobbying done for your neuropathy. Research done for something that would slow down the process or stop it.
    My prayers are for you and if you should decide to come back and can, will be here for you. Sincerely, Bonnie

    Old 01-19-2001, 09:56 PM   #6
    Junior Member
    sunshinep28's Avatar
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    sunshinep28 HB User

    mimy my deepest sympathy im so sorry for your pain I was also on nerotin and it made me get grouchy and more nervous for some reason antidepressants do me that way I agree it is aggravating when meds make ya more stressed I will be praying for ya and hang in there and thanks for sharing your info God Bless Pam
    Pam Mccadden

    Old 01-19-2001, 10:16 PM   #7
    mimy35's Avatar
    Join Date: Jan 2001
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    mimy35 HB User

    Thank you all for your kind words.Bonnie there are several research studies that have just ended without much help found and there are new ones all the time.
    You know what i find and this is only my opinion,that the more medicines i take i seem to come up with another medical problem.
    I've been wondering lately why my diabetic onset of neuropathy has been so bad.Tonight one of my doctors called me and told me that the diabetes medicine i have been taking for the last 7 years is not working anymore and my blood suger levels are sky high.Well that explains why the neuropathy is getting worse at this point.I've had neuropathy so bad in my stomach for 2 years now and it's 24 hours a day always less than bearable to severly disabling.Then to have the combination of fibromyalgia and the horrible feeling of restless leg syndrome makes it (for lack of a strong enough word) so unbearable.
    Anyway i went off on a tangent again.I only wanted to say thank you again for the kind words.
    I really dont feel well enogh right now to participate in discussions on the board but if i do,the 4 of you made me feel welcome.The neuropathy in my stomach makes me so sick and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that a doctor can do about it.I would have to be in a hospital with an iv drip of morphine and we all know that no doctors will continue that and i cant live in a hospital.
    I have the worst deression from these few nedical conditions along with several other chronic ones.
    I'm sorry that i babbled on!!

    Old 01-19-2001, 11:52 PM   #8
    mimy35's Avatar
    Join Date: Jan 2001
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    mimy35 HB User

    Hi and thanks for the comforting response.I was wondered if you knew that neurontin is an antiseizure medication tat doctors seem to be using it for depression.They seem to think it's a cure all,but it is the newest thing to try for neuropathy in general along with fybromyalgia and restless leg syndrome.....It was a nightmare drug for me .A few days and that was the end of me speeding out of my mind,having my heart pound out of my chest and feeling like smashing everything in sight.Prozac and Zoloft which i tried twice each for about 6 months both made me a nervous wreck but nothing like neurontin.Just thinking about it makes me remember intensely how it felt.
    If you go to the depression board (i thought that i might have seen your name there,well there is a sunshine on that board)you will notice that there are quite a few people on neurotin w/othe meds for depression.The thought scares me.
    Thank you and everyone else for all the warm welcome to the board.I dont want to hurt anyones feelings but i really do feel to sick and in way to much pain to be on the board at this time.

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